What is the Most Common Magic Mushroom?

Magic Mushrooms are mysterious and unbelievable. You’d be amazed by its beauty and the mystical components that these mushrooms produce. There are about more than 190 different mushroom species grow around the world. It’s truly mind-blowing that some of the species have a lot of different strains with their signature forms.

Many people are curious and ask about what is the most common magic mushroom all over the world. That’s why, in this article, you will find out the most common magic mushroom. You will learn about the top magic mushrooms, and you’re going to figure out which one is the best.

Types of the Most Common Magic Mushroom

Are you looking for the most common magic mushroom? To know more about the most common magic mushrooms, below are the top magic mushrooms that can produce psychedelic effects to takers. You will get the information that you need right before looking for the best magic mushroom.

Psilocybe Mushroom

The Psilocybin is a psychedelic compound that is naturally produced by over 190 species of mushrooms. It’s also known as the Psilocybin mushroom and known for its other psychoactive elements that play a vital role as hallucinogens. There may be many mushroom species around the world, but the Psilocybin mushroom made a reputation and gained so much popularity.

You probably had no idea what kind specie it was, if you happen to eat Psilocybin Mushrooms. These are some of the species of the Psilocybe mushroom.

Psilocybe Cubensis 

This is arguably the known and popular Psilocybes and known as cubes or shrooms. This specie usually grows all around the world. What’s more interesting is that it grows on the dung of a cow in the US Gulf Coast and some other countries.

Psilocybe Cyenescens

This specie is popular and recognizes “Wavy Caps” because of its wavy caps when it matures. The caps are unique because of their pale and yellowish hue.

Psilocybe Semilanceata 

This is commonly known as the liberty cap variety of Psilocybin mushroom. This species is usually found in grassy fields with many animals and even moist. Its size is small, and color changes from yellow to brown.

Psilocybe azurescens 

Among all the species, this is probably the most potent Psilocybin mushroom. People who are a novice to magic mushrooms should not eat too much of this, as this specie comes with strong effects.

Conocybe Mushroom

Conocybe is called “Cone Heads” because of their bell-shaped caps. This kind of mushroom usually has a thin, long, and very fragile stem. It usually grows in rich grasslands, dead grass, dunes, wood that is decayed, and even animal dung. You don’t always see this kind of mushroom in some parts of the world because it was reportedly a holy mushroom that can heal illness and being used for various rituals.

Moreover, the Conocybe Mushrooms are consumed by locals whether if it’s fresh, or make a tea out of it. Its stem is very smooth, and the spores are cinnamon brown. Many experts would warn the locals to avoid eating or collecting because the Conocybe Mushroom has strong poisonous varieties.

Panaeolus/Copelandia Mushroom

Copelandia is a type of magic mushroom that is composed of about 12 species. These species all contain hallucinogens. The expert mycologists from Europe and America have agreed to group all members of Copelandia under Panaeolus.

The mushrooms that belong to the Panaeolus genus are gray or white. These mushrooms have long, fragile and thin stems. The Panaeolus mushrooms grow on dead moss, grasslands, rotten wood, and animal dung. And because of their psilocin content, these mushrooms tend to turn blue and bruise.

Galerina Mushrooms

The Galerina is known for its brown spores and small size. It can grow on decaying matter with more than 300 species all over the world. Also, the Galerina mushrooms can grow on mossy habitats and woods. Only one of the species under the Galerina mushrooms that produce Psilocybin is the Galerina Steglichii.

The Galerina Steglichii is one of the rarest types of magic mushrooms. It was reported once that it grew in Germany. It grows singularly and in fewer numbers. Moreover, this mushroom is identified by its brown-colored caps, which happens to have about 2-3mm diameter.

Inocybe Mushroom

One of the most common magic mushrooms is the Inocybe Mushroom because of its mushroom-forming fungi. Groups of Inocybe live in the roots of the plants and known for being highly adaptable. It has brown, and the caps are small and conical. It may also flatten with age. The caps have a distinctive odor and usually described as musty.

It comes with four species, the Inocybe aeruginascens, Inocybe coelestiu, Inocybe haemacta, and Inocybe tricolor. Each of these species produces psychedelic effects to takers.

Mycena Mushrooms

The Mycena Mushroom is one of the most common magic mushrooms because of its large image and its ability to grow on decaying substances. The Mycena Mushrooms are more than a few centimeters and considered by a white spore print. It has small caps that are bell-shaped and a thin and fragile stem.

The Mycene Mushrooms are hard to identify from other types of mushrooms. You will need to view it under a microscope to identify it. It has edible species, and others contain harmful toxins. One of the species called Mycena cyanorrhiza contains hallucinogen psilocybin.


There are so many types of magic mushrooms that will suit anybody’s taste. But there is the only one that gained so much reputation, and that is the Psilocybe Mushroom. This is recognized as the most common magic mushroom because it gives you a kind of remarkable psychedelic journey. This mushroom will not cause your stomach issues, nor can it harm you at all.

Looking for the best magic mushroom can be beneficial, but with the Psilocybe Mushroom, you will never look for more. However, looking for any edible mushroom is great, and it will help you identify the most common magic mushroom that is highly beneficial to you. Hunting for mushrooms can help you know which is better and which is safer. Just be careful in consuming as some mushrooms may be strong and can be bad for you.

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