Liquid Mushroom Spores: What to do with Them?

Mushroom cultivation is associated well with advancements in the presence of liquid mushroom spores to bring the growing process to the next level. Liquid mushroom spores are undeniably useful in the cultivation and optimization process of your magic mushroom yield. The benefits shroomers will receive is going to make them try for more and spread the word. The efficiency of the essential advantages of liquid mushroom spores will solely depend on how shroomers will expand their techniques and be more knowledgeable about it. For helpful guidelines, proceed to the article’s entirety and see if you already know enough. If not, you’re free to follow the procedures and do the methods listed by yourself.

What you need to know about Mushroom Spores

Unlike with human beings, mushroom’s reproductive system aims to produce spores to recreate another existing mushroom. Also, similar to a person’s blueprint, mushroom spores bear a unique spore type pattern that will depend on the form of the mushroom cap. Besides reproducing, mycologist uses spores to identify the mushroom’s character and see if it’s poisonous or not. How do you obtain a mushroom’s spores? In this case, you will need to make your spore print first.

What is spore print, and how do you acquire it?

As mentioned, one of the easiest ways to harvest mushroom spores is to obtain spore print. For starters, spore print is a technique by mycologists to distinguish a mushroom from another mushroom. It serves as their DNA. Spore prints possess different colors, shapes, textures, and patterns that one mushroom can release differently. Meaning, there’s no possible way that two mushrooms have the same spore print. On the other hand, non-mycologist can make use of spore print to grow a fungus. 

To harvest mushroom spores, you will need first to acquire an edible mushroom – any forms or any kind works. One of the easiest to obtain spores from and the most widely available in the market is Gill. You have to make sure that the specimen is mature enough to undergo the harvesting period. Besides, that’s the first step in harvesting any plant – ensure its maturity period. For the materials, you will need pieces of white and black paper and a glass container. Note that the reason there are two opposite-colored papers is that spores can be either in light or dark color. Having both will let you see the spore despite their shade. 

Firstly, you will need to place the colors side by side. Remove the stem of your preferred mushroom and turn it over. Next, put the cap spore down towards the two pieces of paper where the half is black, and the other is white. Make sure to cover the mushroom using a glass container so it will not undergo the drying process. Leave it covered overnight. By the next day, the spore will inevitably drop from the cap down to the paper. The next step will consist of more difficulties and challenges because it is the most crucial part. To proceed, spread the spore with caution over a container of soil, filled with compost or decomposing manure. The expected time length will depend on the environmental condition and type of mushroom. Note that fungus likes their location moist and warm, equipped with light and dark. 

Meanwhile, if you wish to grow your fungus, you should be aware of the practice called spore syringe. It is a technique that will drop spores and water on to slides under microscopic vie to inject another spore from another mushroom. As mentioned, spores aren’t only used to identify the mushroom, but also to reproduce.

How to make Liquid Mushroom Spores?

Now that we know the basic terms and definitions let’s move on to making liquid mushroom spores. By definition, liquid spores are a mixture of water and sugar, inoculated with mushroom spores. Therefore, to make your liquid mushroom spores, you will need to inject the collected spores from your chosen mushroom to a liquid solution, as stated beforehand.

The nutritious solution it contains gives a handful of advantages to shroomers because it helps develop fungus faster and takes part in abundant yielding. Upon acquiring liquid mushroom spores, you will first need to know that the traditional way of cultivating spores will require a longer process and smaller amounts of growth. With liquid mushroom spores, you can guarantee a week of incubation and limitless cultivation. Because with this process, once a fungus starts to develop, it will remain developing until the end of its existence.

There is no definite time on when you should use liquid spores. However, if you’re into advanced mushroom cultivation, this process will undoubtedly help you. One of the most used varieties of mushroom that undergoes liquid culture is mycelium. But, that should not serve as a limit to you. You can use other mushrooms and experiment while the knowledge is freely accessible.

What to do with Liquid Mushroom Spores?

You can make use of liquid mushroom spores to cultivate varieties of mushrooms present in your area. The steps and procedures give a critical standard to meet that will require you to measure the number of portions precisely, otherwise, it could kill your growing mushroom. For the materials, you will only need a mason jar, 1 cup of water, preferably around 250 ml, 3 tsp of Karo light, and half teaspoon of Extra light malt extract.

Moving forward, simmer all the mentioned materials until the liquid you used is clear. Make sure that you’re not boiling it. Pour it into the mason jar and tightly seal it. For a secured sealed, you can use specialized lids for a guaranteed cover. It is also recommendable to use filter discs to keep the contamination away or at least keep it at bay. Using the rubber that comes from mason jar’s lids could increase the contamination level. Besides, the filter discs make the jar easy to open. It is widely vital that the jar is not contaminated. You can sterilize it in a pressure cooker or anything that eliminates contaminants and cool in a clean place. However, ensure that the temperature will not go below or above 106 degrees because the chances are, it could kill your mushrooms. Remember, the essential technique in making use of liquid mushroom spores is to certify that it’s completely free of dirt and is well-cleaned.

In conclusion, the knowledge you gained in this article should be enough to help you arrive at advanced mushroom cultivation. Surely, there will be difficulties that will welcome you. But, following the strict guidelines could brush it all off.

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