Mushroom Chocolates Dosage Guide

Our childhood memories will always be incomplete without mentioning chocolates. They are one of the most precious foods in the world, considering that cacao seeds have been used as an ancient currency in Latin America during their tribal kingdoms. Whenever we take chocolates, it always brings out the child in our souls. It gives us the sense of being hyped and so active. But what if this active and energizing food is mixed with mushroom that can drive you crazy? You have to see it for yourself and be guided with the right mushroom chocolates dosage.

The Magic Mushroom

mushroom chocolates dosage

Magic Mushroom or Psilocybin Mushroom is a part of the Polyphyletic Group of the Fungi Kingdom which are edibles and can be mixed with your food and drink. These mushrooms have been used by the Ancient Civilizations in Europe and Latin America for their religious rituals and healing processes. It was believed that these mushrooms are tremendously sacred. The ancient communities are not allowed to simply pick these fungi out from their area and used privately.

The sacredness of these mushrooms has been attributed to what they can do with the people. Centuries have passed and the laboratories in Europe got their chance to study what makes these mushrooms so powerful. After a series of researches, the scientists have found out that Magic Mushrooms possess organic chemicals. These carry out psychedelic effects that react to our body right after we consume them.

The chemicals responsible for these psychedelic effects are psilocybin and psilocin. As the psilocybin breaks down to smaller particles, they produce psilocin which induces the much-awaited effects.

Its effects include nausea, hallucination, paranoia, panic attacks, psychosis, relaxation, and drowsiness or sleepiness.

How the Nations React

Due to its powerful effects, different drug enforcing institutions around the world have considered Magic Mushrooms as illegal. In the majority of the countries where it is deemed as illegal, these shrooms are classified as Schedule I drugs. It is enlisted together with Marijuana and other dangerous drugs which can produce outrageous and bizarre effects to its users.

Despite these vast negative receptions from the international community, there are places which prefer to make it legal. In Portugal, their government legalized possession of these controversial fungi, provided that they should only have enough supply which can last up to 10 days. While in Austria, consuming these mushrooms are considered legal and acceptable by the government. However, selling and buying it inside their country is illegal.

In places like Brazil, Jamaica and Samoa, buying, selling, cultivating and owning Magic mushrooms are purely legal. It is even tolerated by the government even if it is sold, bought and owned in high volumes.

How Users React

The legal status of these mushrooms are tricky as it varies from one country to another. This is the reason why a wise user should do some researches on its legality before the actual usage of these controversial shrooms.

It is still one of the favorites by different thrill-seekers and curious individuals who want to experience the cerebral effects. You may notice that these mushrooms have the same effects as Marijuana plants. This is making them be much appreciated and loved by Cannabis users around the globe.

Due to its powerful abilities, some have mixed it with foods, especially with the chocolates. Its users have treated the Magic Mushrooms as special herbs, like the tea plants and other wild root crops, that must be taken in regulation to avoid intoxication and further damage to our bodies.

Mushroom Chocolates Dosage

Because of its potential effects, Magic Mushrooms must be taken in low dosages to keep its wild effects be in desired manners. Remember that before they arrived in their exact measurements, they have applied clinical tests to see the potency of these fungi.

Let us classify the computations according to the dosages- the least, the low, the normal and the high doses. The computations will apply to the people weighing 50 kilos.

For the new consumers, it is advised to start with the least doses of Magic Mushrooms. If dried, they should try to eat chocolate-mixed mushrooms with lower than 1 gram, ranging from 0.1 to 0.4 grams. If fresh, they can add up to 1.5 grams of shrooms in their chocolate bars. 

In case they want to make things to the next level, they can apply the low doses. They can try mixing the dried mushrooms of up to 0.6 grams or 5 to 6.3 grams of its fresh variants.

For the normal doses, an average user can blend the dried mushrooms of 1 to 1.5 grams. If they prefer adding the fresh mushrooms, they can add 15 grams of it in their chocolate mixture.

For the well-experienced users, their tolerance with these organic foods is way higher than their new counterparts. With this, they can already mix 2 to 2.3 grams of dried mushrooms or 20 to 22.5 grams of it, depending on their chosen intake.

Remember that this computation will vary on the weight of a person, so before you buy or pick those Magic Mushrooms, you always have to seek professional help with the experienced users. Also, you must consult your physician before the actual use, on whether your body can safely absorb this chemical or not.

Things to Remember

As we end this dosage guide, always remember that the full control of what you eat will solely depend on you. Magic Mushrooms should not be eaten regularly to avoid substance dependency, as well as addiction.

One should limit their intake within a week as the psychedelic effects of magic mushrooms may have its longer duration on you, depending on your tolerance with its chemicals.

Also, you have to remember that Magic Mushrooms are illegal in most of the countries around the world. Because of this, you have to be careful in buying these fungi to prevent you from being visited by law enforcers and immediately send you to jail.

Use Magic Mushrooms responsibly and enjoy its great psychedelic effects!

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