6 Magic Mushrooms Recipe Ideas

Are you a person of those who can’t bear the flavor of Magic Mushrooms? We concede. The natural and sharp flavor is not for everybody. Once you become familiarized with the occurrence, the next move is obtaining your chosen course of ingestion.

Combining your Magic Mushrooms with beverages, or food should be a definitive resource thing, the best is to maintain natural. Why? Because psilocybin is a synthetic aggregate that must be consumed by your body, and when food is further being received by your body, it can decrease the impact of the dominant element, and you might not encounter substantial at all.      

Psilocybin, though, is forbidden. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) categorizes it as a Schedule 1 matter, indicating it has a high potential for misuse, and no acceptable pharmaceutical practice in the U.S. Except and until that grows, it is suggested that you particularly explore out mushrooms intended to be appreciated for their zest and wellness advantages. There are loads to prefer from, and lots of methods to make them. 

Magic Mushrooms Recipe

Even the most skilled psychonauts state grinding on shrooms is like gulping a bite of sawdust. Utilizing them as pizza toppings or attaching them in peanut butter and jam sandwich are two traditional methods of wrapping up its obnoxious composition and drive. But if you’re aggressive somewhat in the pantry, there is a more solid procedure to trip your pills off.

Chocolate Truffles

magic mushrooms recipe ideas

Even after then, the Aztecs managed to combine their magic codes with what they described chocolate, an ancient version of today’s chocolate. Still, chocolate is kept in the most prominent values, even the term Theobroma interprets into ‘food of the deities.’ Perhaps it‘s because of the exciting outcomes of theobromine – a mixture nearly compared to caffeine – that chocolate and truffles work unitedly so well.


  • Get one piece of chocolate, one line of squares and set it in a container, then thaw it in the microwave. Be careful, chocolate can roast in the microwave furnace.
  • Crush your bare magic mushrooms, and place a portion (1.5g) it in one form.
  • Let the softened chocolate cool a little BUT don’t make it hard again.
  • Drain the thawed but cooled chocolate to the design.
  • Place the dish in the freezer, and allow it to become firm.

Truffle tea

magic mushrooms recipe ideas

It is an excellent idea to devour magic, as tea is more palatable and more lenient to digest than new or dehydrated truffles. For many, tea is the chosen approach to swallow them.


Boil the water to rotating steam. Combine the shrooms and set until the mushrooms have fallen to the base; this may use up to a moment. Do not cook the shrooms for longer than an hour; the vigor will be grievously lessened. Empty the liquid and the shrooms in the broad opening mason container. Place the cover on and swing it up, this serves the mushrooms descend quicker, delivering your tea available quicker. Moving the tea likewise gives the tea set earlier. Splitting up the tedious mushrooms into granular particles makes the pieces of stalks and covers settle faster.

Energy Balls

magic mushrooms recipe ideas

Energy balls present a wholesome portion of protein and can be undoubtedly made without heat. Plus, you can supplement in your distinct constituents, and experiment with the flavor as you crave.


As a fundamental procedure, combine all in a big container: pulverized oats, peanut butter, raisins, coconut chips, crushed flax seeds, cocoa powder, syrup, cinnamon a few vanilla particles, and of course – finely minced magic truffles. Combine all components until they are equally diffused, circle the balls and set them into the freezer to set out.


magic mushrooms recipe ideas

Utilizing a modified variant of a procedure, work hot herb stock to rehydrate the mushies. The food was so cheesy and velour, and you will be astonished to get the flavor of the rehydrated shrooms truly integrated the food.


Need to get sure someone is continually mixing the rice and psilocybin-inspired stock during the cuisine method (approximately 30 minutes above mediocre heat). Continual stirring is essential for risotto: this stimulates the sugars and guarantees that excellent smooth surface. When it is nearly perfect, set the temperature down and supplement the rehydrated shrooms with the little measure of stock that had them in. Lastly, combine a ton of freshly minced Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Twenty-five minutes subsequent scarce spoonfuls of our shrooms risotto, objects around you will seem like they are moving.


magic mushrooms recipe ideas

This process is exceptional for anyone who is seeing to conceal the flavor. The body consumes liquids faster which may end in a sharper got up.


Squash your magic mushrooms up while in the case. Prepare your preferred smoothie, combine the shrooms, next beat the blender a several of terms so that it blends well. For a more lenient way, solely make your distinct variety of juice; mango juice, any natural extract, etc. Sip a small then combine the ground up shrooms and agitate the flask up. Slurp and relish.


magic mushrooms recipe ideas

Utilize a homemade method that fused kale, Bergeron cheese, mini pie crusts, and red onion.


Microwave a share-container of milk for utterly below a minute, and then continued four grams of drained mushrooms to rehydrate them. After allowing them sheer for 15 minutes, combine the shrooms to a mixing vessel previously holding the eggs and greens. Subsequent, baking it for 25 minutes, the pie shell had exactly the accurate golden brown, and its nutty sense opposed well with the skillfully coated egg mixture. Two of these delectable chunks were adequate for the sound body hum and head journey.

Just identify that magic truffles don‘t like warmth – but other than that there‘s no boundary to everything you can make with them.

There is nothing more terrible than overkilling yourself on magic mushrooms.  The accurate measurement will vary on the variety of mushroom you apply, as well as your sensations and body mass.  As a great habit of thumb, commence with a casual application, set a couple of hours, then accumulatively double your measurement until you obtain the precise dosage measure for your bunch.


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