Fresh to Dry Shroom Conversion Comprehensive Guide

The harvesting of shrooms is quite sensitive, and you should always make sure that you harvest your mushrooms on time to avoid any complications that may arise on your mushrooms. When it comes to fresh to dry shroom conversion, perfect timing is crucial. Your shrooms will be perfect as long as you know how to harvest them at the right time.

When to Harvest Your Fresh Shrooms

The harvesting of shrooms happens after the pinning and casing process. It is the period that makes the shrooms grow and spawn perfectly. The spreading of mycelium-infused that is composted in a container serves as a mushroom bed in the casing process or period of your mushroom. 

Meanwhile, in the casing material for your mushroom, a layer of peat is added to the top of your compost. Make sure that the mushroom mixture that you have is kept in that compost you made for about 6 days, and you should also constantly water your mushroom to maintain a moisture state of your mushroom. After about 2 days, your mycelium should now be ready for the growing process using the peat and ready to go to the pinning process.

Here are the good to know facts about harvesting shrooms:

  • The pinning process of your mushroom affects both the potential yield and the quality of your mushroom, and therefore, it is a very significant step in the production of your mushroom. 
  • Create autumn weather conditions that have a big impact on the development of the little white pins that eventually turn into small buds that will become mushrooms. 
  • It is advised to the growers of mushrooms to maintain a 23°C temperature in the tint environment around your mushroom throughout those stages until it’s ready for harvest.

After these two processes, your mushrooms are now ready to grow until the harvest period of your mushroom. Take note that after about 3 weeks of patiently waiting for the first batch of your mushrooms to be ready for harvest while the second batch of your mushrooms can be harvested for about 9-10 days after the first batch.

Are Your Mushrooms Ready for Harvest?

You will know that your mushrooms are ready for harvest when their veil breaks because, in this time, the mushrooms have already developed a light, well-rounded, conical-shaped caps that are perfect for use. 

Harvesting Time

When your mushrooms are ready for harvest, remember to pick them with your hands to avoid damaging your mushrooms. The mushrooms are usually harvested just by pulling them upwards from their base while twisting them in a counter-clockwise manner, and you should be careful not to use much force to avoid damaging the mycelium of your mushroom. To harvest the small mushrooms, you may use tweezers to harvest them, and you must use a brush to remove any remaining substrate or any vermiculite on your mushroom, but make sure the brush you use is soft.

When harvesting your mushrooms, you must use tools that are sterilized to prevent and avoid your mushrooms from contaminations. Also, a reminder to the growers of mushrooms that you should constantly wash your hands before working on your mushrooms.


The drying of mushrooms is keeping them to be used for a longer period of time than when they are fresh. When there is no presence of moisture in your mushroom, and your mushroom is dried up, then you can now put your mushroom in your fridge for about 3 months.

Fresh to Dry Shroom Conversion 

When it comes to fresh to dry shroom conversion, you have to keep in mind the following:

  • You want to spread your mushrooms evenly in a large baking tray or in a clean board, and you have to make sure that they do not overlap with each other to make them dry evenly. 
  • One of the simplest things to dry up your mushroom is to put them into a windowsill, or you may pack them into a clean pack, or you may also use black cloth or tea towel to dry them up. 
  • A black towel ensures that no light would reach your mushroom, but again, there is no assurance of the drying of your mushroom using this because of the temperature in the environment. 
  • In this case, you have to make sure that you put your mushroom in an area where there is no high humidity for the drying of your mushroom because it might be too hot, and your mushroom will lose its potency.
  • In this way, you have to allow your mushrooms to dry for at least 5 days, and when you notice that the stems of your mushrooms feel brittle and that they can be easily cracked and break then that shows that they are already dried up completely, and you may now store them. 
  • Another method to dry your mushrooms is airtight them. You need to take a little bit of a silica gel, and you need to lay this on the bottom of the container and spread your psychedelic to raise the level, and you need to close the container. In this case, you activate a vacuum that dries up your mushroom. 
  • Now that you have already vacuumed and sealed your mushroom, you now keep it in the fridge and repeat the process of putting a silica gel and vacuum it once again. A reminder that doing this will make sure that the mushrooms do not overlap with each other in the container. 
  • The best method to dry your mushroom is to use a food dryer. Equipment that extracts the moisture from anything that you put in it. It may be expensive, but it is worth it. This guarantees a long shelf life of your dried mushrooms.


After harvesting and drying your mushroom, you now have to store them. Follow the tips above for proper fresh to dry shroom conversion. Store your dried mushrooms in your refrigerator for your mushrooms’ longer life to be used. Storing your dried mushrooms in a fridge gives you the ability to use your shrooms in a much longer time like what is said in the first part that it can be stored for quite a long time. 

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