Are Magic Mushrooms and Magic Truffles the Same or Different?

There are a lot of myths circulating that truffles and mushrooms are different when it comes to their potency and effect. But the question is, is there really a difference between these two? Let us clear up all these myths and take a look at their differences in this article.

Some shroomers still think that there are big differences between truffles and magic mushrooms. The truth is, the major differences between these two are with their appearance and how they grow, but not with their potency and effects.

What are truffles?

are magic mushrooms and magic truffles the same or different

A truffle is a survival trick of a fungus that develops under different circumstances. While most people know that fungi can grow into mushrooms, like magic mushrooms, this is not always the case. When fungus does not get enough proper nutrients or doesn’t have enough oxygen to properly grow, they will end up growing their fruiting body underground. This is when the truffle or sclerotia is formed. 

What are the physical differences of magic mushrooms and magic truffles?

The comparison between truffles and magic mushrooms can be early seen during their growth stage. They differ on how they are harvested and where they grow. Mushrooms are hand-harvested while truffles are dug up since they grow under the ground. Magic truffles are easier to dry because they contain a lower water content. Both mushrooms and truffles are stored and dried in the same manner. 

As soon as the magic truffles are dried and harvested, the largest difference between the two is their size and shape. Mushrooms may grow to different sizes while truffles remain condensed, and in a small shape. When these two have finished drying, they most likely to shrivel more.

Truffles and mushrooms also differ when it comes to moisture content. Magic truffles contain a level of 5-10% meagre moisture. This is why they are a lot quicker to dry. This is also the reason why truffles can appear to be rugged and hard, while mushrooms are flexible and softer, even after they completely dry.

With the use of a specialized truffle grinder, you can help properly manage the shape and size of a truffle. You can use these grinders to break them up for easier swallowing, which makes the overall consumption simpler.

Do magic truffles have a different experience and effect compared to magic mushroom?

The answer is yes and no. The actual experience of tasting a magic truffle can be different from the fruiting body of a mushroom. A magic truffle can give a unique sour taste than a fresh mushroom. The effects can be the same, but some critics think that sclerotia have higher amounts of hallucinogenic substances compare to the fruiting body, which is the actual mushroom. There is still no scientific proof on this statement.

What are the variations between truffles and magic mushrooms when it comes to intensity and experience?

Most users describe truffle trips as fun while the experience from the magic mushroom is more likely to be introspective, deep journeys.

Some people believe that magic truffles are lesser potent compared to mushrooms. However, since both are just parts of a similar organism, both of them have similar content of psychoactive alkaloids – psilocin, psilocybin, and baeocystin. We can then assume that both of them have similar potency.

The reason behind this perception is caused by the differences in how these compounds are consumed and sold. Since truffles are a specialty product, they are usually weighed in a more precise way. They are also clearly and properly labeled to show the potency. Truffles are sold with a lot of instructions and are consumed more cautious than mushrooms. This may be the reason why a lot of people believe that magic truffles can have a lighter and lesser intense high but there is still no scientific evidence to prove this claim. The users of truffles are more likely to consume them properly and more responsibly.

Magic mushrooms and magic truffles are different when it comes to their level of consistency. Since mushrooms grow in various sizes and shapes, the level of concentration of its psychoactive compounds such as psilocybin that hold per gram can be different. This can result in an inconsistent potency to the mushroom. On the other hand, truffles can be more consistent because of their compact and small size. Each truffle may have a similar amount of psychoactive psilocybin. 

Are magic truffles less potent than magic mushrooms?

There are still a lot of shroomers who believe the myth that truffles are weaker than mushrooms, but these remain as myths because science does not back it up. Fruiting bodies, whether both grow above or underground are actually just the same. There is still no evidence that one or the other has a higher content of psychoactive substances. Low-quality truffles have been on the market so this might be the reason for the somewhat tarnished reputation of truffles. 

However, if you buy your magic truffles from a much reputable source, they are as effective and potent as magic mushrooms. Most users prefer buying from a credible source to get most of the benefits of consuming magic truffles.

Accessibility of magic mushrooms and magic truffles

In some countries, truffles can be bought online and can be received via mail. They are readily consumable and comes with clear instructions and labeling.

On the other hand, magic mushrooms cannot be bought online, legally, in any part of the world. But those people who are willing to exert effort and time can legally buy home-growing kits and grow mushrooms on their own. Growing and harvesting magic mushrooms can be an educational and fun experience. All kinds of equipment and instructions that you need to properly grow a magic mushroom are readily available on the internet. Once this is harvested, magic mushrooms can remain good for years if they are properly dried, or indefinitely if they are frozen.


To summarize, besides their looks and how they are grown, magic truffles and mushrooms are in fact has no difference. Both of them are parts of one and similar organism having the same potency.

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