Mastering Magic Mushroom Trips: How to become a Master Trip Sitter

Psilocybin mushroom or what is commonly known to us as Magic Mushroom is a kind of fungi that contain a chemical compound called psilocybin. Psilocybin functions by activating the serotonin receptors in the brain which affects moods, cognition, and perception. Once consumed, these psychedelic compound causes to elevate a user’s mood and let them experience hallucinations. A person who is consuming Magic Mushrooms is on a trip or is tripping. The term used when a person is to consume the psychedelic compound and go on a journey. 

In this article, we will know the act of mastering magic mushroom trips and how to become a master tripper.

What is a master trip sitter?

A master trip sitter is someone who is present during tripping but remains sober when someone or a group of individuals will consume magic mushroom or these psychedelic drugs or would go into a psychedelic experience. To be present means like to look out for the safety of the trippers just in case something goes wrong. As a trip sitter, you are not required to do something during the process. A good trip sitter does not interfere with the psychedelic experience at all. They do not push their ideals, belief or opinions to those who are tripping.

A good master trip sitter who may tend to the trippers needs and will helps to make the psychedelic experience as positive and as comfortable as possible. The master trip assists the tripper before, during and after their psychedelic experience. It is the master trip sitter’s responsibility to help the trippers in several ways like making sure that they have drunk their water, assist them in moving around or anything that would make them safe and comfortable.

A master tripper sitter does not act like a shaman or a guide. A good master trip sitter job is to ensure the order and safety of everyone.

Responsibilities of the Master Trip Sitter

  • Know the DRUG. This by far the most important part or obligation of the master tripper. Getting acquainted with the drug and the person who will go on tripping will give you the upper hand of what to do just in case something goes wrong. It is also very important to know the kind drugs that need to be used. A better understanding of the substance that the trippers will be consuming will give you knowledge on how to deal with it.
  • Know the TRIPPER. It is also very important that as a master trip sitter that you have a certain background with the tripper. Knowing their background will give you an idea of their personality. You need to understand that once the tripper is under the influence of the psychedelic drugs, they may have a hard time communicating their concerns. There may be changes in their behavior too.
  • Plan for the set and the setting. Having these two things in check is very important in creating a safe and comfortable environment for those who intend to consume psychedelic drugs. Unlike, stimulants, do not create an artificial environment. Instead, they boost the current setting in which the tripper is in. A tripper, when in the influence of the psychedelic, has a heightened emotion so a good, comfortable and safe setting is very important. Example of a good setting is when you are tripping indoors. Make sure that you have just the right temperature, its comfortable and more importantly it should be safe.
  • As a master trip sitter, it is also your job to know is someone is okay or is needing medical assistance. It is your job to know if someone has tested the drug that they are consuming. If in a group, check if someone in the group has not taken the drug that they will be consuming. For first-timers, it is your responsibility to let them know of the nature of the psychedelic drug that they are about to consume.
  • As a master trip sitter, do not agree to start unless everyone in the group is in the understanding of each others safety.
  • It is also very important that you are aware of the dosage or the amount of dosage that the trippers will be consuming. This is to ensure the physical safety of the trippers.
  • Understanding your job as a master trip sitter is very important. You need to ensure everyone’s safety and well being. A good master trip sitter knows that and envisions himself as one of the trippers. Keep in mind that these trippers needs are important than your own needs. Keep in mind that these trippers are in a psychedelic journey and a suggestible state. Any suggestions that they may hear or opinion or even a comment maybe very drastic fro them and may change the direction of their experience.
  • As a good master trip sitter, you must be able to allow the trippers to encounter emotional freedom so they may be able to express themselves without feeling uncomfortable. Sometimes they may tend to be physical or they may appear rude but you must remember that they are not in their normal selves and don’t judge them for it.

Being a good master trip sitter may seem to be an easy job like babysitting the trippers but NO. Being a good master trip sitter is a big responsibility. You are responsible not just to the experience of the people that will be tripping under your care but you are responsible for their lives as well. That is why we keep on repeating that as to become a master trip sitter, a person who is qualified to this job should be someone who is not just knowledgeable of his responsibilities but he should have a better understanding of what is going around him. Most importantly this person should be organized and sensitive to the needs of others.

Being a master trip sitter is not an easy job. The job will require you to deal with the knowledge about the nature of the substance and deal with different personalities and a lot of common sense.

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