Magic Mushrooms as a Cluster Headache Treatment

Cluster headaches are among the most extremely painful experiences and could be devastating to patients, often resulting in committing suicide. Lots of people think that is the most painful human experience.

Psilocybin and LSD show outstanding effects in eliminating or reducing cluster headaches for months after a single treatment method. The outcome is life-altering for patients.

Of all the impressive and essential uses of psychedelics, the immediate and incredible favorable effect for cluster headache patients is possibly one of the most urgent and clear cut.

Migraine Pain and Hallucinations

In the United States, it is believed that approximately 3.2 million US citizens experience chronic migraines and from that number, some encounter 15-20 monthly. These complications last for 4 hours or even more on average, and frequently push patients to consider days off work.

This results in not just lost hours in their lives, but lost money and efficiency. The truth is, it is believed that up to $31 billion in work productivity is lost yearly from headache problems within the United States alone.

Many people can tell that a migraine is coming on if they experience a sequence of predictable symptoms. First, they begin to see auras and their vision become blurred, then these symptoms subside. 

Finally, they experience nausea, piercing headache, shakiness, and vomiting.

Bizarre visuals and hallucination often signal migraine patients that they are about to have a headache. One of the most typical visual oddities is auras and blurriness, while some feel swirling vortices, zigzags, and Picassoesque patterns. Some may also experience physical hallucinations.

Author, Anthony Peake, says that when he experienced his first migraine, he felt that the top of his head was moving and lifting off towards the ceiling. He also notices that the office tend to be getting smaller as if he was using the wrong end of a telescope.

About 15 to 20% of migraine patients suffer from migraines with auras. These kinds of migraines can be confusing and disorienting, sometimes make the patients unable to properly communicate, almost like having a stroke. Despite the documented prevalence and symptoms of these horrible experiences, doctors still do not know the cause of this.

Headache conditions are ranked 7th in the entire disabilities globally, although only 36% of sufferers are actually diagnosed. Migraines are not the worst type of headache – this title is for cluster headaches.

Cluster headaches happen to be referred to as the worst pains an individual can feel, even worse than giving birth, or as one patient said, even worse than getting an arm or leg amputated without having anesthesia. Cluster headaches are nicknamed the suicide headache for factors that could more likely be inferred.

Magic Mushrooms to treat Headaches

Psilocybin is a compound that’s been proven by specialists to generally be much less harmful than alcohol. Based on a publication in The Lancet (Nutt et al, 2010), a science journal, it is certainly the very least dangerous of all drugs.

Before 2005, fresh new magic mushrooms, however, were authorized to own and supply. There isn’t any information on any formal publication that provides a definite indication of the number of hospital admissions and fatalities that have been the direct outcome of magic mushrooms.

This could claim that the information is either inconclusive or insignificant. There is very little scientific proof promoting the concept that magic mushrooms may cause any significant or long-lasting damage, however, there’s a whole lot of research that indicates its beneficial use for a lot more than one medical condition

For chronic headache patients, there are a variety of pharmaceutical drugs recommended to reduce the symptoms that they feel and lead a normal life. One of the most often recommended drug for headache, Triptans, is usually combined with an NSAID like ibuprofen or aspirin. However, these medicines are not much of a cure and simply provide short-term relief.

Triptans are generally known as selective serotonin receptor agonists, which stimulates serotonin generation within the human brain. This serotonin decreases swelling and constricts bloodstream to relieve the headache. Triptans are part of the tryptamine family of monoamine alkaloids. The psychoactive substances present in several psychedelics are also tryptamines.

Psilocybin compound from “magic” mushrooms transforms to psilocin within the body, to become partial agonist for 5-HT receptors, a type of serotonin receptors specifically the 5-HT(2a) and 5-HT(2b) receptors. Psilocybin along with other tryptamines, such as LSD and DMT are termed as serotonergic psychedelics since they trigger these serotonin receptors. Drugs like Triptans act as agonists on serotonin receptors in a similar manner, but rather stimulate 5-HT(1d) and 5-HT(1b) receptors.

For factors not completely realized, the receptors that LSD and psilocybin focus on creating a psychedelic experience, whilst the receptors the triptans focus on usually do not. However, if the two receptors are being targeted, the experience could be exceptional, although not in a pleasurable way.

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Are Psychedelics Recommended to treat Headaches?

Steroids, Triptans, along with other pharmaceutical drugs recommended managing chronic bouts might have long-term unwanted effects which range from cardiac disturbances, osteoporosis and organ fibrosis.

Even though triptans are great for relieving person headaches, chronic patients have discovered that psychedelic serotonergic can prevent or break the episodic series of headaches that happen again on an expected basis.

Individuals that are unlucky enough to be affected by cluster headaches encounter as many as 8 to 10 each day throughout cycles. Although they do not endure throughout the year, cycles usually last between 2 to 3 months, with every headache lasting between Forty-five minutes to three hours.

Needless to say, individuals must take cautiously when it comes to these drugs for remedy. Wold claims it is vital that you see a doctor make sure these psychoactive ingredients will not react negatively with some other medicines one may be on, and also to ensure that one is healthy to consider them.

Hopefully, further study into serotonergic psychedelics may help alleviate the pain for sufferers of chronic headaches and get rid of the unnecessary stigma put on a natural compound with medical value.

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  1. My son used to have cluster headaches. His suffering was just incredible. Medical establishment had 0 answers for this nightmare like problem. Read about psychedelics curing cluster headaches. Took a while but we got some magic mushrooms . He took it about 3 times and headaches vanished. Side effects are pleasant tripping and that’s it. He is headache free .

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