Magic Mushroom Forests: Where to Find Them

One of the favorite things that various psychonauts love nowadays is magic mushrooms. Not mentioning the fact that it is composed of a naturally driven psychoactive substance known as psilocybin, but it also belongs to one of the most commonly known classes of psychedelics which is entheogens. This term has been usually used to describe an immense power of spirituality. With their renowned demands for psychoactive effects, people wander in mountains and other landscapes to just pick magic mushrooms even in the woods and forest.

Looking back at our past cultures and histories, magic mushrooms were used as divine agents in religious aspects and rituals. With the emerging changes with our cultures due to varied beliefs and views, magic mushrooms have been seen even more than as religious agents, but also recreational ones’. This has been confirmed with artifacts and records of events before, with the help of magic mushrooms to the development of the mind with differing creativity.

Whether known as a cultural contributor or recreational ones’, our tradition in the past versus our developing age has even enticed everyone to have magic mushrooms in their pocket. Yet, not cracking your excitement, this has also made magic mushrooms illegal in many aspects.

In this article, we will talk about how to find magic mushrooms in the forest. We will also discuss the factors to consider to help us easily pick magic mushrooms in the woods.

Magic Mushroom Forest: The Essential Guide

In picking magic mushrooms in the forest, some see it as easy as ABC, and some see it as very challenging. But this level of difficulty can be changed depending on your knowledge of what type of magic mushrooms you are wanting to find.

Though they may be sought as illegal, there are a lot of magic mushrooms roaming around the forestries and woods. They are a lot. So long as you know where the right place to pick and what are the things you are looking for, especially their descriptions and specifics, there will be no need to study a lot when it comes to finding them.

Depending on their appearances, magic mushrooms differ in color, shapes, structures, and the like. Other types of magic mushrooms are adorable and psychoactive, but there are also a lot of types of magic mushrooms that are dangerous and poisonous. Though their differences are normally remarkable, being sure of their description is a must and should be carefully looked upon. This will not only make you end up regretful but it will also prevent you from dying from the deadly substances the wrong you picked includes.

Where specifically should you find?

In identifying where to find magic mushrooms in the forest, there are factors you will have to consider before looking. This includes their growth structure and needs. In picking magic mushrooms, you will be starting in a place where they typically grow. The factors include the following:

Soil moisture

Magic mushrooms and even the usual mushrooms normally grow in a soil with good moisture. As soil which includes dry air can immediately destroy them, going in a forest with dry soil will lead you nowhere. This is the main reason why a lot of mushrooms are normally located in a well-dense forest and technically to areas in the forest near bodies of water because the density of the water can make the soil moisture in a very good condition likely for magic mushrooms to grow. This is especially when the humidity is fairly right for them.

Overall environment

Magic mushrooms do not only depend on the soil moisture to grow but they also depend on its entire environments such as the temperature and sunlight. As usual herbs, flowers, and plants also regard certain temperatures to grow, so does the mushrooms. Yet, with various types of magic mushrooms, they also have varied differences when it comes to their temperature requirements.

When it comes to their light necessities, this does not directly state that they live in dark places as dark environments can regulate the soil moisture which can make them survive as discussed above. Instead, they can live in a place thought with the presence of light but still with good moisture.

Soil nutrition

As soil moisture is one of the very vital factors that can induce the growth of magic mushrooms, so does its nutrient inclusion or composition. Mushrooms are known to love and adore soil with great nutrient substances such as protein, nitrogen, sugar fats, starch, and even lignin. This is the main reason why other magic mushrooms can be found on mulches, compost, tree barks, leaves, and even dung. They sprout on those places due to the nutritional inclusion it is incorporated into.

What are the things you should look at with magic mushrooms?

Aside from knowing where you should specifically look into, you should also need to understand what to look for, what their appearances are, how they differ, and what are the things that make them unique.

With various types of magic mushrooms growing in different forests and woods, you need to know what to look into. This will also help you know its potency in your future endeavor. But for now, knowing their differences and appearances will be able to help you classify which is deadly and not.

The below section will give you a lot of ideas of the most commonly known species of magic mushrooms that normally grow in the forest.

Psilocybe cubensis and Psilocybe Subcubensis

These two species of mushrooms are the most commonly known mushrooms in the whole wide world. They are normally located in tropical places and are technically called magic mushrooms. As they are both found in the same places and composed of similar composition, they are usually regarded the same. Not only that they are classified under the same family, but they almost look the same. Their stems are stocky and chubby and their shape is like a parasol. Moreover, their caps are brown to a golden brown which turns fat and bulging before they get mature.

Psilocybe semilanceata

While Psilocybe cubensis and Psilocybe subcubensis are the most commonly known mushrooms in the whole wide world, Psilocybe semilanceata are the commonly available ones in the entire earth. Identifying this species is pretty easy, their stems are slender, thin, and curvy.

Psilocybe cyanescens

One of the easiest to recognize magic mushrooms is psilocybe cyanescens. Their caps are usually wavy and surging. This is the main reason why they are called wavy caps. Not only are they easy to be recognized but they also are the species with the highest psychoactivity.

Copelandia cyanescens

Copelandia cyanescens are among one of the most regarded species as they grow anywhere in the world. They are also known as Hawaiian shrooms. Though they were called Hawaiian shrooms, they are not too popular and commonly well-defined. They are described with tall and slender stems that are coated with brown to light grey caps in color.

Psilocybe azurescens

Psilocybe azurescens are species of magic mushrooms that can be typically found in the West Coast region of the United States especially in the states of Washington and Oregon. Just like psilocybe cyanescens, this species also includes exceptional psychoactive concentration and is highly potent. One that is considered beautifully grown shrooms, their stems are slender and their caps have cone-like shape and are bulging with a coffee-like color.


While knowing the effects of mushrooms and the fun it can provide is so exciting, nothing is more amazing than picking your magic mushroom in the forest. With your venture of picking and finding psychoactive mushrooms, you should need to be very knowledgeable in various aspects such as where to find them and what to look for. Hopefully, the above details have helped you on your way to magic mushroom forests.

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