Golden Teacher Mushroom Grow Guide

With every recreational substance, one variation always stands out as described by its popularity among growers and users. In this case, Golden Teacher Mushroom is the one that stands out. The prominent type of mushroom that suggestively came from the strain of Psilocybe cubensis, so expect an extreme potency and availability issues in the market when you wish to try what the noise of users are saying. In this Golden Teacher Mushroom Grow Guide, you will know what makes the said mushroom very famous and sought-after. Perhaps, there isn’t only potency and easy process in cultivation? Nonetheless, proceed furthermore to know more about the infamous Golden Teacher Mushroom. 

The Basics about Golden Teacher Mushroom

As a shroomer and user, it should be a duty to know the origins of specific mushrooms that you allow in your house and your system. There’s a possibility that the mysteriousness the golden teacher mushroom reeks are what contributes to its popularity and the reason why it gained to be considered in a category that views them as a special breed of magic mushrooms. Compared to another well-known shroom, golden teachers are somewhat new in the field. The first sightings appeared in the ’80s, where authorities cannot track its place of origin, a significant factor in naming and categorizing mushrooms. Nonetheless, what makes it recognizable is its golden caps with traces of yellow. But, mushrooms coming from the strain of Psilocybe cubensis does not come close to Golden Teacher’s elegant appearance and large stems and caps. Hence, why the suggestion that it came from the said strain is beyond questionable. But then again, due to anonymous derivation, professionals are accepting the concept despite lacking and scarcity of pieces of evidence. Besides, knowing where it came from might eliminate the aura it releases, which could lessen the users and shroomers going after it.

But, what do Golden Teachers look like? For specific descriptions, Golden Teachers are very attractive. Perhaps, it is also one of the factors why it’s widely prominent. Despite having almost unknown records, the shroom still manages to look distinguishable. The curved cap, with the yellowish golden center, is one dead giveaway that it is indeed the Golden Teacher Mushroom.

Along with that is its red cap color that has an 8cm diameter measurement. Furthermore, a thick hollow stipe is also present, as well as gills that may have two colors that can go from white to purple or brown. Look out for the last description, though, because there are shrooms that possess the same quality and could end you up poisoned.

What effects can Golden Teacher Mushroom give you, and what is the proper dosage?

Any conceptions that Golden Teacher is highly potent can go to junk because the shroom is the perfect getaway for mushroom newbies. If you consider yourself not familiarized in the field of psychedelic and psychoactive substances, you might want to try the shroom because it gives lesser chances of acquiring extreme adversities. In return, you’ll get a great trip. The Golden Teacher can bring you to higher levels of spiritual reconnection and essential reflection. Hence, rest assured that you won’t just experience entirely recreational outcomes; you will also garner chances in having critical insights. It’s not uncommon for mushrooms to produce enlightening sensations and mind-restoring feelings. Whatever it is that you’re going through, know that Golden Teacher can heal that. On the other side, the shrooms also release hallucinogenic and delusional effect, considerably the most common impact of a magic mushroom. So, you will have to expect vision and sound alteration that will make you perceive things that are not happening in real life. Did you know that the name called “Golden Teacher” came from the mushroom’s capability to educate users about experiencing psychedelic impacts and connection on spiritual levels? After all, to unravel mysteries is higher than what you learn in academic institutions.

As for the dosage, it’s not always applicable to consume more massive dosages. Knowing these limitations can cut your most-likely experienced side effects into none. For beginners, a gram or two is the best dosage. But for professional users, they can go better than that. Still, that does not allow them to depend their life on dosages and take excessive amounts.

Golden Teacher Mushroom Grow Guide

As usual, there are several options in growing your golden teacher mushroom at home. To give you access to a world of easy cultivation, we’re going to introduce the most convenient way of increasing a golden teacher mushroom. In this case, a grow kit is the best option available for any variety of fungus. 

Before exploring the required procedures, you should still mind the environment you will grow your mushroom in, followed by precise measurements. The humidity should not go beyond 80%, and the temperature should be at a constant rate at approximately 23 degrees Celsius. 

After reassuring that the desired environment is beyond obtainable, you will now proceed to the instructions. A grow kit already has the necessities you will be needing besides mushroom substrate, plastic grow bag, and metal clips for secured closing, which you will be purchasing. First, open the container and save the lid, but do not throw it away. Leave the substrate in the said container during the crop. If you open it, make sure you moisten it with clean water, a tap is not advisable. Do the hydration process every day. When the substrate is hydrated enough, pour fresh water in a grow bag. Place the container inside the mentioned bag. Take note that water shouldn’t be excessive and will not go beyond the top of the box, because it shouldn’t make contact with the substrate. However, if the environment has a high level of humidity, you can skip this step and proceed to place the mushroom in the bag.

For the next process, fold the opening of the bag several times and place both clips on each side for a secured opportunity. Then, lay the bag on a horizontally stable way to affirm its unwavering settlement. The temperature of the bag’s location should be approximately around 23 degrees Celsius.

Afterward, please wait for the shroom to fructify and make sure that you’re giving it enough ventilation by opening the bag for a few minutes. The first sighting of sprout will depend on the environmental conditions, with between 7 to 20 days. Delay of mushrooms can highly occur if there’s a lack of humidity and required temperature. If it’s already in the fruiting period, some mushrooms will be ready by a few days (around 2 to 4 days). 

The guidelines mentioned above should fit a newbie in the field. But, if you find it too easy, you can find other solutions, especially when you like a good challenge—still, the easier, the better. If you take the steep path, there is no guarantee that you will have a good return.

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