How to Dry Magic Shrooms

Magic mushroom growing kits have made it easy to cultivate your own supply of magic shrooms. A part of growing your favorite strain, you must also consider learning how to dry shrooms. Magic mushrooms are at their best potency, flavor, and taste when these are properly dried. All the shrooms you enjoyed in the past were also significantly dried and stored by the breeder/manufacturer. 

Advantages of drying shrooms

There are many reasons why you must learn how to dry Psilocybe cubensis. First of all, you need to dry your shrooms to preserve them. Shrooms that have been dried well will last for months to even years. 

You need to dry your magic mushrooms before storing them in the fridge so these won’t develop moisture. Moisture can lead to the growth of bacteria which can affect the appearance, potency, and effects of your shrooms. 

When properly dried, your mushrooms swill preserve its flavor, taste and its effects. It will also prevent the destruction of precious mushroom parts that you love to taste and enjoy. Most commercial growers preserve their mushrooms by drying these in industrial-grade drying stations but you can also do this at home using simple materials. 

How drying is done

Drying magic mushrooms is made up of two important phases: the pre-drying and the drying stage. As a rule, never rush the drying process. The more you wait, the more you’ll get a carefully-preserved batch with bold flavors and effects. 

Pre-drying period

In the pre-drying period, excess moisture in the shrooms is removed using a fan. Naturally, mushrooms suck up moisture from their environment and because of this, these still contain a significant amount of moisture even when these have been harvested.

The key is to remove as much excess moisture while preserving the appearance of the mushrooms. For the pre-drying period, you will need a tray to place your mushrooms in and an electric fan. 

  1. Carefully place your magic mushrooms in the tray. Make sure to give enough space between two shrooms to allow faster and more even pre-drying. 

Some simply scatter the shrooms in the pan while some use an alternating arrangement to improve drying and so you can easily check on your shrooms as they pre-dry.

  1. Now, place the shrooms in front of an electric fan and turn this on a low setting. You don’t want to blow your shrooms away! You just want a gentle breeze to dry your shrooms up.
  2. It can take two to four hours for your shrooms to pre-dry. Use a pair of tweezers to gently turn the shrooms so the other side dries as well. This is very important especially when you’re pre-drying larger mushrooms. 
  3. Check for the appearance of your shrooms for dryness. You will know that your shrooms are dry when these have a rubbery texture and appearance. If the shrooms are still soft, these need more time to dry. 
  4. Once your shrooms are dry, remove them from the tray and get ready for the drying stage.

Drying stage

In the drying stage, heat is mostly applied to the shrooms. Experts use drying machines, small kitchen appliances that apply heat to food to completely dry them. You can buy these at any kitchen appliance center for a very reasonable price. 

If you are using drying machines, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use. When placing your pre-dried shrooms in, arrange these in such a way that there is enough room or space in between to allow heat to circulate.

Most drying kitchen appliances have timers and temperature settings. The best is a low setting for three or more days depending on the size and the number of your shrooms. If you are drying a lot of shrooms, it’s best to do this in batches. 

If you are drying a small number of shrooms, you can also use this method which does not use heat. You will need a Tupperware container that can hold your shrooms. This must have an air-tight cover or lid. You also need a small sachet of edible silica gel to dry your shrooms. If you don’t have these, you may also use bits of rice. 

  1. Place your shrooms inside the container. Be careful when you do so, use a pair of tweezers or chopsticks to transfer your delicate shrooms.
  2. Add silica gel or bits of rice. These can suck up moisture well and this is without applying any heat.
  3. Cover the container and let this remain covered for a week or more. You may open this container once in a while to check the condition of your shrooms. 
  4. For a small batch of shrooms, you can expect drying to last for two weeks. You can tell that your shrooms are dry when these crumble when you touch them or they have become brittle. 
  5. Remove your dried shrooms from the Tupperware container and store these in paper bags. Keep the paper bags inside your refrigerator in the vegetable area if possible. Never let other refrigerated items crush the bag to preserve your shrooms. 

Keeping your shrooms for a long time

Your magic mushrooms are now dried, it’s time to store these for a longer period. Experts use different methods to keep shrooms perfect even for months and years, you can also do this at home using basic kitchen equipment. 

You need a vacuum seal tool to preserve your shrooms well. This tool removes all moisture and air from a plastic bag. Simply place your dried shrooms in, seal and suck the air using the tool. Your shrooms will look like carefully preserved deli after this. 

When you’re done, store the vacuum-sealed items in the deepest part of your freezer. This will let you store shrooms for a lifetime. Once you need your shrooms to remove the frozen pack and slowly thaw these on your kitchen counter. Never microwave or boil the pack to remove the frost. 

Slowly drying and slowly thawing gently preserves the natural taste, flavor and psychedelic effects of your favorite shrooms. 

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