How Long do Shrooms Take to Grow?

One of the most common questions that first time magic mushroom growers ask is “how long do shrooms take to grow?” Well, the answer is not simply a number or a precise number of days because there are some factors to consider when cultivating shrooms.

A quick answer

When you ask anyone who cultivates magic mushrooms, you’ll be told that it will only take days for these to grow. Shrooms are fungi and as long as these are provided with the right growing conditions, these will grow without delay.

Some would say three, others say four days but to be safe, allow around three to five days for magic mushrooms to grow before you harvest.

Factors considered when growing magic mushrooms

how long do shrooms take to grow

  • The type of magic mushroom strain

Some magic mushroom strains are fast-growers while some may take time to grow. Some strains are very sensitive while some don’t require much attention to grow. Shop for magic mushrooms and kits and you’ll get acquainted with the different strains available. Each one has a particular growing time and growing condition. 

  • Moisture levels

The humidity level is the amount of moisture in the air or the moisture content in the air. Shrooms and other fungi thrive in areas with high humidity. This is the reason why most mushroom strains grow and thrive in very damp areas like forest floors and damp areas in your yard. 

When you overlook moisture, your shrooms won’t grow according to the allotted grow time. Anything could happen. Your shrooms will grow frail stems, thin caps, and weak roots or worse, these might not grow at all. 

  • Light conditions

Mushrooms thrive in the dark. They love dark, cold, damp places. When you buy mushroom kits, instructions will tell you that you should keep your shrooms in the dark otherwise these won’t grow healthy. 

Mushrooms also need light but not direct light. But as much as possible, shade your mushrooms from direct sunlight. When light conditions are overlooked, your shrooms will grow weak parts. These may not be able to grow well especially under direct sunlight.

  • Mushroom kits

You can’t buy dried and ready to consume magic mushrooms legally so retailers sell mushroom kits instead. Kits are complete with all the things you need to cultivate healthy and well-developed shrooms. 

A kit has a substrate or the growing medium usually made of organic material, spores or mycelium, and an opaque container. All you need is to follow the directions found on the kit and soon, your mature shrooms are ready for harvest. 

Take note that instructions may vary for each kind of kit. Mushroom kits are different for each strain and the cost of the kit as well. 

  • Your level of experience 

First-time growers are more likely to make mistakes the first time they try to grow shrooms. Growing magic mushrooms is a very straightforward thing to do but sometimes it’s difficult to do this due to environmental conditions. 

Some new growers may cultivate shrooms but could take time to grow. Therefore, if you are a new grower, train well and grow as many strains of shrooms as you can to harness your skills and knowledge.

Pretty soon, you’ll be able to grow different magic mushroom strains in the quickest time possible. 

Some tips to grow shrooms healthy and fast

There are many ways to grow magic mushrooms. You can use a magic mushroom substrate kit, spawn bags, PF-Tek/BRF and flat cakes. Each of these will take a specific amount of days for your shrooms to grow. Let’s take a look at each.

In a mushroom grow kit, no spores are needed because these are already in the substrate. But with the substrate kit, you must add spores. Mushroom substrate kits contain sterilized substrates usually made of vermiculite, rye, brown rice flour, grass seed or white rice. Sometimes the substrate is a combination of any or all these items. All you need is to add the spores to the substrate and your shrooms will be ready to grow and harvest in just a few days. 

Meanwhile, mushroom spawn bags are bags which contain a substrate inoculated with a strain that is completely colonized. This method is commonly used in cultivating Psilocybe azurescens and Psilocybe cyanenscens strains. These two strains are wood-loving strains that will grow in colder temperatures. Some growers from the Netherlands cultivate these outdoors.

With the PF-Tek/BRF, the main ingredient is BRF or brown rice flour. Some materials may also be present like water and vermiculite. All ingredients are very easy to find in markets and stores. And because of the ingredients used in PF-Tek, expect success in all your growing endeavors. This is a growing medium fit for beginner and experienced magic mushroom growers.

Flat Cake Tex Method

In the flat cake tek method, a thinner, as well as fatter substrate, is used and this can lead to bigger and more abundant harvests.

You need fully colonized cakes or PF-Tek cakes as substrates. You must place this on a bigger dish and add vermiculite for a layer of protection. The term “flat cake” may have probably originated from the process of gently pressing the substrate until you get a smooth surface. 

Meanwhile, sliced flat cake tek is just like flat cakes but are sliced in small pieces to get more sides. This is because shrooms seem to love growing on the side of the substrate. Making more sides will improve the number of shrooms and will enhance your harvest as well.

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Harvesting your shrooms

After your shrooms have grown, these should be harvested ASAP. A good rule is that the mushrooms should be large enough. But when you are growing mushrooms in a grow kit, chances are the shrooms you’ll be growing will be in different sizes. 

Some mushrooms are smaller while some bigger despite being grown the same time. Contrary to what most growers believe, removing large ones is best so that the others will continue to grow. The best way to harvest is when the caps or the hats have not completely opened. The shrooms must still have the round heads. Usually, when the shrooms have reached their best size, the heads will open in just a few days. 

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