Magic Mushroom Powder: Preparation and Uses

Just like Marijuana, Magic mushrooms took the world by storm thanks to its psychoactive compound present in the mushroom and health benefits associated with it. Due to the popularity of Magic mushrooms, more people are experimenting on ways on how to consume them. One way to consume and enjoy the effects of magic mushrooms is through magic mushrooms powder.

The idea of Magic mushrooms powder is pretty simple, you ground up the magic mushrooms and incorporate it with your favorite baked products or other food you can think of. Although it may seem simple, it would be wise to know how to make magic mushrooms and how are they prepared. Also, we’ll discuss the uses of magic mushroom powder and all sorts.

Why should I make Magic Mushroom powder?

One of the best ways to consume magic mushrooms and enjoy its psychoactive effects and health benefits is through edibles. For people who aren’t sold on the flavor and textures of the magic mushrooms, they would find ways on how to minimize the odd flavor produced by magic mushrooms.

If you want to incorporate magic mushrooms into your favorite baked product or food, then the best way to do it is to make them into a powder-like form. In this way, they are more easily incorporated into the process and leaves nothing behind while still maintaining the effects and slight flavor.

Most people love to powderize their magic mushrooms because they don’t like the aftertaste of the mushrooms when consumed directly. Magic mushrooms in powder form are easy to handle and can be mixed with a lot of products. It all depends on your creativity and imagination on how to get things done. That’s why people love the powdered version of magic mushrooms, it is versatile and can be used in a lot of ways.

Steps on How to Make Magic Mushroom Powder

Magic mushroom powder might be the next big thing you need for your psychedelic needs. Powder forms of magic mushrooms add a little bit of texture and earthy flavors that can sure fire up your favorite dish or baked product. Below are the steps on how to make magic mushroom powder and all the things you need when making one.

Things you’ll need:

  • A pound or more of your selected Psilocybe mushrooms.
  • Food dehydrator
  • Blender or Food processor
  • Jar with an airtight lid for storing Mushroom powders


Step 1: Clean your mushrooms! If you are using water to clean them, make sure that they are totally dry. In most cases, the best option is to have a dehydrator to keep the Shrooms dry.

Step 2: Slice your mushrooms into tidbits size. Smaller sized mushrooms will take only a shorter time to get powdery in texture. So, be sure to have them in tidbits forms to avoid grinding them for long periods.

Step 3: Get your dehydrator if you skipped them in step 1. Place your mushrooms inside the dehydrator and arrange them evenly. Don’t overcrowd them too much or else the airflow doesn’t spread into one place. The air should be free-flowing once the dehydrating process starts. Placing them evenly should dehydrate the entire mushrooms. When airflow is properly met, they will dry faster in an even fashion.

Step 4: Set your dehydrator temperature around 110 to 130C or else the Psilocybin breaks down at higher temperatures. Depending on your cut, it should take around 8 to 14 hours to dehydrate mushrooms. Set your timer at 10 hours and check them, if they aren’t crispy dry yet, then try adding more, around 2 to 4 hours will do.

Step 5: By this time, your mushrooms should be dried out evenly. This is to avoid other cutting to still have a sponge in them. Before storing your mushrooms, it is important to have them completely cooled under room temperature.

Step 6: Once your mushrooms have cooled down and stored under room temperature. You are now good to go for making magic mushroom powder!

Step 7: Take your blender or food processor out. You need them to turn your dried mushrooms into a powdery state. Note that you may need to do this time and time again if you are doing it in big batches. Never overfill your blender or processor as it could have larger dried mushroom pieces left.

Step 8: Once you are turning them onto powder forms, before taking the lid off to check if they are all in powder form it would be good to let them settle in first at the bottom of the blender or processor. Letting them settle at the bottom should prevent you from inhaling them.

Step 9: When you’ve checked the processor or blender and secured them that they are all in their powder form, get your empty jar with an air-tight lid and place your magic mushroom powder inside. And you are done!

How to Use Magic Mushroom Powder?

The magic mushroom powder is a versatile product. Let your imagination and creativity take over from here on out. But here are some of the few ideas:

  • The magic mushroom powder can be a good addition to your favorite soup! Sprinkle a little bit of powder and you are good to go!
  • Use the powder in your egg omelets, and frittatas.
  • You can also mix your mushroom powder with salt and add them to your favorite blend.
  • Sprinkle it in with your favorite baked product when mixing. This will incorporate the mushroom flavors without the odd texture.
  • The possibilities are endless! Any food or product you can think of, you can incorporate your magic mushroom powder anytime!


Making and using magic mushroom powder is pretty easy and simple. You can do it inside the comfort of your home as long as you have all the necessary materials. From what its known, magic mushrooms have a lot of health benefits to show for and easily incorporate them into your favorite food or product should suit you well.

Lastly, magic mushroom powder use is a very popular product these days because they are healthy and very versatile.

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