Mushroom Therapy for PTSD

One of the most dramatic and extremely unlikely health conditions, when we are talking about our mental state, is PTSD. PTSD is also known as post-traumatic stress disorder. It is described as a  generally transpiring effect of trauma such as injury or severe wound. This mental disorder is regarded by various practitioners as a very relentless difficulty that is hard to medicate.

This is the main reason why many of the psychedelic aficionados tend to advocate their time on mushroom therapies for PTSD.

PTSD at a glance

If you will be asking various patients grieving from PTSD, they may describe their feeling as distressing and profoundly troubling, especially when they are remembering the things and events that have occurred in their past.

Though as the aiding of PTSD has been described above as very difficult, with our developing and diversified idea as years go by, the treatment of this condition has warranted as manageable through the help of psychedelic drugs.

With several pieces of research about the use of psychedelic drugs as an aid to PTSD, good results have been recorded and have even become a potential medication for treating the said ailment.

This has been more confirmed and strengthened by the records established by the study named Journal of Psychoactive Drugs published back in 2017; being psychedelics as a freshly renowned medication for different types of health problems.

The aforementioned may be contrary to the previous conclusions regarding psychedelic drugs being a damaging cause for rational imbalance as it is now seeming to make its way to cope up, being a newfound aid for mental quandaries.

The risk is known from PTSD

If you may be thinking that PTSD  is just for middle-aged individuals, you are wrong because PTSD can occur even in your early youth. Experiencing trauma during your childhood phase can be even more extreme and gives you a definite risk of having PTSD. What are these traumas? Trauma can include but not limited to depression, intense illusions and nightmares, and even anxiety.

It may be simple to hear having a mental condition versus having a physical fracture, but PTSD can last longer than you thought. It can merely damage your relationship within your circle of friends, relatives, and can relatively disintegrate your entire being, hence, your life.

In current statistics,  there are more or less 10 million individuals in the United States that suffer and grieve from this mental condition. And followed by this is that women are at higher risk than men.

Why does PTSD have a challenging treatment method?

As it is a mental disease, PTSD includes varieties of therapies and treatments. Unlike having a physical-related ailment, mental health conditions cannot be treated by operations and surgeries but by examining the behavior and taking care or managing of traumatic occurrences. Not only that it needs various phases of therapies and treatments, but it also requires a lot of intervention.

The fact that PTSD can be dramatic, the effects on one’s behavior can cost so much. It will not only affect your mental state but it can also affect your overall mental capabilities when it comes to communication, relating to others, and social engagement.

This is the main reason why the treatment of PTSD is very difficult. It has been even more challenging due to the expenses and some medications needed from time to time like anti-depressants.

Psychedelics at a glance

In describing psychedelics, it will relatively talk about the composition and substances present in magic mushrooms. Mainly known as a mind-changing composite found in psychedelics, hallucinogens play an important role in giving such a glowing and lucid vision that may seem real but isn’t true.

It can even make you imagine the things that do not exist but makes you see it. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the use of psychedelics and its effects can stay longer and may take up to 12 hours.

Maybe you are thinking of varieties of mushrooms. Yes, you are correct. Not all mushrooms are magic mushrooms or can cause someone high. Estimated, there are over hundreds of mushroom varieties available and are existing. Those varieties of mushrooms that include psilocybin are those mushrooms that are considered as magic mushrooms. Why? Because the substance aforementioned is one of many psychedelic substances actively operating in making someone high.

What is the linkage of mushroom therapy for PTSD?

Magic mushrooms as mentioned earlier include an active compound that is mind-altering. Not only that the active substance can help the treatment, but the effects of hallucinogens can extremely speed up the process in PTSD treatment.

If you have ever heard of mushroom tripping, there are various levels when you are high at magic mushrooms. But one of the most commonly known levels is its therapeutic effects and euphoric influence followed by an imagination that would be able to make you feel at your best instead of remembering your painful and damaging experience in the past.

The way it works is through the triggering of the active substance present in magic mushrooms that can rule neurotransmitters to make you feel hope, trust, love, and care, which are the essential things needed in building a genuine relationship. But not only that it can provide you the feeling of trust, but it can also make you feel happy and relaxed without even being bothered by any adverse feelings.

The legalization of magic mushroom for PTSD patients versus being an illegal stuff

Several medical practitioners and researchers assume that magic mushrooms or products that consist of psilocybin would be legal shortly because a lot of mental conditions and disorders are rising its numbers without fast and proper treatment.

Regarding our diverging world and developing thought in terms of looking for various ways in medicating different conditions, decriminalization and legalization may be available in the next 10 years.


The use of magic mushrooms is not only regarded for recreational use but also medicinal ones. With various experiments and investigations that have gone through the process of confirming the cure it can do to many mental conditions, it is no wonder its demand is increasing even with some blockades due to illegal distinction of the active substance present in it.

PTSD is no doubt a condition that anyone doesn’t wish to have. Yet, for those who are grieving from it, unlikely experiences are expected because treating it is much challenging. With the help of psychedelics, nothing could be more satisfying for a PTSD patient to feel at ease and achieve a fast recovery with the help of its substance and most especially its effects.

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