How to Dry Shrooms in the Sun

It’s important to know how to dry shrooms in the sun, which is a basic drying method. Drying your shrooms is a very wonderful way to keep them longer, and learning how to do it is much easier than you think. Drying these shrooms will give long-storage that will be accessible to the users. When mushrooms are dried up, it is easier for you to store them and use them for the long-term without worrying about it being rotten. 

Drying of mushrooms makes itself useful in the long run because it is not easier for it to become rotten and lose its use. Drying of mushroom does not mean that the original flavor would fade, but bear in mind that it is not. The flavor of the dried mushroom stays as the flavor of the fresh mushroom.

Methods on How to Sun Dry Mushrooms in the Sun

Drying Mushrooms Naturally

Knowing how to dry shrooms in the sun is a natural method of drying them. First, you need to clean your mushrooms very well and slice your mushrooms too with a measurement of ½ inch each. Thoroughly dry your mushrooms with a dry towel or a brush, but avoid using water when you clean cause an outside mold, or there might be the growth of fungi in your mushroom. 

The cleaner your mushrooms, the higher the quality it is. So literally keeping your mushroom the cleanest it can become will surely result in a perfect dried mushroom. The ratio of the slice of every mushroom must be even to every slice to make it dried evenly and to have also a perfect and attractive appearance.

You need to check the weather in your place to dry your mushrooms. In this method, you only have to do it on sunny days with very low humidity to preserve your mushrooms. If the atmosphere has too much humidity, the drying stage of your mushroom will take way longer than you expected, and you will notice to the mushrooms that molds will begin to grow. 

Making sure of the perfect weather for a perfect dried mushroom will be a very good idea of creating dried mushrooms one of a kind. The uncontrollable weather is something that you should be aware of to avoid unexpected things, like having rain or windy, that has high humidity that will surely affect your drying of mushroom.

Find a very good spot or location for the drying of your mushroom. The possible locations for your mushroom drying might be in a sunny room or a windowsill’s, or it might be on a flat rooftop that is reached by sunlight. Be careful that you pick a spot wherein it can not be touched or reached by kids. Any moisture can not touch bugs, or even birds, animals, and most especially. The moisture that the mushroom can get will destroy its quality and its use, so make sure that every corner of the location of your mushroom drying stage is dry. The location of the drying stage of your mushroom is very crucial, so make sure that you choose the very best location that is needed by your mushroom. 

The mushrooms must be arranged for drying. By arranging it, you are given two choices or options to make it. You can either lay your mushrooms on a drying rack to dry them up or put them into a strong and put them with a cooking string to dry them up. It’s up to you which you prefer to use. Any method you can use to dry your mushroom can be, but drying your mushrooms using the natural way, which uses the sun, is the best way to dry up your mushroom. Being organized will bring a good quality of dried mushroom to your consumers.

Using Drying Rack

You lay your mushrooms in one layer, and it must be flattened, and none of the mushrooms must overlap with each other because literally, it might be stuck together while they are drying. You have to cover the mushrooms and the drying rack with a net to keep bugs away from your mushrooms. Make sure to puts nets on your mushrooms to avoid contamination from unwanted guests like the bugs and other flies that can contaminate your mushroom with bacteria.

Cooking String Method

Place the shrooms in the area you chose for the drying area. You can use the cooking string method by hanging them somewhere they are dried and under the sun. Allow the shrooms to dry under the sun for about one or two days. Make sure to check their progress several times each day. 

Letting your mushroom hang into a place that is reached by sunlight and is touched by air is what preferred to have a perfect dried mushroom. One best way to dry your mushrooms with the combination of solar heat and air drying method. The cooking string method is more likely a combination method. You both put it in the sun to dry up but also with the help of the air.

Lastly, place your mushrooms on your selected slot or location for the drying of your mushrooms. Here starts the waiting game. You have to wait for your mushroom to dry up. It might take a few hours to dry up but be patient because it is worth the wait. When you notice that your mushrooms are not dried, you can place them into the oven to dry them up. That sets to another method.

You only need cooking strings or drying racks and, of course, the sun. The sun’s heat and the light make the drying stage of mushroom much easier. This method is one of the easiest ways of drying a mushroom, and a hundred percent prefer personally. Drying mushrooms naturally is a good thing for people that is fun of drying mushrooms hassle-free. Remember that too much sun heat is better than less sun heat in terms of drying your mushrooms.


Now you know how to dry shrooms in the sun. By these steps on how to dry your mushrooms with the sun, you’ll be able to sun dry your mushrooms properly. These methods are very accessible and easy.

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