Magic Mushroom Tattoo Ideas for You

If you are an avid fan of Magic mushrooms and are planning to ink yourself with these gentle fungi, then you are in the right article. We’ll give you some ideas and creations that will truly transcend your tattoo goals into a magical one. This means that we’ll be giving you an idea or work of art to have a reference. This will play a useful role for you when the time comes for you to get your tattoo. We’ll give some magic mushroom tattoo ideas for you in this article!

These images will further invite you and your tattoo artist in making one of these creative designs. Not only that, but you will also be truly enticed and overzealous about some of our beautiful ideas for your magic mushrooms affinity. Without further ado, let’s start!

Before we start giving you some of the best ideas on Magic mushroom tattoo, here are some of the helpful tips to keep you accompanied before going to your local artists.

  • Make sure you go to reputable and highly-trusted tattoo artists. You don’t want to mess up this once in a blue moon opportunity and get ruined by an amateur tattoo artist.
  • If it’s your first time getting a tattoo, it would be an ideal thing to do to ask people who have knowledge about the tattoo and what you should experience along the way.
  • Like most people who are conscious of needles, it is important to ask anything about the need from your tattoo artist. In this way, it lessens your anxiety and consciousness altogether.
  • Be sure that you aren’t allergic to tattoo ink and all the instruments used for tattooing. It is to avoid any allergic reactions. Nobody wants to deal with these skin reactions, right?
  • Whatever idea you have planned in your mind for the tattoo you want, open it up to your tattoo artist so that they get the whole idea of your imagination.
  • Be patient with tattoo work. It takes hours before it can be completed. Don’t rush things or else you wouldn’t enjoy your first tattoo.
  • Don’t get in the way of your tattoo artist. Just sit back and relax and watch them do their own thing. When you are bored, try browsing the internet or watch a film from your phone to keep you occupied.
  • Choose magic mushrooms design carefully and always discuss beforehand the outcome of your tattoo. It’s because they may have some ideas also in mind that could make your magic mushroom more appealing.

Top 5 Best Magic Mushroom Tattoo Ideas for You!


1. Gilled Mushroom Tattoo


By far, this is the most distinctive characteristic of the Mushrooms other than the large caps. Gills are one of the easiest to incorporate ideas on your mushroom tattoo. The gills are a representation of the mushroom’s underbelly which primarily consists of gills. Gilled mushroom tattoo idea can be made through black ink or if you want to make it colorful then add some spice to it.

Adding some splash of colors could light up the whole tattoo in a great fashion. And since gills are seen at the bottoms of the mushroom cap, it offers a great chance to play with perception.


2. Dotwork Magic Mushrooms Tattoo

Dotwork ideas give me the impression of mushrooms coming back to life. They have this accent to their body the gives some additional effect to it. Dotwork mushrooms can be done with the use of thin or thick needles. However, if you want to keep it crisper looking, we highly recommend using thin needles. This will add some intricate details to the overall project.


3. Psychedelic Psilocybe Mushrooms tattoo

By far, this type of tattoo is the best for me. It pays homage to our hallucinations when using magic mushrooms. Even before, magic mushrooms are known to give you mental distortions of reality that easily gives you a good amount of trip. And one way to let people know how it can affect your mind is through a tattoo.

This gives plenty of ideas for a mushroom and brain to collide with their brain-reception functions. The tattoo is somewhat giving an idea of how mushrooms and brain work together to give you a trip of a lifetime.


4. Illustrative Mushroom Tattoos

One of the most common styles of tattoo you will encounter. In general, illustrative tattoos give a deeper meaning behind every tattoo, for me. They can range from cartoon-looking mushrooms down to scientific illustrations. Personally, illustrative tattoos convey deep emotions as long as your artist knows how to play with your emotions and the reason behind the tattoo.

A group of mushrooms can symbolize each one of your friends and you. It can also be designed as tightly-close mushrooms that symbolize every one of your family. A lot of it has to do with how well your artist can convey the feelings emitted.


5. Mini Mushroom Tattoos

While mushrooms are known to be an umbrella-like organism found in the wild, it does not necessarily mean you’ll have to follow suit. What I like about mini mushrooms is that they can be incorporated into your pre-existing tattoos. Just like a tattoo with a face, you could put mini mushrooms along with the eyes that feel like the face is crying, but it’s those mini mushrooms.

What I also love about mini mushroom tattoos is give a pre-existing tattoo some added accent and overall detail. They can also depict other ideas, you’ll just have to let your imagination take over from here on out. There’s a lot to love about these gentle fungi.



Having a tattoo for yourself is one way to convey your feelings through art. In this article, we’ve conveyed your love for magic mushrooms with some of our best magic mushroom tattoo ideas for you. Always remember that when having a tattoo, you follow some of our general guidelines when going to your local tattoo artist.

Lastly, the tattoo is made for us to express ourselves and our feelings towards certain people and events. These are work of arts that should be enjoyed in your skin for the rest of your life. Happy inking!

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