How Long Does Mushroom Chocolate Last

It is a long knowledge for us humans that majority of what we eat are perishable and are all subject to expiration and decomposition. From a simple apple to homemade sandwiches, the food being prepared in fast food chains, up to the local delicacies in different countries of the world-either with spices or none- are all served within a limited time only due to the perishability of these foods. As mushroom lovers, people may want to know how long does mushroom chocolate last.

Your Perfect Combo

how long does mushroom chocolate last

Mushroom Chocolates have been existing for a long time in our modern history. Some historical accounts have recorded its first creation before the Second World War. It was found that Europeans mix these wonderful fungi with their chocolate products. They serve as special spices which can cause its consumers to have wide and outrageous reactions due to its psychedelic properties. 

Chocolates and Magic Mushrooms both share its medicinal and cultural heritage proven throughout the centuries. In the early civilizations of Latin and South America, cacaos have been used as a form of currency among the wealthy civilizations thriving in different regions of these continents. Moreover, cacaos have been used primarily as money, food, and medicinal concoctions, to heal its tribal communities from any diseases that spread throughout their local empires during that time.

Meanwhile, Magic Mushrooms have been long used by the earliest civilizations of China and Korean lands. The early Chinese doctors have studied about these fungi masses. They have found out that they can heal a person’s sickness through its strong yet great effects.

This knowledge of the healing properties of magic mushrooms has reached the nearby empires of Japan, India, Indochina, and the other nearby regions, through their ancient economic trades.

The Shelf lives

  • Chocolates

how long does mushroom chocolate last

The shelf life of your chocolates depends on what’s with it. For instance, a dark chocolate bar may last up to 2 years if it was unopened yet stored properly. If your dark Choco is opened yet stored properly, it may last up to a year.

For the milk chocolates, your product may last for a year if the packaging is not opened and stored without any changes. If the seal was broken and the package has been opened, your milk chocolates may last up from 6 to 8 months.

  • Magic Mushrooms

how long does mushroom chocolate last

On the other hand, the freshness of your Magic Mushrooms can only last from 5 to 10 days. That’s after it was harvested from the wild, kept with low water levels and chilled in the fridge. This is the best way to extend its shelf life. You have to consider that all fungi species easily decompose right after you have cut them away from their natural habitat. 

This is due to sudden natural condition within the fungi body which you have extracted from the rest of its parts, as well as your physical contact with the fungi. Remember that our skin secretes chemicals which protects our skins from irritation and dehydration due to exposure with different factors that affect our daily lives.

To sum it up, your shroom chocolates may last for years. Know that it still depends on what type of chocolate have you mixed with the magic mushrooms. This perfect combination will last for this long if you have stored them inside the fridge or freezers.

However, if you don’t have any fridge in your house, you can simply store your shroom chocolates in a cool and darkroom.

Why is it important to store them in a cold area?

Let’s put it this way. Consider that you have to buy some raw meats in a local shop. Have you noticed that their store is relatively cold? Or have you ever wondered why the meats inside this cold shop are still suitable for consumption? Lastly, have you also noticed that there are packaging remarks with the meats that you have bought from them indicating to put the meats immediately inside your freezer to keep its sanitation and quality, free from any contaminations?

This is because the coldness slows down the decomposition of all living organisms. As you place your food inside the refrigerator, your food undergoes a great chemical process that kills active bacteria in your food and retains the bacteria that can only survive in the cold and unlikely to harm you at all.

Coldness kills some bacteria that decompose all of the meat products, as well as the vegetables and fruits being sold inside a store. However, some bacteria strain manage to live within the cold regions of the world where the temperature drops lower than your freezer. These bacteria flourish during temperature fluctuations, that is why you have to regularly check your perishable goods inside your fridge to see if they are still in good condition and safe to be consumed.

Placing your mushroom chocolates in freezers do not assure you of your food not to go expired. However, as the coldness slows everything down from growing, chances are that your chocolate bars may survive for a little longer.

Take Good Care of your Goodies!

Your mushroom chocolates should be kept permanently with freezers to keep its quality at high, considering that you have mixed it with mushrooms that also needs coldness to make it survive for a longer time.

After getting a piece of your chocolate, you have to immediately return your chocolate bar inside its storage for safety and sanitation purposes.

Before we end this, you must be reminded that mushroom chocolates should not share the same storage boxes with the other raw foods. Those with strong odors such as frozen fishes and other processed meats may contaminate the chocolate bar with the bacteria thriving with these raw goods.

Also, the aroma of these raw goods may simply fuse in your chocolate bars and give them awful aftertaste. It shall be discouraging you to eat it further, turning your creation into a waste.

Practice proper food handling through your simple mushroom chocolates and take good care of your precious goodies! Enjoy eating and keep your mushrooms potent and safe!

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