Most Common Mistakes When Ingesting Magic Mushrooms

A mushroom trip which comes from psilocybin may offer you a new insight and may awaken your sense into the world surrounding you. This experience is usually honest, unique, and therapeutic. It is always important to have full confidence in everything because as soon as the magic mushroom trip begins it will not be easy to get out of it early. Even the trip becomes bad, having some preparation will always help you to shift it around. Being fully prepared for a mushroom trip is very vital since there are people who commit common mistakes when ingesting magic mushrooms.

Here are examples of people’s most common mistakes when ingesting magic mushrooms:

Having the wrong setting

Choosing the proper environment is very important before having a trip. A correct setting should be private and have a lot of space which allows you to stretch your body and fully explore during the psychedelic experience. Once all of these are met, you can have all the sensation felt over your life.

First-timers usually make a mistake of taking mushrooms in a public place. There are users who even try interacting with people who can cause disastrous results. Always avoid places that have a lot of people to have paranoia and negative feelings.

Getting a trip with bad friends

Having a trip with people who never appreciate the shroom experience together with the feelings associated with them will just waste the overall experience. What’s worse is that you cannot properly ease into the overall trip since the people around you are laughing at you because of having a twisted face. All of these feelings are then processed within you negatively and can turn out freaking you out.

When you use magic mushrooms with other people, it’s always better to choose those people who already tried tripping. You can usually be helped with support from a trip sitter. This trip sitter is anyone who can stay sober if you are already high, helps you with all the things that you need during the experience, and guides you throughout the process. Having a trip sitter usually makes the experience safer and this is always recommended for first-time shroomers.

Using magic mushrooms with drugs and alcohol

Mushrooms are potent psychedelics. It is not recommended to mix this with other compounds especially if you are just new. If you mix drugs with magic mushrooms, it may increase the chance of having a bad trip.

Mixing magic mushrooms with alcohol won’t work well and can exacerbate disorientation, violence, and delirium. If you got drunk during the trip, it also means that you may vomit and get sick. Throwing up when having the experience will not finish the trip but will reduce its length and intensity.

Having a bad mood during a trip

You need to have the right mindset so you can have a positive journey with the use of magic mushrooms. If you are more positive, you are more likely to have a positive trip. A great trip is a profound and extreme experience where one person can have feelings of joy and have a connection with other people including the world surrounding them.

On the other note, those who have feelings of anger, resentment, and melancholy can usually turn the encounter into a bad trip.

Staring at disturbing images on magic mushrooms

You can have a visual hallucination when you take magic mushrooms. These hallucinations can be strong or subtle depending on how much you take.

Hallucinations are projected in your surrounding from your psyche and it usually depends on the way you interpret them. If you look at things, you simply do not perceive them. Rather, you also associate feelings with them. If you look at a disturbing or scary image, you will not have good feelings about the image and this can also be magnified by the mushrooms.

Talking excessively during a trip

One of the common mistakes when ingesting magic mushrooms for first-time users is that they do not stop talking. New shroomers may talk on about different things such as why the room changes, why there are unicorns in the room, and how time feels longer.

While talking during the experience may be therapeutic, it can damage your overall trip because you cannot relax your brain and you can’t travel deep within your subconscious.

You have to relax and keep quiet. You will have a lot of time to talk about the overall trip as soon as it passes.

Taking Psilocybin to escape from worries

If you love the feeling of tripping so much that you always want to repeat it again every time, there are chances that you have some issues going on in your life and you use shrooms to make up for it.

Although psilocybin can give you a great journey that may allow you to have a better perspective on life and be more self-aware, it must never be used to escape from reality. Respect the experience and do not just take it to get lost in your mind. Although mushrooms aren’t addictive, you can still be dependent on it to get rid of your current issues.

Never overuse magic mushroom if you are in a negative situation. Be sure to get your life together first.

Not having ample time for your trip

Having an inadequate time may not be good when you are having a trip. You may distort your perception of real-time and you can have a time pressure which will have negative effects and can cause paranoia. A psilocybin trip usually finishes in 6 hours so you have to ensure that you have at least 8 hours of overall free time.

A shroom trip can help you explore new things in your life. Take your time to ponder everything and allow yourself to know more about you.

Tripping without intent

Magic mushrooms are not just substances that you use to have a trip out and hear sounds and see beautiful colors.You have to trip with intent. Mushrooms are deeper than being a self-entertainment. You have to respect the use of magic mushrooms. It’s like having a therapeutic treatment where you may have an honest and profound connection with yourself. Confront your negative memories and conflicts and commit yourself properly. It’s okay to cry when you are tripping while you are on psilocybin during the first time. 

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