Mexican Shrooms: Information and Benefits 

Mexican Shrooms, recognized as Teonanacatl also means “god, holy” and nanācatl that means shrooms by the Aztecs, and as Psilocybe Mexicana, this has been utilizing in ritual, religious, as well as shamanic purposes throughout the world, if not hundreds, in their home country now recognized as Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica.

Experts claim legal medicinal “magic shrooms” do have possible benefits, ranging from depression treatment to aiding in controlling alcohol addiction. Light beaming. The furniture is comfortable. That walls are decorated with paintings. This environment tends to become a living-room to either the unaided observer. But this is not so. Specifically constructed to invoke convenience and relaxation, it is a science lab.

A patient lies on the sofa. They’ve shades of eyes with headphones on. Soft music works. Some Research Team members were also able to help direct the session over 8 hours. Most of this period is going to be spent in still introspection. There are medically trained personnel on hand, should something unexpected happen. This doctor’s appointment is far from the trappings in normalcy.

A common psychedelic was psilocybin, the main ingredient contained in “magic shrooms.”

What else do we expect with Mexican Shrooms?

While about 100x less powerful than LSD, it’s indeed capable of changing spatial – time awareness, triggering visual hallucinations, euphoria, even spiritual experiences. With exception of marijuana, which saw a drastic change in both legalization and accepted medical applications, or MDMA, that has gained attention in subsequent years by its ability to cure PTSD, this psilocybin lacks the very same level of functional cachet.

So one might be tempted to think about “shrooms” only as a relic of the experimental 1960s excesses. Yet don’t make a big mistake: this Psilocybin has several possible medical benefits.

The research

The study has shown that psilocybin does have the ability to cure a variety of psychological and behavioral conditions, though FDA approval for this has yet to be obtained. Its receptive skills involve depression, OCD, smoking cessation, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, headaches throughout the clusters, and mental trauma linked to cancer or even other suicidal thoughts.

High-profile campaigns to outlaw psilocybin or this Mexican shrooms have also arisen in Boulder, Colorado, or Oregon throughout recent months. Researchers agree they are unlikely to move through.

As per the DEA, psilocybin mushrooms stay a “Schedule I drug” which means they are listed as “not currently approved medical use as well as abuse potential.”

However, given a large number of possible indications of psilocybin, it’s indeed necessary to bear in mind also that the number of studies still varies hugely, including single-pilot trials through FDA approval research throughout phases II and III. For those potential explanations, here is what the latest literature says about psilocybin therapy.

Benefits of Mexican Shrooms


  • For depression


Depression is one of the reasons for psilocybin treatment that have been most studied.  As stated earlier, the FDA has granted psilocybin therapy the designation of a breakthrough in treating depression. Another psychedelic research facility is already in stage III test planning stages and is expected to begin soon.


  • Addiction to alcohol, smoking, and other substance


The study discovered psilocybin therapy substantially improved refraining from smoking even in a follow-up span of 12 months. It states that there is indeed potential for psilocybin to control other addictions, such as alcohol as well as cocaine addiction. The basic understanding would be that the essence of such conditions is a limited range of attitude and behavior. In that effect shrooms in well-handled sessions have the potential to effectively shake somebody out of daily routine as well as provide a snapshot of a broader picture and develop a personal brain function where only people can move out of so many problems.

Psilocybin in alcohol-based shrooms showed that both smoking and heavy drinking decreased following treatment. They also tried cocaine addiction in the state of Alabama and saw a significant decrease in addiction to their subjects.


  • Psychological distress due to Cancer


Mexican Mushrooms have the elements it has to answer the questions; Next, they ‘re terpenes. Let’s immerse ourselves in how it impacts patients after they consume them. And the exquisite taste of shrooms doesn’t come from the drugs you like. It is the terpenes that give shrooms a distinctive scent and taste. It can also influence the shroom’s understanding, which can provide some of its therapeutic benefits.

To answer the questions; it is also because of the components it has. First, is the terpenes. Let’s dive into how it affects the user’s once they intake shrooms. And the unique taste of marijuana does not originate from your preferred shrooms. It is the terpenes that bring a distinctive scent and taste to this. These can also affect the perception of marijuana and can give some of its therapeutic benefits.

Maybe the biggest error beginners create by growing nutrient supplies is rushing to implement a quick remedy. Yes, it will lead to a nutrient shortage. Psilocybin marks starting from the base are a warning flag of being deficient in phosphorus, be it growth phase or scale.

Will it be approved by the FDA?

Given promising work, there is no concrete timetable for that when, or whether, FDA would ever authorize psilocybin. The experts consulted emphasize that if treated improperly the drug may be hazardous for a variety of different purposes. Psilocybin stimulates the heart muscle, which can result in elevated blood pressure as well as heart rhythm.

This is also capable of causing severe and lasting psychological issues. And when taking the medication there is still the risk of a “negative trip,” or unpleasant experience. There are many uncommon but recorded instances of persons falling to death and otherwise acting unpredictably in a manner that places oneself or others around them in danger.


Knowing everything is essential, especially for those things that may result in unpredictable experience and danger. Like consuming these Mexican Shrooms, they are indeed beneficial to many conditions, however, it is still better to have an expert’s advice before jumping to a decision for your safety.

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