How to Eat Shrooms: Dosing Guide, Tips and Risks

New to magic mushrooms? A smart shrooms user understands how to use this properly and safely. Only when you correctly consume shrooms will you be able to enjoy its effects fully. So how to eat shrooms? This guide will show you how.

Special warning for users

Experts in taking shrooms say that to be safe is to not take magic mushrooms at all. But if you want to try this out, here is a guide to help you out. Remember, psychedelic mushrooms are prohibited in most places and is not free from any risks. So use shrooms at your own risks.

The most important thing about using magic mushrooms is to do your own research so you can trip safely. As much as possible, use shrooms with professional experience. 

All about mushroom retreats

We recommend engaging in mushroom retreats to be able to fully understand what magic mushrooms are. Take note that this is a retreat, you will take time off from work and other life’s responsibilities to fully engage in shrooms. 

Why is a retreat important? Because taking magic mushrooms can take a week to enjoy. It can also take a week for the effects to fully subside. It is also important to consume shrooms in a place where it’s legal like the Netherlands and in Jamaica where it’s decriminalized. 

In a country or place where shrooms are legal, you will have more variety, a large number of magic mushroom varieties to choose from. Also, mushroom retreats are supervised by people who are professional mushroom consumers. They will know the right dose, the best kind of shrooms and the smartest way to take care of magic mushroom high.

Before taking shrooms

Before you take shrooms you must have no health conditions or illness which can become worse when you use shrooms. Also, you must not be taking any medications that can cause serious interactions with magic mushrooms.

You must also be in a positive mindset before taking shrooms. This will reduce possible side effects which you might experience as you feel the high. It can take a week or more before you are okay with taking shrooms. Don’t rush it. Once you’re ready, you may now consume shrooms safely.

You must be in a safe and familiar area like your home or a friend’s home before taking shrooms. Magic mushrooms can alter your perception of reality and you might become anxious to panicking when the effects kick in. Being in a familiar place can ease anxiety and will let you enjoy your high.

You must understand the psychedelic substance you are taking, especially the side effects of shrooms. You must also prepare yourself physically as much as you are mental. For instance, the place you are going to consume shrooms should have adequate lighting, with good temperature and humidity and should be quiet. You must also have a headphone and eyeshade to reduce visual and auditory stimulation. These are very important when you take magic shrooms anywhere. 


The ideal dose is 0.8 grams of dried mushrooms. When you buy shrooms, these are mostly inside breeder’s bags or package and with appropriate labels. On the label, you will find the name of the strain, the dose, the amount and the expiry date. Some breeders include safety warnings and instructions on their packaging to help users as they trip.

Experts recommend starting at very small doses when taking shrooms for the first time. As much as possible take time to get used to the effects of a small dose. Once you’re comfortable with the dose, you may increase it. It’s best to increase the dose at one-month intervals.

So after using 0.8 grams of shrooms, you can proceed to 1.5 grams after a month before taking a higher dose. But if you are very eager to take shrooms, you can skip the 0.8 grams and proceed to 1.6 grams. Just remember to take note of untoward side effects while using a certain dose. 

You must never do something, anything that can affect your safety while you’re under the influence of this drug. You are also to avoid any psychotic episodes by not taking this drug if you have a history of mental condition. Usually, the quickest strain can take only a few hours while some strains can take many hours to subside. 

Avoid shrooms if you have the following

You must not have any current or history of schizophrenia or other psychotic conditions, as well as relatives who have this kind of mental illness if you want to consume magic mushrooms. 

You must be in good health and not pregnant before taking shrooms. You must not be using medications which can interfere with the effects of shrooms. Just among the most important drugs which you must be wary of are MAOIs, lithium, haloperidol, and SSRIs. 

You must not take medications like dronabinol, or natural treatments like 5-HTP, St. John’s worth and other natural supplements that may affect the potency of shrooms. Other drugs include tricyclic depressants like Tofranil, Endep, Elavil, and Anafranil. 

You might be planning to consume marijuana while taking shrooms. Experts are against this because doing so can lead to terrible psychoactive effects. It is still not clear what the effects would be so it’s best to use shrooms on its own or to use weed only.

Your next shrooms trip

Your next shrooms adventure should be after a month. As much as possible, control the urge to try shrooms days after your lasts dose. Only after a month of use will you be able to understand this drug further and prepare for your next use. 

You can further improve your next trip by trying out other mushroom strains. Consult people who have successfully grown magic mushrooms

And if you are concerned about side effects of magic mushrooms, do not despair. Remember, no one has died because of a good psychedelic high. Always stay smart and dose up according to your needs and you’ll find shrooms better 

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