Girl Tripping on Mushrooms: What is it Like? 

Magic mushrooms or shrooms contain psilocybin, a hallucinogen that activates serotonin receptors. Shrooms distort a person’s perception of objects. A girl tripping on mushrooms might see patterns or things in various colors. Her emotions and feelings deepen and her perception of place, colors, textures, sounds, and tastes may be altered as well. Mushroom trips differ by person, type of mushroom consumed, and dosage.

The trip is also affected by the user’s emotional state and the kind of environment she’s in. A girl who is in a highly structured setting or poor mental state will probably have a bad mushroom trip. She will feel terrified, paranoid, or anxious. That is why it is a good idea to have a sober person or trip sitter during a mushroom trip, especially if you’re a beginner.

Psilocybin can cause drowsiness, paranoia, visual distortion and alteration, nausea, dilated pupils, muscle weakness, dizziness, impaired concentration, and confusion. Stomach problems, numbness, nausea, dizziness, muscle weakness, and loss of appetite are common side effects of taking mushrooms, but these symptoms subside eventually.

The hallucinogenic effects normally occur within thirty minutes of consumption. The effects last between four and six hours, but changes in thought patterns and sensory perception can last for days in some people.

Girl Tripping on Mushrooms – What Each Trip Level Feels Like

Some users are looking for a deep experience, while others simply want to relax and have fun. A girl tripping on mushroom can experience five different trip levels. Just remember that different species of magic mushrooms have varying strength levels. Storage conditions and the number of active substances like psilocybin can affect the shroom’s potency and a girl’s trip level. Here’s what each trip level feels like.


  • Level 0


Microdosing can help reduce anxiety and boost creativity. Take 0.2 – 0.5 g of dried mushroom every two to three days to achieve this effect. Taking more than this amount can no longer be considered micro-dosing.


  • Level 1


Taking 0.8 to 1 g of dried mushrooms is a good way to get familiar with magic mushrooms. It’s an ideal level for those who want to have a fun night or attend a party with some friends. The mind loses some control and strangers seem friendlier. Subtle sound distortion and mild visual enhancements also occur.


  • Level 2


Trip level 2 can be achieved by taking 1 to 1.5 g of dried mushrooms. Auditory and visual hallucinations, euphoria, lightness, and enhanced sensation occur at this level. Colors become brighter and objects come to life. Creativity is improved as well. Trippers see geometrical forms when they close their eyes. They also find it harder to communicate and focus.


  • Level 3


Level 3 is ideal for beginners who want to experience a psychedelic trip. The recommended dosage for this level is 1.5 to 3 g of dried mushrooms. Visual hallucinations occur at this level. Users also see fractals and patterns. The surface of objects becomes shiny due to their altered field of depth.

Their perception of time is also altered. An hour might feel like forever. Beginners should try this trip level with a trip sitter in a safe environment. Tripping on mushrooms with close friends can be fun and memorable.


  • Level 4


Taking 3 to 4 g of dried mushrooms is enough to achieve trip level 4. Strong hallucinations occur at this level. A psychedelic wave of colors, contours, and shapes combine and hit their consciousness. Trippers might lose touch with reality and see various non-existent objects. Their concept of time also disappears. The experience can be mind-expanding, powerful, and life-changing. This dosage, however, is only recommended for experienced trippers.


  • Level 5


Taking 4 to 5 g of dried mushrooms greatly distorts one’s perception of time and space. Trippers completely lose touch with reality. They experience intense hallucinations. Loss of identity and great introspection also occur at this level. They find it impossible to describe their personal and emotional experiences once their psychedelic journey ends.

What to Consider Before Tripping on Mushrooms

Start with a gram or less of dried shrooms and wait an hour. If you’re feeling good, you can take more.  Some shrooms are bitter or sour, while others have a floury taste. It can be consumed with fruits to mask the flavor. Magic mushrooms can be eaten raw. Some people cook the shrooms, but cooking it for a long period breaks down the psilocybin.

You can also prepare magic mushrooms as a brewed tea. Grind the shrooms and steep them in hot water. Strain the liquid and drink it. This method doesn’t affect the trip’s intensity. Some people say that they start to feel the effects faster when they drink brewed mushroom tea. Others soak the shrooms in tequila or rum and add the resulting liquid to mixed drinks. Dried mushrooms are also made into gelatin capsules to completely get rid of the texture and taste.

Not all trips are positive. Those who feel anxious about using shrooms or have mental health issues have a higher risk of experiencing a bad trip. Recreational users often experience psychological distress in the form of short-term psychosis or extreme anxiety after a trip. Some people also experience delirium, agitation, fear, and symptoms similar to schizophrenia. These effects are usually treated with medication like benzodiazepines and often subside in six to eight hours.

Shrooms are not addictive, but those who take mushrooms regularly can build a tolerance to psilocybin. Cross-tolerance with other psychotropic drugs may also occur. The potency of shrooms depends on several factors such as growing conditions, origin, the species, and whether the user eats it dried or fresh.

Where to Find Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms can be purchased from reputable suppliers. Shrooms also grow in the wild. If you want to pick them yourself, you have to make sure that you are familiar with various species of mushrooms so that you won’t get a poisonous one. Mushrooms that contain psilocybin are usually tan or brown. People often mistake magic mushrooms for other poisonous mushrooms.

You can also grow shrooms at home as there are grow kits that are available online. Just make sure that you’re buying from a reputable supplier. You can visit forums that are dedicated to magic mushrooms to find a trustworthy supplier and to learn more about growing shrooms at home.


A girl tripping on mushrooms will think, see and feel new things. Consider tripping on mushrooms as an educational experience. Your life will not automatically change because of the mushrooms themselves. However, the psychedelic journey may become a catalyst for various positive changes in your life.

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