Microdosing for Migraines: What Experts Claim

When we are talking about microdosing, especially with the use of hallucinogenic drugs, we are about the consumption of the said drug with parse amount or dosage which includes effects that do not cause an extreme and boosting high but in contrary causes wellness and fineness. One that is not only for recreational but also seems to be medicinal. 

In this article, we will be talking about microdosing for migraines. But before we even go any further, let us have an overview of the psychedelics timeline that leads its name to shine. 

Psychedelics made known

In our current developing world, microdosing is one of the known methods that has even gained its popularity after being included with the sole made and personal experience report researched and studied by James Fadiman; in which this study has been later published back the year 2011 which is entitled “The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide”. But even before this book has been issued, there are various artifacts and specimens in the past that can explain the use of psychedelic as a natural medicine of our ancestors. 

And with the help of our digital enhancing age, psychedelic appearance has even expanded its popularity and demand all the way through. If you have noticed, psychedelics are spreading its name all over the internet where you will see some details, informative reports, and even experiences that have made it highly coveted to the worlds of many curious ones. 

Steps, techniques, and other things you should know are even accessible even with their illegalities. Its rising demand mirrors out its abundant facade of beauty and positive effects especially for those who have migraines. 

The entirety of what you see online can sum up its influences in the mood, effects it the overall health, and the positive impact it can give your whole entirety. This will allow you to understand how it can affect your daily routine and ventures. 

Migraine and the exploration of its treatment

Though there are conventional means in treating migraines, a lot of psychedelic lovers look for ways in linking their beloved hallucinogens in aiding the said condition. There can even be an accessible and available tip online that can provide every one of their options on how to deal with it. 

With the newfound aid of psychedelics when it comes to migraines, treating headaches and migraines has even been more improved compared to the conventional ones, said by few reports. 

What is a migraine?

Before we even jump into concluding the use of psychedelics to aiding migraine, let us have an overview of what migraine is. 

Migraine by definition is an ailment with predominating and rambling pain in the head that can significantly affect your response on your own and people that surround you. This may seem a bit simple to hear but the pain it can cause is relentless and very damaging. It can cause underlying conditions. This is the main reason why it has to be medicated as soon as possible. 

Migraine treatment

Imagine following the standards but you know on your own that there is such an easy way to aid yourself? What does it feel? Frustrating. Frustrating to the fact that all you can do is to stop by a pharmacy store and buy a painkiller. 

As there are various means of aiding migraine, there is nothing more fulfilling and achieving than gaining a successful treatment followed by great effectiveness in just a short period. 

One of the common means of treating migraines in a very fast and effective way is by using or taking a drug. This method is by far the very popular method in effectively and efficiently treating the said condition. 

The main reason why drugs are used in treating migraines is due to its anti-inflammatory properties and pain-disabling characteristics; which is considerable with similar properties with other medication, but drugs can evenly offer more than that

Microdosing for migraines: The journey of psychedelics being a treatment for migraine

As discussed earlier, there may be conventional ways of treating migraines. But the problem is, the dissatisfaction it can give you can even cause more headaches to you than relief. Though usual medications can be a lot of help, an increasingly popular alternative is rising its demand due to the high effects it can cause to the human body in addition to disabling the pain you are feeling. 

The use of psychedelics such as LSD and psilocybin are highly adored now not because they can help migraine patients fast but it can also give such a relaxing and happy sense. This has been believed to be true after confirming that psychedelics can prevent the feeling of pain or even inhibit the sore feeling you may be experiencing on the head. 

Scientific claims

In this section, we will be merely talking about scientific claims. The claims of experts especially to microdosing psychedelics. There are a lot of contradictions bound to limit but understanding the essence of research and studies can help you further understand the scientific claims. 

One researcher has concluded that the combination of the high and low levels of negative response is being seen to those people using psychedelics. This means that the immediate alteration of mood can affect the head considerably causing migraine versus not using psychedelics. 

On the other hand, another study confirms that the use of psychedelics can be quite similar to conventional treatment but negative effects and painful headaches tend to have a low rate, especially for those microdoses.


Microdosing and migraines seem to be far from being possible when it comes to their linkage to treatment. While psychedelics are typically regarded to be recreational, some personal reports and experiences claim that it can be medically beneficial and aid migraine. Others tell the contrary about it. 

The only thing to keep in mind is the way microdosing is administered. Remember that microdosing is just a small amount of psychedelic intake to keep the high effects of making you highly stimulated. Just decide to microdose to keep your wellness on foot and not keep away your stand to psychoactivity and hallucinogenic.

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