8 Famous People that Use Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms or Psilocybin mushrooms are fungi that contain a psychedelic known as psilocybin. Psilocybin is a hallucinogen that functions by activating serotonin receptors of the brain. These mushrooms are wild and sometimes cultivated and they contain both hallucinogenic and psychoactive ingredients. These mushrooms are often prepared raw or dried and eaten by mixing it to food or drinks. 

These mushrooms are also popularly known as shrooms, mushies, blue meanies, golden tops, golden tops, liberty caps, philosopher’s stone’s, liberties, Amani and agaric. A lot of people has seen the benefit of magic mushrooms and there’s no surprise that there are famous people that use magic mushroom has been vocal with their experience.

Scientific studies have been conducted to prove the effects of magic mushrooms especially in enhancing creative work. New researches provided results pointing that psilocybin which is an active and main ingredient of magic mushrooms can indeed improve thinking, empathy and a person’s well being. Magic mushroom has then become popular to artists and persons working on creative projects. According to a study, it is said that these psychedelics help artists think and focus more. Taking a tiny dose of these magic mushroom can boost creativity according to preliminary studies.

So it is not a surprise to know if creative, successful and famous people that use magic mushroom. There may be a few of them who have openly spoken about it but their testimonies have reached a lot of people. Perhaps also because of the stigma brought about psychedelics that’s why a few users have bravely spoken about using it and sharing their experience upon using it.

So who are these Famous People that use Magic Mushrooms?

famous people that use magic mushrooms

Here’s a list of famous people who have bravely spoken and claimed that they used magic mushrooms. Don’t be surprised though that you will find them amongst the creative and brightest minds of our generation.

  • Susan Sarandon – this award-winning actress has admitted that she has been using magic mushroom for a long time. She has been very vocal on the effects of this psychedelics on her life. Susan said that using magic mushrooms have moved her deeply. She has also been into tripping mushrooms outdoors or in the woods. For her magic mushrooms increases her creativity on her craft as an artist, reminds her of her place in the universe and has given her some profound experiences. 
  • Abraham Maslow – Maslow is a famous American psychologist who is the genius behind Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Maslow may not have directly admitted that he uses magic mushroom, he has been vocal and clear about how these psychedelic, LSD, and psilocybin affect the human mind. According to him, these drugs when taken in the right dosage at the right circumstances will give positive results to the person using it. 
  • Anthony Bourdain – This late culinary genius, chef, author, and TV personality has certainly left his mark on the pop culture. He has been vocal with his use of magic mushroom. During one of his interview, Bourdain even spoke of his experience with magic mushrooms. He shared how he prepares the mushroom by soaking it in honey overnight and then mix it into a hot tea before going to work.
  • Alejandro Jodorowsky – This genius Chilean-French filmmaker who is famous for the thrilling cult classic the Tusk has been extremely vocal on using magic mushroom and has even endorsed it to people to go on and try it at least once in their lives. 

According to him he first tried the use of magic mushroom with his master Oscar Ichazo who ran the African school of analysis. Though he did not say much of his experience he encourages every person to try it, even saying that politicians should take the magic mushroom at least one time to open or clear their minds. He further said that these mushrooms will help these politicians to see the world differently because they only speak of materiality and never have they spoken about spirituality.

  • Frances McDormand – this very talented and award-winning actress has also been extremely vocal with her experience in both synthetic and natural psychedelics. She also hoped that these psychedelics were properly appreciated. She also shared her sentiments that it is unfortunate that drugs were not handled properly. McDormand is also hopeful that the revision of Marijuana law would help ease the stigma on magic mushrooms. McDormand describes her experience as very profound.
  • Sarah Silverman – This Emmy award actress and producer has always been an advocate towards humanitarian and has addressed social taboos which is no surprise why she is very open about the use of magic mushroom. She tells about her interesting experience the first time she used magic mushroom. She and a group of friends heard fireworks in New York and they thought that there was a war or something only to find out that it was the 4th of July.
  • Doug Stanhope – This Famous American stand up comedian is among those people who are very vocal of their use of magic mushroom. He links magic mushroom with religion and spirituality. He has a unique tip to those who want to use magic mushrooms to reconnect with their religion. According to him, it is not enough to eat the magic mushroom stem to see the colors, instead, according to him, the whole bag should be eaten and then see God at least once in life. According to him, the real God is the one who works for you, every time you deny your logic, instincts and when you deny your own God.
  • David Carradine – This Famous American actor and martial artist has discussed in his autobiography entitled Endless Highway, his use of magic mushrooms. He has been vocal not only with his use of these psychedelics and its effect on him but also he has been very vocal with his use of other drugs.

This list may have featured a few names of famous people that use magic mushroom. These people are a few of those who have bravely spoken to the world that they have been using this psychedelic. But it is not also a coincidence that the names on the list have included brilliant minds, creative and famous people in their field.

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