Where to Buy Magic Mushrooms in Vancouver

For many, mushrooms are vegetables that you eat as a part of a healthier lifestyle. Mushrooms have been made into different kinds of food such as sausages and burger patties. Magic mushrooms are more than food. 

For those who know about magic mushrooms, they seek it for its relaxing effect for recreation and its therapeutic effect for medical use. Typically, a 1g dose of dried magic mushroom will take effect within 10-30 minutes. The intensity of this magic mushroom depends on the dosage and so does the length of its effect which may last between 4-5 hours.

Magic Mushrooms for Recreational And Medical Use

The high that is brought by marijuana is a sense of exhilaration and focus. It rewrites the brain’s pathways that may help you get creative and finish tasks. Just like cannabis, magic mushrooms are natural and do not have adverse effects on our bodies if administered correctly. Unlike nicotine and others, magic mushrooms are healthy to be consumed. Psilocybin is 100 times less potent than LSD which means that any of its psychoactive effects will not really give you a high that is going the beyond the level of reality distortion or temporary insanity. 

Due to this positive effect, magic mushrooms are now being tapped for their health benefits. Magic mushrooms are also claimed to have therapeutic effects on depression and anxiety. Psilocybin is also looked into as a potential drug for curing different forms of addiction such as alcohol, cigarette, or cocaine addictions. But the area where there is much progress seen in psilocybin users was among cancer patients who suffer from anxiety. 

Heffter Research Institute, which was founded in 1993, focuses on the use of psilocybin and other psychedelics for medical use. They have published 80 scientific publications in the area of psychedelic drug research. Those are concerning cancer distress and addiction treatment as well as neuroscience research. In 2011, they conducted a pilot study on psilocybin treatment for anxiety in people with cancer. 

Johns Hopkins also conducted a randomized double-blind trial on cancer patients. They have concluded that those who were given a single dose of psilocybin have improved their quality of life. 

Why Buy From Magic Mushroom Dispensaries

Although perfectly organic, magic mushrooms may be a bit more complicated than cannabis in its consumption. Buying magic mushrooms from reputable mushroom sellers will ensure that you consume the proper mushroom for medical or recreational use in proper dosages. 

Cultivated mushrooms which are grown by experts assure of their quality and strain purity that the buyer is ensured that he or she does not consume poisonous mushroom that they may have just accidentally found and not properly identified. Mushroom poisoning is a real thing among people who consume it by simple carelessness by eating wild mushrooms or even misidentifications of poisonous strains for edible strains.

Wild mushrooms look like psilocybe mushrooms or magic mushrooms and contain toxins. Mushroom poisoning could vary in its damage to the poisoned individual by causing mere abdominal discomfort or even death within ten days if not properly treated. Poisonous wild mushrooms are classified as lethal, non-lethal, or potentially lethal. Alpha-amanitin, one of the deadliest types of wild mushrooms could cause death within 3 days.

Advantages of Buying Magic Mushrooms in Dispensaries

Dispensaries also make different magic mushroom products. Such products are raw mushrooms or other mushroom-infused food and drinks with the proper dosage for safe consumption. They could give you capsules, dried mushrooms, candies, and cookies to mask the acrid taste of raw mushrooms that could be unbearable to some users. These micro-dosages of magic mushrooms are perfectly fine for users and will not cause alarm and suspicion from law enforcement officers.

All of these stores are reputable online or virtual stores that will sell you high-quality magic mushrooms for reasonable prices. They have fantastic websites that will give you information about magic mushrooms on how to consume safely or even grow your magic mushrooms. Magic mushrooms come from the psilocybe strain of mushrooms and could be eaten raw, dried or mixed with foods and drinks. Here are some of the places where you could buy magic mushrooms in Vancouver.

  • Shrooms Direct

Shrooms direct currently cater to customers worldwide and transacts using Interac e-transfer, Bitcoin or Cash by Mail. They have an inventory of many different types of magic mushrooms.

  • Medicinal Mushroom Dispensary

Medical Mushroom Dispensary is another online shop sells capsule that contains 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg of magic mushroom extract for medical use. The mushroom dispensary was pioneered by Dana Larsen to provide quality medical magic mushrooms for those who need it. Larsen wished to destigmatize the drug from the public because of its many health benefits. Prices range between $2.50 to $8 each.

  • Wholecelium

Wholecelium sells a huge array of magic mushroom products that are not only limited to magic mushrooms for consumption but also grow kits for those who wish to grow magic mushrooms within 10 days. They guarantee that they discretely ship your package for your privacy and convenience.

  • Magic Mushrooms Vancouver

Vancouver dispensary is an online store that sells 9g, 14oz up to 14oz mushrooms for their customers.

Due to the legal status of magic mushrooms in Canada, sellers are only dispensing micro-dosages.  You must make sure you contact the sellers directly. Also, make sure of the deal before you make any form of payment. Psilocybin mushrooms remain a Schedule I drug according to the US Drug Enforcement 

Agency, which means that they’re classified as having “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.” This legal status is also going to affect restrictions to other dubious sellers who might take advantage of the growing market for magic mushrooms as they may pose as legitimate sellers.

Again, never buy from magic mushrooms from the dark web or the black market such as street pushers. These are against the law and could put you at risk by being given wrong strains of magic mushrooms. The sellers we have listed are all run by experts in mushrooms. They know what a magic mushroom is from a poisonous mushroom.

Check out this trusted dispensary that provides authentic magic mushrooms! Simply navigate shroomdispensary.ca!

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