Magic Mushroom Bad Trips: What You Need to Know 

A trip is an intoxication from the hallucinogenic substance, like LSD (lysergic acid) or psilocybin (magic mushrooms). It is known as a trip since your perceptions around the world change drastically, it may feel like you’ll take a trip to an unusual, new place. You want it to become a pleasurable encounter, and it may be, however it can easily change the opposite, and often, it’s negative right from the start. This encounter of hallucinogen intoxication is regarded as a bad trip.

It’s quite common for periodic negative feelings, thoughts, and hallucinations to happen during a trip, but this does not always mean you’re developing a bad trip. These experiences can occasionally appear fascinating or funny, instead of upsetting or terrifying, and they also can go pretty quickly. Developing a bad trip may possibly be prevented if you are with a good friend, and also by staying away from individuals or places that you typically find upsetting.

However, there isn’t any assurance that this can be a good trip. Among the properties of hallucinogenic drugs is that they can make you see and look at the entire world in a very diverse way from the way you typically do, and so the formerly trusted good friend can easily change and look like evil, mean-spirited, and deceitful. Among the very first seen bad trips was reported by a chemist, Albert Hofmann who also discovered LSD. He’d began encountering a bad trip, and to try to calm himself, he asked for some milk from his neighbor, who perceived to become “an insidious and malevolent”

How Can You Tell You’re Having a Bad Trip?

Bad trips differ quite a lot, from gentle to powerful, and may vary from overwhelming and disturbing thoughts to terrifying delusions and hallucinations that can result in accidents. Furthermore, accidents which happen within the impact of hallucinogens may also occur because of delusions that aren’t a part of a bad trip — people sometimes acquire delusional thinking that may lead them into threat, like believing they can climb to dangerous heights, that they can fly, or that running in traffic is not risky. These types of delusions are uncommon, but critical accidents and deaths have occurred during these circumstances, which is difficult to foresee the way a hallucinogen will impact you.

A bad trip is extremely an individual encounter, however, these are a few factors which are frequently explained by those who have had a bad trip:

  • Time dilation – This can be a connection with time standing still. This makes it feel like another negative aspect of the trip will never end. Tip: If someone is having a bad trip, it can be reassuring to tell them it won’t go on forever, even if they feel as if it will.
  • Negative paranoia and reinterpretations- Formerly neutral or positive interpretations of life can instantly turn out to be negative. An individual developing a bad trip may think that their own life is useless, that somebody else they usually feel great about is acting against them, or the entire world is corrupt or bad. This sense could be all-consuming and may result in the person developing a bad trip to worry and attempt to get away from the individuals close to them. 

Tip: Typically, it’s foolish to permit somebody that has a bad trip to leave off by themselves, but remember that following them might boost their feelings of paranoia or antagonism. Consider getting a reliable friend to go with them, expressing they would like to help them to remain protected. 

However, a complete stranger who finds as calm, caring, and genuine might be much more acceptable. Even though involving medical personnel or police might be extremely disturbing for somebody developing a bad trip, it’s better than hurting themselves like that.

  • Hallucinations – Many of the hallucinations that individuals have while having a trip get visual distortions- like geometric or colored formations, walls “breathing”, or illusions. From time to time these disturbances can be extremely vivid, like a common face of a person morphing into a demon. At times, hallucinations may include seeing objects or beings that do not even exist. Tip: Typically, those who are tripping know that these hallucinations would be the negative effects of the drug, and could be convinced that what they’re experiencing is part of the trip.
  • Mood swings – A person’s mood may change significantly when they’re tripping, and feelings of despair and sadness can get to new absolute depths, while anxiety can easily become into a panic. 

Tip: Even though acts of self-harm or violence are uncommon while tripping, inform somebody as quickly as possible if you’re having any ideas about harming yourself or somebody else — you aren’t thinking clearly in these thought processes and might have regrettable outcomes. When someone who is tripping appears to be vulnerable to harming themselves or somebody else, get help right away -call 911 if needed.

How you can Stop a Bad Trip

Though it’s not very easy to “switch off” the impact of hallucinogenic drugs, a bad trip could be changed into a much more good experience when the individual getting the trip is prepared to be comforted or supported. Usually, laying and enjoying relaxing music with a calm person might help. Probably the most extreme time of the trip usually is carried out in 1 hour to 3 hrs right after the drug is taken, so time will often alleviate the most extreme aspects of the trip, however the outcomes will frequently carry on for the next 6 to 10 hrs following that, during which the person won’t be able to take a sleep.

When the person is prepared to get medical assistance, which they might be when they believe the negative aspects of the trip may be reduced, you can go with them to a walk-in a clinic. There might be medical treatments that may help. However, do not try to self-medicate by using other drugs- this can be dangerous and may aggravate the effects of the trip or trigger drug interactions. It may also result in establishing issues with other medicines used in an attempt to wind down, like heroin.

The easiest method to prevent a bad trip would be to not consider hallucinogenic drugs. Though you might be curious by the thought of tripping, there’s a reason why individuals don’t generally use them for long – eventually, they often have a bad trip, and don’t wish to repeat the experience. My ideal advice would be to ignore pressure from peers, do not take psychedelic drugs, so they will not provide you with a bad trip.

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