How to Calm Down a Mushroom Trip

So, you have finally decided to try mushroom tripping? If it is going to be your first attempt, it would be natural if you feel a little nervous. You should know that a mushroom trip can give an intensive experience. It is not that your trip should be demanding and or gruesome, however, the most significant thing you should do is to welcome all probabilities that can happen and learn how to calm down a mushroom trip.

But what if your mushroom trip turns to be very aggressive? How do you build up yourself against misery and paranoia and recover a calming enjoyment while you are in the middle of the mushroom trip?

Learning How to Calm Down a Mushroom Trip

If you are bound to ingest shrooms for a trip, you should be aware of the possible manifestations. You will think, feel, and notice new things. Whatever kind of visions you have witnessed during your psilocybin mushroom trip, put them into your memory over the next few days. 

These mushrooms are not that great that they can immediately change your life. However, if you manage to consider this trip as educational and if you do not neglect it as just foolish fun, you will notice that your life is affected positively. 

Here are some basic tips that you can do to calm down the aggressiveness of your mushroom trip:

1. Prepare

This is perhaps the most essential step. Appropriately preparing yourself before you start your mushroom trip is the smartest thing to do to guarantee a pleasant experience. Preparing yourself well will make you feel confident and relaxed rather than being nervous and rushed. 

No equivalent volume of mental preparation can correlate to the real happening. It is one thing to persuade yourself that you are set for whatever is bound to happen before you begin tripping. But it will be completely different having a peculiar but certain feeling that the setting sun will carry mischievous spirits. If you go through an uncomfortable moment, and you find it hard to get rid of it, put in mind that the entire experience is just momentary. Thus, there is no need to panic because your sense of weakness will sooner subside. Recognizing the volatility of your mushroom trip helps to alleviate some stressors.

Whatever kind of mushroom you are ingesting, you must get it from a trusted source. You do not want to be attacked by surprise with a much higher dosage or a completely different substance than what you are anticipating. 

2. Find a comfortable environment

Aside from the basic advice to choose a comfortable, natural, and familiar place, there are other steps that you can execute to establish a positive environment. Never allow yourself to get astray. It can be unpredictable, but from narratives and personal encounters, being lost is not unusual if tripping. It will be advantageous if you are in a familiar place – you do not want to see yourself wandering around with no proper direction as it may just cause you anxiety.

3. Limit your exhibition to strangers

One great reason for paranoia among people who are taking a mushroom trip is the interaction with others. Exposing yourself to many strangers commonly triggers a thought such as they all know paranoia. This can carry an unclear sense that all people and all things are turning against you. Thus, it will be better if you surround with familiar people as it can calm down psychedelic effects such as anxiety.

It can be critical to neutralizing your company, but if you have enough knowledge about your friends and you know them very well, then there should be no problem. Find people you are comfortable staying with during tripping. 

4. Ingestion

After completing your preparations, what you need to do next is to ingest your mushrooms. People have various reactions when it comes to taste. Some people do not enjoy the taste of the mushroom.

You may begin to feel anxious for an hour after eating the mushrooms. You may feel your hands being drizzly. A portion of this reaction is because of the chemicals found in the mushrooms, and a portion of it is the normal reaction of your body to ingesting a compelling and different substance. 

5. Take extra prudence if you are carrying emotional baggage

Many people have a wrong perception about mushroom tripping thinking that it is supposed to stimulate your mood to become happy. Emotional baggage can go with you during your mushroom trip, and can even deepen granted your modified viewpoint and impartiality. People who are going through emotional issues, thus emotionally unstable and poorly respond to change and stress, should be more careful.

Put in mind that the key step should be your preparation. Do not disregard this step. 

When Preparations Fail to Work

There are times that no matter how rigid your preparation is, things can still turn unfavorable. There are some things that we cannot control or predict. For most scenarios, these simple solutions can work well while you are on your mushroom trip:

  1. Pause and breathe deeply
  2. Initiate a conversation with a friend – not a stranger
  3. Walk – finding a new environment may alter your mood
  4. Drink some water

Some other things are also proven to help you calm down a mushroom trip, although not the most ideal steps to do.

Remind yourself that you can handle your issues later.

Whatever it is that is bothering you while you are in your mushroom tripping, put in mind that these things will just subside. After certain hours, the moment the psychedelics wear away, you will either dismiss these thoughts you were worried about or you will be able to manage it collectedly. Believing that your apprehensions are directed to momentary substance turns them less terrifying.

Divert your attention.

Psychedelics can make people too consumed in their thoughts or activities. Most of the time, this is a fascinating and pleasant effect. But varying on what your thoughts are all about or what you are doing, you may like to dump it and focus yourself on something else. Fortunately, it is amazingly simple to alter your concentration and absorption while on psychedelics – all things are utterly alluring. Hence, you see yourself absorbed in miseries and anguishes, consider doing a very basic thing – divert yourself to something else.

Be nonsensical.

It may be hard if you are overly suspicious or apprehensive while you are on your trip, but acting nonsensical is maybe the easiest, most interesting method to throw off distress. Acting nonsensical can work favorably if you are absorbed in some dull worry and it is starting to become disappointing. But if you will treat this entire disappointing scenario as a whimsical lesson about how you vigorously take things. You can lighten things if you learn to laugh at yourself. 


It is believed that the physical impacts of psychedelics are commonly neglected. These effects commonly boost the awareness of the body and give one a blast of energy. For several times, you may feel uneasy – mentally and physically, after you kept too still. The treatment is to physically throw it off. Dance, stretch, run around, climb, swim – you will feel wonderful. 

If The Rest Still Fails, Leave It Off

After going through so much and none still seems fine, you should consider leaving it off. 

It is possible that even how hard you put all your efforts, you still cannot get away from your bad feelings. Over time, you just have to take it easy and waiting for things. After a certain period of mental disturbance, you may fall into sleep. For sure, it will be uncomfortable. But you will get through it, and after a moment of processing what had just happened, you will more fortunate being able to go through that kind of experience.

There are times that all the hard works you have exerted to prevent discomfort can only cause more pain. There are times that discomfort can provide us lessons about lives and ourselves. If you experience a bad trip, embracing it and learning a lesson from it can at least give some advantage. Perhaps after the trip session, you will think that mushroom tripping is not something for you. It is good enough that you will have your share of the story. It is good already that you have tried it yourself. And maybe by this time you have a more definite answer to this question: how do mushrooms make your trip? 

Final Thoughts

No one, except you, is in the best position to tell what you must or must not do while you are on a mushroom trip. You are bound to go through a complete modification in your perceiving and thinking of the world. All these things are up to you. If you want to feel successful in your trip, then you must always practice responsible consumption. You should know your limits. 

And most importantly, you must equip yourself with the basic knowledge on how to calm down a mushroom trip. This is ultimately important if you want to guarantee your safety while you are absorbing the feeling of mushroom tripping.

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