An Easy Mushroom Chocolate Recipe for Beginners

Thinking of how to make your life sweeter? Buy chocolates and eat them with all of your heart! Nothing beats the joy we can feel as we savor the rich taste of cocoa melting and exploding in our mouths. However, one can feel a much sweeter sensation if a consumer tries to create a chocolate bar of its own! With this, try to make a delightful Mushroom Chocolate Recipe for beginners! 

The Mushroom that we will Eat 

easy mushroom chocolate recipe for beginners

Not to be mistaken as a special plant, mushrooms are not related to the plants that you have seen then and now. They came from a different and alien-like kingdom, the Fungi. The organisms within this extensive kingdom are divided into huge groups, according to the way they get their food and nutrition for their survival: 

  • Saprophytes 

They are the variants that grow on dead woods and plants. They absorb the carbon dioxide and minerals from these dead materials which in turn, gives them their essential functions and properties. People use these mushrooms for culinary and medicinal purposes. They serve as the cleaners of decomposing plants and other biological organisms in the world. 

  • Parasites 

The Kingdom of Plants considers these parasites as killers of the living organism just like other creatures. They steal the essential nutrients that a plant must absorb to survive. The mushrooms included in this class are toxic and deadly. 

  •  Mycorrhiza 

The third group which is the rarest among the three. They form commensalism with the trees where they live, taking a nutrient from the main body in exchange for a better nutrient which will further nourish the main organism. 

The Cacao that changed our lives forever 

easy mushroom chocolate recipe for beginners

The wealth of our world does not surround the global money systems alone, but to its agriculture as well. One of the most prominent fruit in the world comes from the Cacao tree. Cooking ripe cacaos produce the much-awaited chocolate extracts craved by people for the past centuries. Even its first makers simply can’t get enough of it, and the pieces of evidence were seen in the vast archaeological sites, inscribing how the ancient Meso-American people propagated and used cacao for the things needed in their lives- from food, medicine, money, and politics. 

People in the early civilizations of Latin and South America use cacaos as a form of currency among the wealthy civilizations thriving in different regions of these continents. Moreover, cacaos have been used primarily as money, food, and medicinal concoctions, to heal its tribal communities from any diseases that spread throughout their local empires during that time.  

The earliest records of cacaos being converted into chocolate foods were traced back in 1900BC by the Mexican tribe of Olmecs. As generations have passed, all forms of cacao foods have been considered as precious food for the latter tribes. From Latin and South America, the influence of chocolates has been carried to Europe during the colonization. From this point, the European confectionery has been revolutionized and became food for dignifying the social status of its citizens. 

Your much-awaited Recipe 

Before anything else, one must use a potholder to avoid skin burns while holding the pan and during the transfer of the mixture to a tray. 

To make these things simpler and easier to understand, we have to divide the entire process into four: 

  • Choosing your Mushroom 

Be it Magic Mushrooms or the expensive truffles, you should have your delicious fungi ready before the actual cooking. 

Remember that if this is your first Chocolate Mushroom experience, you must start with the lowest dosages of mushrooms to avoid harsher effects on your body and from the possible permanent damages it may incur to our body, from the time that a person has consumed too much of the magic mushrooms or truffles. 

Picking between the fresh and dried ones, we recommend you to use the dried mushrooms to make your preparations faster. Mushrooms need to be dried before cooking unlike the case of your fresh mushrooms.

You have the option to mix your dried mushrooms through different styles – sliced, diced or powdered.

  • Melting your Favorite Chocolate 

Remember that when you buy your chocolate for this mixture, it must be plainly out of chocolates- without any food mixes such as seeds, nuts, rice crispies, and other dried fruits. These add-ons will react with your magic mushrooms, making the psychedelic effects lighter or none at all.  

However, you can choose chocolates with different flavors ranging from milk chocolate to dark or minty ones. You can also add consider other chocolates, provided that they have no fillings. 

After choosing, prepare and melt your chocolate with a bit amount of water in a pan. For faster boiling, you can cut your chocolate bars to smaller sizes and mix it carefully with the boiling water. 

Before it cools down, prepare your sliced or powdered mushrooms and add to the chocolate mixture. 

  • Combining the two 

Keep your flames in low to medium heat when melting your chocolate bars to avoid bitterness in taste, or to further make it bitter, in connection with a Dark Chocolate. 

Melt your chocolate bar then mix the mushroom and stir normally until it thickens a bit. Overcooking your mushrooms could decrease their efficacy so avoid cooking for an extended time. Prepare the molding tray where you are going to pour your newly cooked chocolate mixture. 

  • Refrigeration 

The last part of these things is the cooling process. It will take a day to completely solidify the hot chocolate mixture. To ensure that your mixture will cool down, set your fridge temperature with lower than –2 degrees Centigrade. 

Keep your chocolates inside the fridge until you gain the courage to use the said chocolate with shrooms and your aftermath of mental impairments. 

Also, do not consume your magic chocolates all at once to avoid strong psychedelic effects to your body.

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