Studies Found that Magic Mushrooms can Help you Quit Smoking

New qualitative study shows how psychedelic therapy may help beat cigarette addiction.

The research, released in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, wanted to distinguish several of the possible psychological components that cause cigarette smoking cessation in individuals who have been given psilocybin, the active substance in magic mushrooms.

According to Tehseen Noorani, smoking cigarettes is nowadays a massive public health scourge and even though there are several successful remedies (e.g., much better than placebo), these still do not work for many people in the long run and there’s large extent for development.

A Sample Study

To discover whether this psychedelic substance may help cigarette smokers, Johns Hopkins registered 5 female and 10 male healthy individuals. The members had been nicotine-dependent tobacco users for around 50 years and had smoked cigarettes, typically, twenty cigarettes each day for Thirty years. These volunteers had also formerly tried to dump the cigarettes close to 6 times during their lives.

Throughout the initial session, volunteers had been given an average (20 mg/70 kg) dosage of psilocybin, along with 2 subsequent sessions distributed around 8 weeks then these folks were given a high dosage (30 mg/70 kg). Volunteers had been strongly examined throughout the procedure, which happened within a homelike environment. Some closed their eyes and paid attention to music, and they also had been asked to focus and relax on the inner experience.

The sessions had been combined with an extensive cognitive-behavioral treatment program developed to assist them to stop smoking. This involved one-on-one counseling periods and informing the volunteers to maintain a journal to be able to take note whenever they felt they wanted a cigarette at some point.

Soon after 6 months, they discovered that 80% of the volunteers got abstained from smoking cigarettes. This can be substantially greater than the rates accomplished to typical treatment options, like behavioral therapies and nicotine substitute which often just have a 30% rate of success. Varenicline, a popular prescription medication for nicotine dependency, also has only a 35% rate of success during a 6-month period.

The study concludes that although the research can’t reveal in the effectiveness of psilocybin, it appears to point out that it could be of help in conjunction with present cigarettes programs.

Before starting to think of growing magic mushrooms, the experts advise that this outcome was particular towards the controlled dosages provided in the perspective of an arranged treatment program.

Giving up cigarette smoking is not an easy biological response to psilocybin, just like other prescription drugs that have an effect on nicotine receptors, according to Matthew Johnson, a lead author. When applied after thorough planning along with therapeutic context, the magic mushroom can result in strong expression about a person’s life and can ignite motivation.

It is also worth noting that this would be small initial research without any control group, so more research will be asked to examine the outcomes. 

Future Ways of Giving Up Smoking

Lots of people struggling with nicotine addiction would take advantage of the use of psilocybin. Historical studies claim that it may be an effective and safe choice for dealing with smoking addiction. Nevertheless, at present, the use of psilocybin is very restricted. People today wanting to use psilocybin to stop cigarette smoking should look for illegal black market magic mushrooms. Magic mushrooms are extremely different in the chemical substance. Furthermore, some types of magic mushrooms may cause undesirable side effects, like paralysis.

Aren’t natural psilocybin mushrooms sufficient? How come we need to have formulations?

Mushrooms are perfect. Nature is excellent. You will find undeniable benefits to taking in lots of medicines and foods into their organic form. Taking in mushrooms could be a successful means of using psilocybin. But, this process only functions a part of those who require help in giving up smoking.

Lots of people visit their medical doctor for assistance in stopping cigarette smoking.

Most doctors are reluctant to suggest medicines without having to realize both (1) the composition on the drugs and (2) the dosage information. 

Because of this, lots of people with smoking addictions aren’t well informed that psilocybin could give a natural, fast-acting, and safe treatment. Even individuals understanding the potential of psilocybin are not likely to go after it without having their practitioner’s suggestion. Consequently, those individuals tend to be recommended a less efficient treatment method that has a lower probability of working.

Currently, medical doctors don’t have adequate medical support for promoting psilocybin based treatments to the people who would like to stop smoking. Clearly, health professionals need trusted medical support for medical choices. When suggesting a medication, doctors require a study showing that giving a recognized number of that drug results in a desirable result.

The natural variation in magic mushrooms causes it to be difficult for medical doctors to suggest these to patients.

Formulated Psilocybin Products for the Treatment of Cigarette Smoking Addiction

Psilocybin treatments can be examined to know how a certain quantity of that specific compound, psilocybin, influences an individual’s smoking withdrawal symptoms. Those research would make it easy for medical professionals to believe psilocybin as a way for managing smoking addiction. Medical professionals could recommend patients to consider recognized quantities of known substances based on information linking that treatment method to a certain advantage. Building a psilocybin solution needs a greater focus on the substances inside “magic mushrooms” rather than just using mushrooms.

Psilocybin Products for the treatment of Nicotine Addiction

Correctly dosed psilocybin products would eliminate issues about changes in chemical dosage and composition. Developing psilocybin into recognized dosage treatments will allow doctors to suggest a remedy program supporting that specific method. Getting the support of medical professionals will make psilocybin readily available to individuals struggling with smoking addiction simply because several patients depend on the recommendation of their physician when selecting the treatment option.

Effectively studying, dosing, and formulating, psilocybin along with its derivatives provides substantial advantages for those who need assistance giving up smoking. This simply leaves just one question: Who would not wish to develop advanced technology for quitting smoking?

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