Magic Mushroom Dosage Chart: Must-Have for Trippers

Anyone has to be responsible enough in taking magic mushrooms. Anything too much can be dangerous, but anything too scarce can be disappointing. If you don’t know and follow the mushroom dosage chart, you may end up experiencing two different things. 

If the dose is quite low, you will feel the kick is not enough and can be irritating. In short, you don’t find the happiness that you’ve been craving. However, if the dose is more than you take, the experience can be overwhelming, horrible, and even dangerous. 

Everybody reacts in many ways to various substances and doses. The key is finding the ideal dose of magic mushrooms that best suits you. A lower dose is often cheaper and safer as it comes with minimal risks of getting overwhelmed. A lower dosage is ideal when you want to use magic shrooms in public or when you want to have some fun but still need to be alert.

A higher dose is often more intense. It comes with a danger of either under-reaction or zero reaction. A lot of people choose a higher dosage because they are curious about the so-called discovery level. It must be done somewhere they will be safe like in their homes or a friend’s home. This way, they can easily sit down or lie down when necessary. 

Mushroom Dosage Chart and the Experience Levels

In choosing a specific dose of magic shrooms, decide where to go while you’re having the trip. Of course, you need to decide about the “mental state” you want to experience and the things you may want to enjoy throughout the trip.

Aside from that, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Your weight
  • Gender
  • The medicines you’ve been taking
  • Your health state in general

All those things can affect the possible effects of magic shrooms on your body. If it’s your taking magic mushrooms for the first time, then you should start with the lowest dose. You can even reduce the provided lowest dose just to be sure. You will never know how the magic shrooms will affect you until you ingested them. 

Well, the right dose to take will also vary on fresh and dried magic shrooms. Below are charts to serve as your guide:


Light 5 to 10 grams
Medium 10 to 15 grams
Intense 15 to 20 grams
Highest  20 to 40 grams



Microdosing 0.2 to 0.5 gram
Happy Go Lucky 0.8 to 1 gram
Beginner’s Paradise 1 to 1.5 grams
Classic Trip 1.5 to 3 grams
Flying with the Stars 3 to 4 grams
Total Loss 4 to 5 grams


Between fresh and dried magic shrooms, many consumers choose the dried form. Compared to fresh ones, dried mushrooms are more delicious, intense, and cheaper to consume. As you can see, the doses for dried ones are lower than for the fresh versions. 

Trip Levels

Always remember that not all psychedelic shrooms have a similar level of strength. The concentration of the active compound called psilocybin may vary and the cultivation and storage settings may affect the potency. That is why the trip and experience tend to vary in every shroom. 

Nonetheless, the trip levels outlined below will give you ideas on what to expect based on the dose you preferred to take.

Trip Level Zero or Microdosing

It is the sub-perceptual quantity of shrooms. It is best to take shrooms at this level every two to three days to increase your creativity and fight anxiety. It is also safe for everyday intake. 

Trip Level One or Happy Go Lucky

Commonly considered the basic level, go for this trip if you’re a beginner. It allows you to know how it goes. The effects are gentle and the same with the experience you get with cannabis. 

The songs sound better for your ears, strangers may appear friendlier to your eyes, and you feel a minor loss of control on your mind. Minor visual enhancements are also commonly accompanied by sound distortion. Those two are just subtle. Go for this trip if you party with friends. 

Trip Level Two or Beginner’s Paradise

Of course, it’s a bit stronger than the level one. Get ready for the start of auditory and visual hallucinations as you will feel like the objects are moving. You will also see geometrical images once your eyes are closed. You will struggle to concentrate or communicate. However, you become more creative as you gained improved sensation, euphoria, and lightness. 

Trip Level Three or Classic Trip

If you have been taking magic mushrooms for a while, then it could be the right time to step up and try the trip level 3. If you like to jump in the actual psychedelic experience without the risk of overdose, go for this level. 

In this level, you will experience visual hallucinations and see fractals and patterns. Subtle visuals and flashes or hinting are gone. They are happening now for real. Also, the surfaces of any object in front of you seem to be glossy and moving because your field of depth has been changed. Aptitude distortions to gauge time passage may make you feel like the clock is running too slow. 

If you want to experience this trip, be sure you’re with a trusted friend and in a secure environment. 

Trip Level Four or Flying with the Stars

If the trip level 3 is no longer new to you, then you may move forward. The trip level 4 is sure to add more spice to your experience. Up the experience and make your way to fly with the stars. In this level, you will experience intense hallucinations. 

Flying with the Stars induces a hallucinogenic combination of contours, shapes, and colors. It will also bring your level of consciousness to the climax. You will feel like you moved out of the real world. Random and non-existent things suddenly become visible to your eyes. 

Likewise, you will no longer notice the time. These descriptive words can be awesome and intriguing to some but terrifying to others. Magic mushrooms will make you understand how fierce and intense they are at this level. The experience is mind-blowing and life-changing. Due to the possible effects, the trip level 4 is much more ideal for experienced shroom consumers. 

Trip Level Five or Total Loss

This is the peak level that makes you feel like you got lost. Hallucinations are extremely intense. You will experience major distortions and your perceptions of time and space have changed. You lost your capability to distinguish what’s real and what was not. You may even feel like you don’t know who you are. The feeling is intense and truly unexplainable. When the trip is over, you may find it hard to describe what you felt and what you saw. 


Knowing the mushroom dosage chart and trip levels are very important to figure out where you should be at. Don’t be too excited if you’re a newbie, and don’t try to just jump into the next level if you are not sure you can handle the effects. In that way, you can make the most of the trip and enjoy everything it can offer.

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