How to Store Shrooms the Best Way

After careful cultivation, it’s harvest time and also time to learn the best way on how to store shrooms. Magic mushrooms need to be stored carefully and efficiently to preserve its natural potent powers. If stored well, in appropriate containers and storage environment, your magic mushrooms can last for many years.

Even experts will tell you that storing shrooms can be tricky. If you don’t know how to properly do this, you might end up damaging your shrooms and this can reduce their psilocybin levels. Improperly stored magic mushrooms may encourage aging of your precious stash and rotting. 

Store inside a refrigerator

how to store shrooms

Magic mushrooms and truffles may be stored inside a refrigerator. You can place the shrooms in a paper bag and keep these in a cool, dark and dry area of the fridge. When kept inside the fridge, the fungi can last for about a month. 

As much as possible, the temperature inside the fridge is close to freezing. Experts in shrooms say that these must be kept inside a fridge with 2 to 4 degrees Centigrade. 

The best container is a simple brown paper bag. But if you don’t have a paper bag, you may use kitchen paper. As you can see, wrapping your shrooms is important because keeping these in a fridge means that the mushrooms can accumulate moisture. Excess moisture can damage your magic mushrooms. These might lose their potent powers and may also become more susceptible to contaminants like bacteria which can ruin your stash.

So before keeping your mushrooms inside the fridge, make sure to wrap these in kitchen paper or use a paper bag.

Use vacuum-sealed bags

Keeping your mushrooms inside the fridge can only preserve them up to a month. But if you want to keep them longer, use a vacuum-sealed bag. There is a kitchen gadget known as a vacuum seal tool which can remove all the air inside the bag to preserve food longer. If you don’t have this tool, you can also use zip-lock bags. These bags are available in supermarkets. 

When using zip-lock bags, remove the air inside the bag by squeezing or pressing it out. Do this gently and avoid pressing or applying pressure on your shrooms. And before you store your shrooms inside vacuum-sealed bags, make sure to dry these first. Dried mushrooms will last longer because the dry material prevents the growth of bacteria. 

How to dry magic mushrooms?

how to store shrooms

Aside from learning how to store shrooms the best way, you must also learn how to effectively dry these before keeping them. The best way to properly dry magic mushrooms is to use heat. 

To pre-dry magic mushrooms, place the shrooms on a clean tray and place the tray in front of a fan. If you are located in an area where the temperature is around 30 degrees Centigrade, you can expect moisture to be removed from the shrooms in a matter of hours. To find out if the shrooms are ready, hold it and see if it has become rubbery in texture. 

To dry shrooms, place these inside a well-sealed container like a Tupperware container. Gently wrapped the shrooms in aluminum foil and place these in the container. Place silica gel or bits of rice inside the container and let this sit for weeks. Successful drying of shrooms can take many weeks so you must be patient. You will know if the shrooms are dry when these crack when you bend them or when you apply a small amount of pressure on the body of the shrooms. 

Freezing shrooms

If you can keep magic mushrooms inside the fridge, can you store these inside the freezer? Experts in storing magic mushrooms say that this is possible but the shrooms need to be completely dry first before this is done. 

If the shrooms are not properly dried before freezing, moisture and bacteria can destroy them. Moisture can affect the psychedelic properties of the shrooms. It can also affect the cells of the shrooms and lead to the reduction of the shroom’s potency. 

After you have completely dried the shrooms, place these inside zip-lock bags and place these inside the freezer. This is a good way to keep magic mushrooms because this can last for a very long time or even indefinitely.

Keep shrooms in chocolates

If you’re the type who wants to mix chocolates with magic mushroom then you can keep your magic mushrooms inside chocolate pieces. When this is done properly, your laced chocolates may last for six months. 

It is easy to keep shrooms this way. All you need are some dried shrooms and chocolate of your choice. Grind the shrooms into very fine pieces and mix this with melted chocolates. Use an ice cube tray as molds and just pour in the chocolate mix and freeze. 

The type of chocolate also makes a difference. Dark chocolates come with higher cocoa content and are more acidic. This can enhance the effects of magic mushrooms. 

Keeping shrooms inside grow kits

Grow kits are available online and offline and these are like science project mushroom grow kits. Keep your grow kits inside a zip-lock bag but if you don’t have this bag, you may use an ordinary plastic bag. Place this inside the fridge. With this method, you can protect your shrooms from bacteria and fungi. 

When you use kits, the ideal temperature for this is from 2 to 8 degrees Centigrade. The temperature inside the fridge should be consistent because if not, bacteria can grow on your stash. As much as possible, never take the grow kits in and out of the fridge unless you are going to use your shrooms. 

When magic mushrooms are kept inside grow kits, these can last up to 3 months. You can still keep these longer but when you do, the potency of the mycelia will be greatly reduced. 

If you are not going to use your magic mushrooms yet, do not remove these from the breeder’s package to preserve their freshness. Follow the breeder’s instructions on how to keep your stash as well. 

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