How to Air Dry Shrooms 101

A Psilocybin Mushroom is a hallucinogen that can be injected from certain types of mushrooms. It contains psilocybin and is very known as the Magic Mushrooms. If you want to benefit from them, you should know how to air dry shrooms.

It gives a euphoric feeling and a sensory distortion that is commonly seen in hallucinogenic drugs, for example, from LSD. The Psilocybin Mushroom can trigger psychotic effects on its users. It also has a positive effect as well as negative effects both on the psychological and physical being of users, although it is not naturally addictive.

Obtaining a Successful Drying of Psilocybin Mushroom

Drying mushroom, especially a Psilocybin Mushroom, gives a more powerful impact to users than when it is fresh. So, it’s important to know how to air dry shrooms to fully benefit from them. When they are dry, they can be very useful in many ways or purposes. Getting more alkaloids can be obtained by properly drying a mushroom. 

Steps on How to Air Dry Shrooms 

Harvest Shrooms at the Right Time

Getting shrooms or harvesting them when they are will surely give you a very high potency and the ideal time. Harvest them just after my veil breaks; just be careful not to badly hurt shroom friend. You’ll notice if it is ready for harvest when the tops will be in a light color and in a conical shape. 

Refrain from extracting them from the root ball because it might create a wound that will cause contamination that might give an effect to use. Whenever you harvest shrooms, use very sharp scissors or a cutter or any sharp thing and make sure that it is sterilized in a good flame and gently wipe it with alcohol after that cut the stem at its root bulb.


We are actually 95% water, and we usually begin to dry very rapidly, and here are two things after harvest.

  1. Place shrooms on a very clean plate and cover it with a black cloth and then, after that, leave it in a window that can be reached by the sunlight. Please make sure of that.
  2. If you don’t like that, you can place it on a very clean plate in front of a slow fan.

After you do these things, you will notice that the shroom will wither and will become shriveled like an old mate. It will become very rubbery as the clock rotates. When this passes, kindly go to the next step thoroughly dry it out.

Dry Up with Desiccants

Using desiccants is another method of drying. They are very accessible when it comes to drying. Desiccants are shrooms’ friend because it is also used in storage. It makes shrooms very dry, and it keeps moisture away from us and keeps away molds to make them high in quality.

Things to use

  • Find a baking tray
  • Find a hammer
  • Find an Epsom salt
  • Find a sealed, a moisture-proof container, preferably a glass

Steps to Make It

  • You have to heat the oven on 250˚C
  • You have to spread the Epsom salt on the baking tray evenly
  • You have to place it in the oven for at least two hours
  • You have to strictly observe safety precautions because things are getting very hot look after yourself. You will notice that the salt has solidified into a slab as it absorbs the moisture in the air as it cools down
  • At this point you need to use the hammer, you have to pulverize the slab to make it back to its original appearance
  • Lastly, you have to put the Epsom salt into the container, and you have to seal it very tight

Steps on How to Use Dessicants to Dry Shrooms

The process that you have here needs to be done or finished as quickly as you can. You know why? For it to stop the desiccant from absorbing the moisture from the atmosphere. The desiccants are reusable, you only need to repeat the oven drying process that described in the following, and you should keep them in an airtight container until it is ready again.

Things you need

  • Find your desiccant of choice
  • Find a paper towel
  • Find a large plastic container with a lid
  • Find a metal drying mesh

Steps to Make It

  • If you are using generic mesh, you have you to bend the edges to make a stand that is high enough to keep the mushrooms from colliding with the paper towel or to the desiccants
  •  You have to spread the desiccant over the bottom part of the clean plastic container for at least 3 centimeters deep
  • You have to cover your desiccant with a layer of clean paper towel
  • You need to place a drying rack in the layer of your paper towel 
  • You have to place the lid on the container to ensure that it is airtight
  • You have to be very patient, have a peak after three days.
  • Lastly, you can observe that the caps are cracker-dry, and the stems can snap easily. It is when you know its ready.
  • Time for storage
  • Now that we are dry, it’s time for us to be stored. When storing shrooms, you have to maintain that our environment is cool and that we are moisture-free because once we absorb moisture, we will be rotten and lose our use.

How to Store Shrooms

  • Storing shrooms by measured doses is great thinking. In this way, you’re not going to open and close a jar or a bilk of a bag that can lead to moisture absorbance and unwanted contaminants.
  • You have to put dried shrooms in measured closed is small bags, and you have to store us in a jar that contains a desiccant to avoid moisture.
  • You have to keep them in the dark, cool place or a fridge.
  • Lastly, you have to do an extraction of psilocybin extraction using alcohol to extract crystals. Keep dried shrooms away from kids that might make us their snack.
  • You need to have pulverized mushroom powder
  • You need to have chocolate (any of your choice)


Now you know how to air dry shrooms so that you can preserve them for longer and maximize their positive benefits. The more you give care on the drying stage of your mushroom, the bigger and higher the money that you can possibly get.

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