Where to Find a Magic Mushroom Restaurant

Magic Mushrooms are trending. Just like cannabis, it is becoming very popular especially because of its happy effects. Many people would like to experience the fun and euphoric high that you can get by ingesting magic mushrooms. Magic mushroom consumers have come up with different ways to ingest these amazing shrooms.

They can be ingested raw, they can be diffused in drinks and they can be the main ingredient giving a simple menu a big twist. So it will no longer be a surprise if there is a magic mushroom restaurant that caters magic mushroom delicacies on their menus. 

Do you find it weird to dine in a magic mushroom restaurant? We think it is cool. Imagine a restaurant that caters to different menus with magic mushrooms as the main ingredient? This would be very good especially for magic mushroom consumers. This would help them experience magic mushrooms to a whole new level. Though so far there are very restaurants that cater to magic mushrooms, there are a few though that are already starting to include magic mushrooms infused products on their menu. 

Some restaurants have included magic mushrooms on their menu, like hamburgers or on some of their main course. This is giving their customers a pleasant experience of eating good food as well allowing them to feel better because of the effects of magic mushroom. 

These restaurants are very knowledgeable about the type of shrooms that they serve to make sure that they are serving them on the right dosage to make sure that their customers have a happy experience with them.

You might wonder, what are magic mushrooms?

Magic Mushrooms are the special kind of mushrooms that contain a psychoactive and hallucinogenic compound called psilocybin. This compound is a very famous psychedelic which is considered as a Schedule I drug, meaning that it is prone to misuse or abuse. 

Magic mushrooms are also known as blue meanis, golden tops, liberty caps, golden tops, philosopher’s stones Amani, agaric, and liberties. Magic mushrooms can make you feel happy, euphoric, energetic, and more sociable. It can make you see pictures and colors more vividly and listen to much clearer sounds. 

Too much dosage of magic mushroom is nit good though. It can cause anxiety, paranoia, drowsiness, introspective experience, panic attacks, hallucinations, and even psychosis. 

In consuming magic mushrooms, the right dosage is important. It is also important to take note that magic mushroom strains have different potency.

Is there any magic mushroom restaurant?

Though it seems like magic mushroom restaurants are not yet very popular, it is good to know that in some places, there are magic mushroom restaurants that serve authentic magic mushroom recipes. These recipes are just the normal food only that they have added magic mushrooms as part of the main ingredient.

There are only a handful of magic mushroom restaurants. Perhaps because the popularity of magic mushrooms is still on the rise and only a few are brave enough to take the risk of investing their money in this kind of business. You can find magic mushroom restaurants in the UK and also in the US.

The Magic Mushroom Restaurant (Barleylands, Billericay in Essex,):

So far this is the most popular magic mushroom restaurant that is getting very good reviews. They offer freshly cooked food from their contemporary menus. This restaurant has a great selection of menus and dishes. The food is excellent, the service is good and everything is worth the price. This restaurant has different menus with magi mushrooms on it. It ranges from their steak and many more. There is also a wide variety of food and desert to choose from. 

Indeed, this restaurant can treat you with delicious food and good happy experience with magic mushrooms. They have successfully infused magic mushrooms on the menus and all of them taste perfectly fine. A sure treat to both the tummy and the heart. 

Two Hippies Magic Mushroom Burgers (802 E. Indian School Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85014):

Are you craving for a magic mushroom burger? Two Hippies Magic Mushroom Burgers has the tastiest mushroom burgers. They come in different sizes and varieties. That’s not all, magic mushrooms are also added in other delicacies such as beef hotdog sandwich, and their signature dish, the hot wings. Magic mushroom enthusiasts should not miss the very tasty mushroom burgers.  There are different kinds of burgers to choose from. The restaurant will give you the 60s feel. The decors and everything about it are vintage. It is perfect for a trippy ambiance.

Why are there only a few magic mushroom restaurants?

Some restaurants have dishes with magic mushrooms but they are not specifically catering magic mushroom menus. The reason is that magic mushrooms are fairly new and it is still being explored, Just like cannabis before, only a few businesses were established about it but as time goes by it has become one of the fastest rising industries. The Magic mushroom industry is also new, thus there are only a few who are still investing in it.

Given ample time, people will be able to see the benefits of magic mushrooms. By doing so, it will gain attention and popularity. Then expect business to boom. 

The magic mushroom restaurant can be hard to find at this time. There is only one known in the UK and the US but there are restaurants who are already catering magi mushroom recipes. That would already be a good indication that magic mushrooms are becoming a trend. In no time, it will no longer be a surprise that business featuring magic mushrooms will be everywhere.

For now, there is a very magic mushroom restaurant that you can find in the UK and the US. For now, only a few are investing in such endeavors maybe because of the limited knowledge people have about the benefits that they can get from magic mushrooms. The future seems to look brighter ahead with magic mushrooms. In no time, we will not be surprised that there are more magic mushroom restaurants. You might be surprised there’s going to be one magic mushroom restaurant in your area soon serving the best magic mushroom delicacies.

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