Magic Mushroom Drawing Made Easy for Everyone

When you are good at drawing and at the same time you consume magic mushrooms, you can’t help but imitate these gentle creatures into your drawing. For some who aren’t good at drawing, it can be made easy when you have something to trace or sketch about. Moreover, we’ll teach you the basics of magic mushrooms drawing and illustrations that could help spark your creativity and imagination.

Drawing Magic mushrooms is pretty plain and simple, even I can draw it on my imagination. However, for some of you out there who loves to draw but drawing doesn’t love them back we’ll give you the basics on how magic mushroom drawing. Let’s start!

How to Draw a Magic Mushroom

Drawing magic mushrooms is no different than drawing an actual mushroom. They have all these similarities that they possess. The only difference between normal mushrooms and magic mushrooms is that magic mushrooms have psychoactive effects. Moving on, mushrooms are fascinating organisms. They look like extraterrestrial plants lurking on wood chips, dung, and meadows.

Mushrooms are neither plants nor animals, they are called fungi. They have roots just like plants but are called mycelium. There are a lot of mushroom types, from edible ones to poisonous ones, then there are psychoactive ones. They are psychoactive because they have the compound Psilocybin that causes the psychoactive effect.

If you are planning to draw magic mushrooms, you’ve come at the right spot. We’ll teach you the basics of magic mushroom drawing.

There are only a few things you will need. Your paper, pen, pencil, and coloring materials. Let’s start, shall we?

Step – by – step guide on Magic Mushroom Drawing

Step 1: what is the most distinct feature of a mushroom? That’s right. The umbrella-like cap. We’ll draw this one first. Begin by drawing a curved line like the form of a half-circle. Then enclose it by drawing another curved line that connects the other line. This forms the top of the mushroom or the cap.


Step 2: Now draw another curved line through the mushroom cap. This line will separate the top of the mushroom cap and its underside where the gills are located. From the cap, draw two lines downwards from the cap to gradually form the stem. Now, draw another curved line that will connect the lines of the stem.


Step 3: At the bottom of the mushroom stem, draw a grass. The most basic method to do this is to draw curved lines with different sizes and connect them with rounded points with several angles.


Step 4: If you are planning to draw a few mushrooms then draw another mushroom cap again. Draw a curved line that is long enough to connect it with itself. Let your imagination take over as to how it can be done. We are just demonstrating the basic steps.


Step 5: Draw another line for the second mushroom, this will be the second mushroom’s stem. Just like what you did a few steps ago, do it the second time around and allow your creativity on how you will place its stem.


Step 6: Using the same method again, draw grass with different dimensions and heights. Connect it with the first grass you just made.


Step 7: Draw a little mushroom again. This time, it should be smaller than expected. This will give some cuteness to its once it is done. Doing the third mushroom, in this part, you have already known how to make a mushroom, draw a little one again. The important parts will always be the cap and the stem, and grass.


Step 8: ​​​​​Elaborate the mushroom caps with spots. Some characteristics of mushrooms have spots on their caps. Although some have don’t, we’ll just add it to give a more proper accent and more appealing to our eyes.


Step 9: color your mushrooms! Keep in mind that mushrooms have different colors in them, As I’ve said earlier, let your imagination take over and get your coloring materials and do the magic. The more colorful it gets, the more appealing it is gonna be.


Helpful Tips when Drawing

  • Drawing is a skill learned through a process. If you don’t like your drawing, then draw again. Always remember that experience is the best teacher. Once you get the hang of it, then you will be good. Drawing isn’t some kind of magical ability that people are born with.
  • Drawing is about Observing. The ability to comprehend every little detail can give your drawing a whole new different meaning. It means that with your observation and how you drew it, you convey the emotions set upon by that illustration. A lot of people think they can draw things without even looking at an object, and later on, will get disappointed because they weren’t able to convey those imaginations through their drawing.
  • Use plenty of resources. Resources such as paintings, artworks, pictures, and anything you can think of that can ultimately help you with your drawings. Having a reference greatly helps if you are drawing something out of real life
  • Use basic shapes. You should not start with intricate details and effects. Go for the traditional ones, go for basic shapes, from then on you can adjust your overall drawing with a single smudge of an eraser.
  • Practice. As they say, practice makes perfect. As you get along with the journey of writing, you’ll eventually be good at it. always remember that the start is always the hardest but the last will be the most rewarding part.


Drawing is an activity people should do more often rather than stand in front of their skin and just browse until their battery life’s empty. If you are using magic mushrooms for your good trip and are planning to draw something out of it, then with our magic mushroom drawing guide, you are sure to get occupied for hours!

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