Common Misconceptions and Myths about Shrooms

Magic mushrooms have a psychoactive compound called psilocybin. When this is consumed, this alkaloid can induce euphoria, can have an ability to access profound wisdom, can increase a sense of creativity, and have boundless energy. In addition to that, it also causes a user to have a completely different world which may consist of vivid and colorful geometric patterns and scenes. 

Magic mushrooms had already gained notoriety all over the world thanks to its ability to induce mystical and intense psychedelic experiences. Because of this, a lot of misconceptions and myths have developed throughout the years associating this mushroom with comedic experiences, seizures, and rebellious countercultures.

Misconceptions about Magic Mushrooms

common misconceptions and myths about shrooms

  • Magic mushrooms can be deadly

It’s a fact that there are a lot of mushrooms which can be deadly when it is ingested. These mushrooms can cause coma, kidney failure, and worse, death 18 days after taking it. However, magic mushrooms that have psilocybin are not among the deadly types of this substance. This belief has spread because a lot of people are afraid but they really do not understand what it is. Some of the primary effects that magic mushrooms have include overwhelming euphoria, an altered sense of time, and the boost in creativity. 

A lot of studies believe that these types of effects can be beneficial for those people who take magic mushrooms. It turns out that psilocybin can also be therapeutic for depression, anxiety, headaches, and even menstrual pain. 

A lot still believe that the use of magic mushrooms can cause terrifying and life-threatening effects after ingesting in the compound. A good example of this is a character in Shrooms who experience a seizure after using a psychoactive mushroom. This can be a twisting reality to fit in an entertainment narrative since psilocybin does not really cause seizures in adults. 

  • Magic mushroom can cause anxiety and fear

This kind of misconception was perpetuated from movies which actually only highlight the worst scenarios. 

Filmmakers think that the use of tame drugs is not that exciting and is not good for having good storytelling. Because of this, they choose to have ridiculous outcomes in order to maximize the drama of the movie. Example, people who use magic mushrooms are usually depicted having tripped on a daily basis in public areas. Real shroomers usually know better when having a psychedelic trip on a daily basis. Also, a good psychedelic trip is usually done in places that are comfortable, silent, and have the privacy to enjoy the overall experience. 

The effects caused by magic mushrooms have been portrayed accurately in different films like The Pick of Destiny and Shrooms and Tenacious D. Generally movie directors usually portrayed characters who use magic mushrooms as adults or young teens who indulge in sex orgies, drinking, and different activities categorized as rebellion. In comparison, media outlets completely paint a positive and different picture when discussing the psychedelic effects of psilocybin. For example, they trumpet the efficiency and medical properties of psychedelics in treating opiate and alcohol addiction, compulsive disorder, as well as cluster headaches. 

Another misconception with the use of psilocybin immerses on a comedic stupor. This, however, is a distorted portrayal of the effects of psilocybin for entertainment impact and value. In reality, the ingestion of psilocybin may increase self-knowledge and awareness, emotional awareness, and mystical religious experiences. It is still not advisable to use magic mushrooms when you are alone so you should use it with minders around. 

  • Magic mushrooms can cause the brain to bleed

 One of the popular rumors is that magic mushrooms can induce hallucinations by making your brain bleed. What you can see are not really psychedelic fractals but actually, pieces of your brain bleeding out.  

Obviously, this is not true. 

Psilocybin from mushrooms have the same molecular structures to serotonin. Psilocybin usually overwhelms our brain with psilocybin and then it stimulates its serotonin receptors that allow us to experience hallucinations and recreate new types of information until our body breaks it down to excrete it from our body. 

  • Magic mushrooms are red mix with white dots

The iconic image of magic mushrooms usually come with the red shroom mixed with white dots with a white stem. However, this is just one type of species from psychedelic mushrooms which are also known as Amanita muscaria. 

Hallucinogenic mushrooms are close to having 200 species which contain the psychoactive compound psilocybin and all of these have different physical characteristics. Some can be small and some can grow as tall as one foot. 

  • Magic mushrooms were inspired by the power-up mushroom from the game Super Mario Brothers

The red mushrooms that can be seen in the game Super Mario Brothers that give super strengths and abilities to the two characters were said that this was inspired by magic mushrooms. 

This is definitely false. 

The creator of super Mario brothers, Shigeru Mizamoto, says that the mushrooms in the game were inspired by Alice in wonderland. The famous literature saw the protagonist changing her size when she ate mushrooms. Whether or not the game Super Mario Brothers is about a drug experience is a different story. 

  • Psychedelics always offer you exactly what you need

This is one of the many pervasive myths that are circulating in the psychedelic community 

Many people believe that whether you have a bad trip or a good trip you just got what you really needed. Psychedelic drugs have an innate wisdom that allows them to show to you what you really need to know on your life. 

There can be some truth in this but it still far too simplistic. Taking psychedelics can seem to have a better quality of providing people with different kinds of experiences that can be proven to be beneficial even they have a negative experience at the time. 

But this is usually not always the case. 

In some other cases, mushrooms, LSD, and other psychedelics can trigger psychotic break which can cause people to have a wide range of symptoms such as an intense paranoia, inability to distinguish fantasy from reality, and major depression. Cases of psychosis are only a tiny fraction of the experiences that come from psychedelics but these cases cannot be discarded from consideration. 

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