How Long Does a Shroom Tea Trip Last?

Are you interested in exploring the world of magic mushrooms and its teas but are worried about what should happen to you? Since browsing online can lead to knowing polarizing opinions there is no doubt that some people have second thoughts about consuming this fungus. If you are interested in magic mushrooms, you can also explore one of the best intake methods: mushroom tea. Read on to find out about shrooms, including answers to “How long does a shroom tea trip last?”

What Are Factors That Can Affect How Long Your Shroom Tea Trip Last?

how long does a shroom tea trip last

How do you know what type of magic mushroom experience you will have? How do you set up yourself for a positive and powerful psychedelic trip? Here are four primary factors that you can check out.

  • Check the type of magic mushroom you will consume

The effect of the magic mushrooms you take will be dependent on which strain you select to pick and the amount of that specific strain. The most common magic mushrooms you can encounter are Panaeolus (subbalteatus and tropicalis), Psilocybe (baeocystis, caerulescens, cubensis, cyanescens, mexicana, pelliculosa, semilanceata, and stuntzii), and Copelandia (cyanescens and cambodgeniensis). 

  • Observe your chosen preparation for your magic mushroom trip

The psychedelic trip you can enjoy with magic mushrooms will be dependent on how you prepare yourself for it. If you are someone with a healthy lifestyle like doing meditation, eating clean foods, and the like, your experience will be so much better than someone who is unprepared, stressed, and depressed.

  • Reflect on your set and setting

Your set and setting can establish the entirety of your mushroom journey experience. Set and setting means the context for psychoactivity and psychedelic drug experiences. Set means your actual mindset, like your thought, moods, and expectations. The setting means your physical and social environment. It has been observed that social support systems play an essential role in the outcome of your psychedelic experience.

 If you want to increase your chances of having a profound mushroom experience, your best bet is to be in sound mental and physical state. You should be in an environment where you feel safe and comfortable. You should also have easy access to water, food, and anything else you may need. Choose to be alone, with a sitter, or with trusted friends. Do not allow yourself to be exposed to a chaotic environment like a concert, a rave, or a party, especially when there is no one else to take care of you.

  • Carefully pick who you are with during your psychedelic adventure

Are you flying solo or going with a group of friends? A solo trip can be affected by how comfortable you are with being alone. You can go for a facilitated trip where you will be guided by an experienced mushroom sitter who can take care of you. A group trip will be influenced by the overall interaction of the group members shared intentions like a spiritual or social intent.

Mushroom Tea High 

Mushrooms generally take about 30 to 60 minutes to take effect. If you have lots of food in your stomach, the trip can take up to two hours to be felt. If you take a mushroom tea on an empty stomach, you can feel the high within 10 to 15 minutes.

The majority of mushroom trips last between four to six hours, especially when taken orally. For some people, they experience an additional two to six hours, where they find it harder to sleep. They also exhibit signs of an altered reality, which is not as intense as tripping. Once ingested, psilocybin is converted into psilocin within the first hour. Most of the psilocin will be excreted from the body within the early eight hours, but portions will remain in your body’s system for several weeks.

If you ingest mushrooms with lemon juice and other acidic substances, you are ingesting the chemicals alongside the mushroom material itself. Having food or fungi in your stomach can delay the onset of the drugs you have taken orally. It will take time for psilocybin to be absorbed in your system. Psilocin works right away after being absorbed by your body. However, but psilocybin takes time to be converted into psilocin. By adding lemon and other acidic substances in your body, you are turning the psilocybin to psilocin in advance. You get all the effects at once instead of having to wait.

Mushroom Tea Short Term Effects

Magic mushrooms can bring on a variety of emotions, visuals, and sensory enhancements which can take on a different expression for each of us. However, there are some usual feelings and sensations that you can enjoy on magic mushrooms, namely:

  1. Mild anxiety, like butterflies in the stomach
  2. Clammy hands
  3. Dilated pupils
  4. Open eye visuals
  5. Closed eye visuals
  6. Sensory perception distortions
  7. Crossover in senses, like seeing music and hearing colors
  8. Quick changing emotions from laughing to paranoia and vice versa

For higher doses of psilocybin mushrooms, you might also encounter the following experiences:

  1. Distortions of time and space, like time stop or slows down
  2. Seeing patterns in your field of vision
  3. Intense hallucinations and visual distortions
  4. Intense personal awareness
  5. Extreme spiritual awareness
  6. Different perspectives on yourself, others, and the world

Some Unwanted Effects

A few first-time and experienced users feel slight nausea at the beginning of their trip and may even vomit a bit. This is one of the worst possible feelings you might feel, but most people feel better afterward. You might also feel a little paranoid and uncomfortable, which usually comes with psychedelic drugs consumption. Usually, this passes after a few hours. If you see yourself suffering from a bad trip, it is better to sit by yourself or find a trusted friend that can talk to you and keep you grounded from the undesirable high.

Final Words

How long does a shroom tea trip last? It depends on many factors which are mostly controllable by the user. If you have particular preferences, you can modify your consumption for a purely positive magic mushroom journey.

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