How Does Magic Mushroom Stimulate Creativity

Psilocybin mushroom or commonly known as the magic mushroom is a kind of fungi that contain psilocybin. Psilocybin is a naturally occurring psychedelic compound that functions by activating serotonin receptors in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. The prefrontal context part of the brain affects the mood, perception, and cognition. 

Aside from magic mushroom, Psilocybin mushroom is also known as Shrooms, Philosopher’s Stones, Mushies, Magics, Liberty Caps, Liberties, Amani and Agaric. Magic mushrooms are wild and these are often prepared raw or by drying, by eating, by drinking it as some people make tea from dried mushroom, or by taking drops extracted liquid psilocybin. Now the one interesting fact is to know how does magic mushroom stimulate creativity.

Magic Mushroom as a stimulant of creativity

So taking a dose of magic mushroom can boost creativity?

There has been a long debate among researchers if Magic Mushroom stimulates creativity. Recent studies have provided more evidence that the chemical contained by magic mushroom which is psilocybin can indeed boost a person’s creative thinking. These studies have been published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. The focus of the study is to see psychedelics like psilocybin have the potential therapeutic value socio-emotional disorder such as depression or anxiety.

According to Natasha Mason of Maastricht University and the main author on the study, they wanted to assess whether the substance psilocybin can enhance processes like creativity, flexible thinking, and empathy. In this study, they have recruited fifty-five 55 participants from a Psychedelic Society retreat in the Netherlands. The participants have taken a tea that is made of magic mushroom. After that, they administered psychological tests to the participants mainly to assess their empathy, creativity, and general life satisfaction. These tests were conducted the morning after they have taken the tea and seven (7) days after. 

According to Mason, the study showed that when taken in its natural setting, psilocybin can increase a person’s creativity, empathy, and general life satisfaction

Another study by Bernard Hommel, a psychologist at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, aimed the first scientific attempt to study microdosing concerning psychedelics. Microdosing is defined ad taking a tenth of the standard dose of a psychedelic standard to see if it will boost creativity.

In their research, they have asked thirty-eight (38) participants to answer three (3) written test before they take the microdose. The tests include intelligence tests, convergent tests which involves problem-solving that would assess creativity and finally the divergent thinking which will assess the ability to come up with many solutions to given problems. Convergent thinking refers to the ability to take in a lot of information and come up with a specific or single solution to a problem while divergent thinking involves creating many solutions or possibilities to a single problem. 

After testing, the result showed that it seemed that it has not affected the intelligence of the participants but surprisingly it shows improvement on the divergent thinking. In addition to this, the empathy level of the participants has also been significantly enhanced while the improvement of the convergent thinking only showed improvement after a week.

Apparently, the two studies showed that taking magic mushrooms in any forms and amount at a given time could boost creativity that would last up to a week. It showed clear evidence that the people who drunk made from magic mushroom has exhibited improvement or increase in its creative thinking and empathy that lasted for seven (7) days. Again, these results were obtained by a team of psychologists who administered series psychological examinations to a group of people on the day before the exam, the day after the exam and seven (7) days after the exam.

Enhancing Creativity with Magic Mushroom

Given the result of the study regarding psychedelics and magic mushrooms, it may be possible to consider it as a way to enhance creativity for artists or those working on creative projects. Why? As mentioned earlier, magic mushrooms contain Psilocybin which is a naturally occurring psychedelic compound that functions by activating serotonin receptors in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. 

The prefrontal context part of the brain affects the mood, perception, and cognition. These psychedelics will help or allow the artist to see and think more than he can when he is in a normal state and it will allow the flow of creative ideas because of the person can think without filters resulting to a freer, truer and more creative results. 

For artists, this will give way to newer and new ideas. These psychedelics allows the person to think outside his normal thinking and create a much better opportunity for new ideas, thinking, and communication. It may also bring a new understanding of a person’s well being and personality, the physical world, emotional and spiritual world and the artists total personal.

Magic mushrooms allow the artist to uncover or unveil hidden facets of their abilities. Abilities that they may have not known before because they have limited themselves to what they thought they can only do. 

Creative Magic and Its Limits

As magic mushrooms and psychedelics has given artists a new language and a better understanding of themselves and seeing how it could be extremely helpful taking this should be on minimal dosage only. For creative work, a lower dosage is recommended at or under 50 mcg and mushroom doses under .5 grams. 

Magic mushrooms may improve focus. According to Innovators from Silicon Valley, taking less than 500mg of dried magic mushroom will not give you psychedelic effect but their studies revealed that it will give you more focus.

Magic Mushrooms may increase a person’s creativity but it is important to take note that magic mushroom will not give a person more artistic skills. Magic mushrooms don’t just increase the creativity but also allowed groundbreaking discoveries as to its usage and benefits. Further studies are now being conducted to see that apart from its cognitive enhancements capacity it may be possible that its therapeutic efficacy can help in finding a cure to other mental and behavioral disorders.

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