Microdosing While Breastfeeding: Is it Safe?

In the development of desire encompassing the curative and healing aid of hallucinogenic narcotics and drugs especially when we are talking about magic mushrooms to medicate various health conditions, its increase in demand is still regarded as a fresh course throughout investigations and research. No one knows.

This is by far true, especially to women. The understanding of safety, as well as legalization, is still being debated throughout due to its negative and positive side effects which have to be relatively considered by many people especially those who are pregnant and lactating women.

In this article, we will be talking about microdosing while breastfeeding. We will also tackle some important things to better understand the effects of microdosing to lactating women. But before we even go further, let us have an overview of magic mushrooms.

Define magic mushroom

What will be the first thing that comes in your mind when we are talking about magic mushrooms? Perhaps, if you are not yet familiar with this, you may be guessing about the technical magician term in the form of mushroom. But, if this is not something new for you, you will immediately think about mushrooms with psychedelic and hallucinogenic impacts. However, magic mushrooms are still regarded as illegal. So, whatever magic it can cause your brain, the properties it includes are still considerably stimulant and even taboo. Why is that? It is due to its psychedelic composition being a psychedelic drug.

Psychedelic drugs in our current age

In our current era, the diverse effects and benefits that psychedelic drugs can cause are just a perfect time to address and consider its unprecedented health results and influences especially when it comes to women due to their large percentage of takes. It is by far considered to be very helpful in every aspect of women’s growth. But is it safe while breastfeeding?

Some numerous details and circumstances are being brought to the table of the discussion by various researchers especially those with edge and precise cases when we are talking about the effects of microdosing on lactating women. In focusing on the impacts more particularly on women, we will be able to prevent overlooking some important factors with varying research in the course of psychedelics as soon as women produce their milk.

The effects and safeness issue of psychedelics when breastfeeding has even been empowered based on the facts from our history. Considerably, women have this bizarre and unusual call that is being disregarded and even omitted from the progress of testings and experimentation of drugs throughout the years although there are a lot of women researchers and scientists that work on their psychedelic research.

Microdosing, what it is, and why it is even popular?

In defining microdosing, it is an act of using a gradual measure or dosage of the drug. The specific drug used in this method called microdosing is LSD. This type of drug is considered illegal, hence, unlawful.

How can we describe the measures of microdosing? If we are talking about an entire drug bottle, microdosing is described as taking the tenth fraction of the entire drug bottle which over time can make its users high.

The aim of doing this thing is entirely different when we are talking about the usual or standard consumption of hallucinogenic drugs. Though the main reason for taking psychedelic drugs is to be extremely high and thus taking greater dosage for a better recreational course experience, microdosing, on the other side of the spectrum is taking a small number of drugs to just feel fine, especially throughout the psychological aspect of a human being, hence its well-being.

With the parse amount of psychoactive substance that is being absorbed by the body, a lot of microdoses would not even feel the effects and outcomes of magic mushrooms. Various microdoses report that due to unnoticeable effects sometimes, the tripping forces of magic mushroom are considerably not related to a stimulant.

The scientific call for microdosing

According to various advocates and enthusiasts, the use of magic mushrooms for microdosing can benefit well when it comes to mental stimulation and clarity because of the substance present in it as it is absorbed by the body.

There are various researches and experimentation that even confirmed it but have mentioned their strength based on the consistency of regulation.  Yet, the only thing that is not clear is its addicting effect for long term microdoses.

Unfortunately, there are also some conclusions to microdosing that has come from personal experiences and occurrences. Some of the personal experiences being reported just rely upon the narrative reports of microdoses alone or those who aspire to do the method.

For this reason, some of them are just fixed as ineffective especially to those with a delicate situation, especially to lactating women.

Microdosing while breastfeeding

Microdosing and breastfeeding have not been focused extremely through some research and investigations, it is enough to conclude based on its effects on women alone. The only thing that is sure of is that psychedelic drugs and even most of the drugs can get into human milk. This normally occurs in the fact that substances present in magic mushrooms would have to pass to the entire human blood before it even reaches and emerges in breast milk. With that being said, women who take magic mushrooms which relatively include LSD can transfer the drug and some of its composites to the infants in just a couple of minutes after breastfeeding.

LSD, what is it, and how it can affect lactating women and infants?

As discussed earlier, LSD is one of many substances that can cause someone high after consumption. It, being a psychoactive drug, the Drug Enforcement Administration specially classified LSD under the Schedule 1 drug. Being the DEA as the authorized and relied agency on drugs, many rules and regulations have been implemented with its said classification.

Why is that? Not only does LSD have the ability to make someone addicted which can lead to abuse, but it can also present some mental and psychological helplessness. Believe it or not, though a lot of research has emerged with the health benefits LSD can offer, DEA has concluded it as non-beneficial to human health.

With that being said, lactating women and infants may have faced some struggles and problems if the lactating mother who uses psychedelics provided her breastmilk to its infant.


In our changing and developing world of psychedelics, we can’t deny the fact that there are still some things to worry about when microdosing, especially for women and lactating ones. Microdosing is just a considerable and small amount of usage, the fact that the substances present in magic mushrooms are still there, it can still possibly get through the human bloodstream, hence, the breastmilk which can relatively affect and be given to infants unconsciously.

This is the main reason why lactating women have to be careful what to take as it can also affect the health of their babies. Though researchers and some informal investigation are already established, the preciseness should still be considered.

Regard the basis of DEA. Appreciate the basis of formal institutions of what they say about it. Microdosing may seem to be very popular nowadays, nothing can still defeat the carefulness for the sake of their babies and their health.

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