1. Microdosing Mushrooms Everyday: Is It Possible and How?

Microdosing Mushrooms

The benefits of microdosing are something you should look forward to, especially when you find yourself slowly depending on psychedelic substances such as magic mushrooms. One particularly popular personnel released the supposed advantages of microdosing, leading others, especially users, to ask how microdosing mushrooms every day gives full benefits.

For a definition, microdosing refers to consuming psychedelic substances to see what effects it would give. Along with that is a semi-regular schedule that will determine the benefits it will release. The technique is undoubtedly efficient in the field of psychoactive users, specifically the mushroom users. 


microdosing mushrooms psilocybin
Patient prepares and weighs magic mushrooms for microdosing.


What does science have to say about Microdosing?

A study made by a scientist aims to see cerebral changes with micro-dosing and the way it will ease the current sensations mushrooms usually gives. The findings gave one guaranteed conclusion. Micro-dosing will not get you high. Approximately, a psilocybin-filled dosage should not be greater than ten micrograms and should depend on a user’s tolerance and level of expertise. Otherwise, the minimal impacts could raise to extreme ones. 

However, due to limitations, there’s no assurance that micro-dosing will not give impacts on users. Besides, one practice micro-dosing will require not to do it on a regular schedule. Predictably, that should lower the effects to almost-none. Instead, a 3-day cycle is one way to do micro-dosing right. 

The legality of science claims contains data you should trust because it underwent trials and experimentation that will accurately mimic a user’s behavioral pattern. Back on the subject, science firmly believes that although micro-dosing won’t let you experience intoxicating effects, it will still give you minimal sensations. But, the latter should solely depend on how frequent the schedule turned out. However, due to disabled entire access to a careful investigation, researchers aren’t able to tell if a 3-day cycle will eliminate traces of mushroom impacts, or will only lessen it.

Is it possible to microdose shrooms every day, and what should I expect out of it?

According to users, experienced or not, it is indeed possible to perform mushroom micro-dosing every day. The focus of the said process does not just revolve around acquiring mild high. Instead, they should be beneficial in terms of medicating emotional and mental distress. Aside from that, Psilocybin, a compound found in magic mushroom, is naturally an intervening chemical compound located in the neurotransmitter system, specifically serotonin. The neurotransmitter is responsible for letting us feel euphoric emotions. Hence, it can undeniably treat depression, and traditional medicine dubs it as an anti-depressant drug. Unlike other conventional certified medicines, micro-doses of Psilocybin deliver minimal yet noticeable effects after a mere administration. Meaning, the higher dosage can most likely end you up in a distorted haywire emotion, and it’s not something you will like to experience. 

Contrary to beliefs, research institutes are debunking the so-called minimization of outcomes in the user’s system by claiming that limited resources prohibited magic mushroom users from undergoing clinical or human trials. In short, there’s no way they can find out that it lessens the results. As added by another professional medical expert, what individuals are seeing is called “placebo effect” which involves inserting specific idea that makes you think is making a difference, when in fact, it’s not. Considering that there is a small number of dosages and is not on regular usage, there should be an elimination of effects, or better yet, no effects at all. Still, the battling assertions have yet to come to an end.

On the other hand, micro-dosing is not expected to deliver clear advantages. There were also risks associated with it. The possible harmful outcomes could apply to users who are already in the stage of chronic or persistent usage. Like, any other addictive substances, an abrupt stoppage could bring the body system down to destruction. After all, Psilocybin is a classified “Schedule I” drug. Meaning, it’s not legal to purchase or grow materials in those categories because they are not relatively safe and highly risky. Therefore, you cannot assure that what you bought is a legitimate magic mushroom meant to take you heavens. For all you know, it could be a poisonous shroom with an identical appearance. Due to that, expect toxic and impure constituents that could maliciously attack the user, no matter how small or massive the usage will turn out.

How do you perform Microdosing Mushrooms every day?

As mentioned and as what the name suggests, micro-dosing refers to the in-taking minimal dosage of magic mushroom with a controlled schedule to measure the effects it will bring with the absence of regularity. For newbie users, ten micrograms are already an excessive amount of psilocybin. To ensure that they’re making the right and precise measurement, it should not go beyond the said quantity. That should be enough to experience minimally-occurring sensations that will not offer heady impacts. Meanwhile, experienced consumer’s ideal measurement is around ten micrograms. 

By disregarding research and experimentation, how does micro-dosing make you feel? Due to the scarcity of approved documentation and restricted resources, users are opening up about their experience in regards to micro-dosing. Since you will be following a non-regular schedule, expect different levels of impacts to happen every time you consume magic mushroom. The first days will probably be full of productive and creative moods, along with intense euphoria. This should go out for the next day of intake. For the following days, you may experience short-term yet marginal outcomes such as sleeplessness and stress. Still, it should not be too extreme to take you to the nearest health institution. Finally, the remaining days of usage should be more on psychedelic sensations that will improve your mood but will not dishearten your emotional level. To come and think of it, micro-dosing might not be that bad, after all. While it keeps you moving the entire day, it also sends appreciate-worthy emotions that will be a help in the future, such as euphoria and clear-headedness. 


As shown and told by other mushroom users, all the fear that the substance will send you hallucinating will come to a halt because micro-dosing will put an end to that. The technique is something beginners should try to see if they can handle and tolerate low proportions of dosage. In this case, conducting a self-study is widely allowed. But, that should not be an excuse to jump on to a higher level of usage.

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