How to Buy Shrooms Online

Shrooms can be described as cultured or wild mushrooms that have psilocybin, a spontaneously-occurring psychedelic compound. Psilocybin is perceived as one of the most famous psychedelics. Some people have employed these shrooms for recreational consumption since it carries properties capable of making you feel excited and happy.

But how do you get shrooms? Can you buy shrooms online? Is there anything you should keep in mind when placing your order online? These are some questions that you have been wanting to learn since you want to try shrooms yourself. Buying online is quite an easy way to get your favorite shrooms. As long as you manage to buy appropriately, then there should be no issue.

What are Shrooms?

The fungi that contain the psilocybin compounds are called shrooms. They are commonly done by drying, and it is ingested by combining it to foods or drinks, although it is also possible to eat them fresh.

Shrooms are classified as hallucinogenic drugs because of their compound. It means that it can affect you to feel, see, and hear things that appear to be real but rather not. The impacts of these shrooms are volatile, and ecological factors can affect this.

There are plenty of virulent mushrooms that have similar features and looks with magic shrooms. Harvesters could have wrongly picked it up. People can become badly sick or could even die from unintentionally feeding on virulent mushrooms. Shrooms can be purchased dried or fresh. A lot of people are asking how to buy shrooms online. 

Types of Shrooms

It is important to be aware that some types of shrooms are more compelling compared to others. Some are more potent and the effects can differ based on the type of shrooms. 

There are plenty of species for mushrooms. A lot of them carry almost the same features and properties. Some wronged mushrooms are poisonous, and it can trigger stomach issues, while others can even lead to death. 

Familiarizing any mushroom is essential for any people who do not have enough knowledge about the identification of the mushroom. Even the veteran people who are seeking for mushrooms for an extensive period are still committing mistakes when identifying a mushroom. One of the most efficient parts of the determining process is the structure of a spore print. 

Here are some of the types of shrooms:

  • Psilocybe Cubensis

It is one of the most common types of shrooms. Considered as the golden cap mushroom or huge Psilocybe, it has different types. Its cap is almost covered with a reddish-brown shade, with a white or yellowish stem. Some people can determine this through its mentioned feature, although poisonous mushrooms have blemishes also. It is commonly seen in humid temperatures and flourishes in areas with cattle.

  • Psilocybe Baeocystis 

Psilocybe Baeocystis has a yellowish and dark-brown cap. It exhibits a brown color when it is still fresh. It is commonly seen in fields where the decaying logs cultivate. It is sometimes known as a potent Psilocybe, bluebell, or bottle cap.

  • Psilocybe Semilanceata 

Psilocybe Pelliculosa is another common type of psilocybin mushroom. It is seen in damps or grassy fields. It is small-sized, brownish, or light-yellow mushroom and has a very sharp cap. It is a kind of fungus that is generally perceived wrongly as Psilocybe semilanceata. Nonetheless, the distinction is that the psychedelic properties of Psilocybe semilanceata are minor compared to the Psilocybe Pelliculosa.

Contaminating is an incident that occurs because of the people who perceive that they know enough about mushrooms. In actuality, a lot of the hunters are mistaken, and they are not familiar enough.

Things can even worsen when it comes to psychedelic shrooms. Due to their cognitive effects, an individual is greatly motivated to use this type of shroom with high risk and tolerance. This is the reason why it is very essential to commit lots of effort and time in discovering the features and traits of shrooms before you jump into a conclusion of harvesting and eating them. Learn to order shrooms online to equip yourself with the proper knowledge on how to get the safe and right shrooms.

Tips on How to Buy Shrooms Online

A lot of people would want to learn how to buy shrooms online. One can order shrooms online through a credible store. A reliable store offers the safest and cheapest shrooms online. For neophytes who do not know about shrooms, these credible stores offer customers with information and the excellent quality services and products you require. 

Nevertheless, to buy shrooms online can get daunting and overwhelming. This is mainly because online stores offer all kinds of products and different types of shrooms. There are numerous deceitful online stores which may lead to wasting your money. To help you get the right shrooms when purchasing online, here are some tips that you should consider:

  • Utilize only the credible sources

A credible store will surely guarantee that you get your item on time, that you receive exactly what you purchased, that you are aware of what you are buying, and that you get the package conveniently and safely. 

This is not a complicated task since there are lots of credible stores online. You should perform research first. When accessing a site, check the reviews, and consult peers about the credibility of that source. By doing so, you can save yourself from huge trouble.

  • Determine what you like

Online stores have made it attainable for users to get easy access to a huge array of shrooms. Some types may have unique contents which could affect potency. Regardless of what you will purchase, it is recommended to make sure that the online store has given all the important information about the shroom in a label or on its site.

  • Analyze the Prices

Generally, it is very easy to be cheated when it comes to prices. Online scams are a serious violation of trust, particularly if you are a neophyte. Hence, it is highly recommended that you analyze the prices before proceeding with your order. Carrying out this process online is quite simple than doing it personally. 

All you have to do is browse various sites and compare their prices. You should comprehend that purchasing affordable shrooms does not imply that you are risking the quality and likely, high-end shrooms are likely to cost higher.

  • Determine the Right Method of Payment

While commonly, you will simply key in your PayPal details or credit card number, these options may not be available when buying a shroom online. Unfortunately, many banks do not treat it as an acceptable item. As an output, you may need to execute an e-transfer to settle the payment for your required shrooms.

This method is not complicated. With the updated technology, it only takes several swipes to execute the mobile banking selection. The idea here is to be knowledgeable of the method of payment so you can determine a scam if a site requires you to key in the debit or credit card details instead.

  • Discretion in Packaging and Delivery

Although ordering shrooms online can be similar to buying any household items online, their packaging is not similar. These products are commonly packaged in plain bags to offer privacy. Some people may not welcome these items.

If the online store you choose is using a postal service aside from theirs, they may be exposed to risks since these institutes have transparency and scheduled checks. The last thing that you will want to do is to be interrogated by law enforcement officers.

How Safe It Is to Order Shrooms Online

The question still lingers: how safe it is to order shrooms online? Well, that relies on what type of products you are buying, for what purposes, and how you intend on consuming psilocybin. There are several ways of consuming shrooms, all of them have their respective benefits. 

A lot of people opt to cultivate their shrooms by buying mushroom spores online, growing shrooms in the comfort of their home, and only consuming their produce. This is entirely comprehensible, and if you are gifted with planting or has any leaning towards cultivating competence then there should be nothing better than getting a trip from your shrooms. 

On the opposite side, it can be very expensive – in terms of resources, time, space, and money – to cultivate your own. If you commit, you can get some time to familiarize the right techniques, and you enjoy trying with various mushroom yields. Then, myco-growing is a perfect venue to start your psychedelic trip.


Shrooms are intended to become a positive influence on you as well as your experiences and the divinity and safety of others. Always ensure safety when you buy shrooms online. You can refer to experts and veteran psychonauts in case you are not certain about something, and always obey the rule of dosage. 

If you keep your interest in psychedelics yet also consider their potent characteristic, you can acquire the most of these distinct organisms we refer to as fungi. 

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