Mushroom to Chocolate Ratio: A Guide to a Mush Choco Combo

We live in a time where everything is measured, timed, and counted- everything is quantifiable, and this gives us worse pressures than what our seniors have expected during the 70s and 80s. With this, we have to indulge ourselves with enticing sweets, such as the Mush Choco Combo. More and more people have been switching to the alternative use of Magic Mushroom Chocolate to induce their relaxation amidst the hustle and bustle of our modern urban lives. But have you ever wondered on what is the appropriate mushroom to chocolate ratio of a perfect bar of chocolate?

If you don’t have any idea yet, better check this out.

The Perfect Mushroom to Chocolate Ratio

mushroom to chocolate ratio

There is no uniform measurement that we guys can be seen in the mixes of Mush Choco. Why? Because, it will rely on who will eat it, considering its weight and level of intensity that he or she may want to try.

Let’s classify the measurement according to the intensity of effects starting from the least, the low, the normal and the high doses. The computations will apply to people of a certain weight.

Beginner’s Measurement of Mush Choco Combo

Person’s Weight -70 kilos

Fresh Mushrooms – 1.7-2.1 grams

Dried Mushrooms – 0.1-0.3 grams

Chocolate Amount -200 grams

For the new consumers, it is advised to start with the least doses of Magic Mushrooms. If dried, they should try to eat chocolate-mixed mushrooms with lower than 1 gram, ranging from 0.1 to 0.3 grams. If fresh, they can add up to 2.1 grams of shrooms in their chocolate bars.

The beginner’s measurement should not expect strong psychedelic effects but one may experience the hints of cerebral effects especially to those who will eat this chocolate for the first time. Some may have been eating this combo for a long time and may have no longer experience the cerebral effects because their bodies are already used to it.

New Regular’s Measurement of Mush Choco Combo

Person’s Weight – 70 kilos

Fresh Mushrooms – 8.0-8.8 grams

Dried Mushrooms – 0.5-0.9 grams

Chocolate Amount – 200 grams

In case they want to make things to the next level, they can apply the low doses. They can try mixing the dried mushrooms of up to 0.9 grams or 8.0 to 8.8 grams of its fresh variants.

The first-timers and the regular users may experience the light effects of dizziness and some sorts of cerebral effects due to the content of mushrooms in their chocolate bars. The same effects have been reported to those who are using Marijuana strains, but this new regular measurement is still tolerable and light. 

Normal Measurement of Mush Choco Combo

Person’s Weight – 70 kilos

Fresh Mushrooms – 18-21 grams

Dried Mushrooms – 1.9-2.1 grams

Chocolate Amount – 200 grams

For the normal doses, an average user can blend the dried mushrooms of 1.9 to 2 grams. If they prefer adding the fresh mushrooms, they can add 21cgrams of it in their chocolate mixture.

It is in the normal measurement that someone may completely feel the psychedelia experienced by the other regular users. Fresh Mushrooms of more than a gram can give you mild hallucinations as well as nauseating feeling. The same applies to the Dried shrooms which have higher concentration compared to its fresh counterparts.

Expert’s Measurement of Mush Choco Combo

Person’s Weight – 70 kilos

Fresh Mushrooms – 28-31 grams

Dried Mushrooms – 2.9-3.1 grams

Chocolate Amount – 200 grams

For the well-experienced users, their tolerance with these organic foods is way higher than their new counterparts. With this, they can already mix 2.9 to 3 grams of dried mushrooms or 28 to 31 grams of it, depending on their chosen intake.

The strongest effects of cerebral impairment will be surely felt and experienced in this measurement. Remember that all of the dried mushrooms weighing more than 2 grams can knock down a new user and may suffer hallucinations for the next few hours. The experts may just chew away these body reactions and can manage to go higher than the expert’s measurements, with some taking dried mushrooms of up to 10 grams.

What’s with the Mushroom?

mushroom to chocolate ratio

Your magic mushrooms, when reacted with heat, can make higher concentrations of their organic chemicals which can make you go crazy.

The chemicals responsible for these psychedelic effects are psilocybin and psilocin. As the psilocybin breaks down to smaller particles, they produce psilocin which induces the much-awaited effects.

Its effects include nausea, hallucination, paranoia, panic attacks, psychosis, relaxation, and drowsiness or sleepiness.

Be it Magic Mushrooms or the expensive truffles, you should have your delicious fungi ready before the actual cooking. 

Remember that if this is your first Chocolate Mushroom experience, you must start with the lowest dosages of mushrooms to avoid harsher effects on your body and from the possible permanent damages it may incur to our body, from the time that a person has consumed too much of the magic mushrooms or truffles. 

Picking between the fresh and dried ones, we recommend you to use the dried mushrooms to make your preparations faster. Unlike the case of your fresh mushrooms, needed to be dried before cooking. 

Your dried mushrooms can be mixed through different styles- through slices, diced, or powdered. The most popular of these three is the powdered style.

Why go higher?

The same reason applies to those who take Marijuana strains- they want better effects. As you aim for better effects, you aim to take higher measurements for magic mushrooms, while making your chocolate bars at the same amount. The unmoving ratio of your chocolate bars can make your magic mushrooms more potent especially when cooked with your molten chocolates over the heat of your cooking pan.

However, one must be careful in taking higher dosages of magic mushrooms because it has a great potentiality to impair you for the next few days, although it is purely organic and has no synthetic chemicals embedded with your psychedelic mushrooms.

Make your Mush Choco Combo safely and wisely with the right mushroom to chocolate ratio! Enjoy eating!

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