Why Pairing Magic Mushroom and Chocolate Isn’t Strange

You may have been mesmerized for the longest time about the delectable taste of magic mushroom chocolates. Why do you keep on craving for it since the first time you tried it? Why pairing magic mushroom and chocolate isn’t strange? And how will you manage yourself to eat these sweets in moderation?

Pause for a moment as we will give you honest answers with your mind-boggling questions. 

The Magic of your Mushroom 

why pairing magic mushroom and chocolate isn't strange

As we all know, magic mushrooms must not be compared with the herbal plants. They are not the same plants at all. However, these are both organic products but of different classifications. Plants and mushrooms came from different biological kingdoms and are genetically unrelated to one another. They may have managed to live together for the past millions of years, but still, a fungus is not a plant and a plant is not considered as a fungus. 

Under the Fungi Kingdom comes the Magic Mushrooms. Magic Mushrooms or Psilocybin Mushrooms is a part of the Polyphyletic Group of the Fungi Kingdom. These are edibles and can be mixed with your food and drink.  

After some series of researches, the scientists of the 19th and 20th century have found out that Magic Mushrooms possess organic chemicals which carry out psychedelic effects that react to our body right after we consume them

The chemicals responsible for these psychedelic effects are psilocybin and psilocin. As the psilocybin breaks down to smaller particles, they produce psilocin which induces the much-awaited effects. 

Its effects include nausea, hallucination, paranoia, panic attacks, psychosis, relaxation, and drowsiness or sleepiness. 

Your Chocolates 

why pairing magic mushroom and chocolate isn't strange

Wealthy civilizations thriving in different regions of Latin and South America used cacaos as a form of currency. Moreover, cacaos have been used primarily as money, food, and medicinal concoctions, to heal its tribal communities from any diseases that spread throughout their local empires during that time. 

The earliest records of cacaos being converted into chocolate foods were traced back in 1900BC by the Mexican tribe of Olmecs. As generations have passed, all forms of cacao foods have been considered as precious food for the latter tribes. From Latin and South America, the influence of chocolates has been carried to Europe during the colonization. From this point, the European confectionery has been revolutionized and became food for dignifying the social status of its citizens. 

When Two Became One 

The experiment of combining chocolates and a certain fungus called truffles have begun in December 1895 in France. It was theorized that the chocolate truffles that M. Dufour have invented were given out to his friends as a Christmas gift for them. 

By the early 1900’s the people’s knowledge about the Chocolate truffles spread across Europe like wildfire. It drew attention and attraction to most of its Royal Families. It extended up to the other societies of elite citizens as well as the royal cronies. 

However, the trend of mixing chocolates and truffles have been put to halt during the First and Second World Wars.  It was because the entire European continent sunk to the seas of blood and chaos. As soon as their economies got back once again, the tradition of this confectionery continued. It even exists up to this day. 

Inspired by the mix of truffles and chocolates, some mushroom and Cannabis supporters overseas tried to match the luxurious combination with a powerful one- the magic mushroom chocolate. The people who have discreetly carried the clinical tryouts became successful in developing the right dosages for their mushroom chocolates. All thanks to the different researches about its possible outcomes.

The same happened with the Cannabis supporters who are avid fans of the developing Marijuana strains. Cannabis strains were also fused with chocolates to encourage safer usage. It was also an easier intake for some of its users who do not practice smoking at all. 

When the Pairing of Magic Mushroom and Chocolate turned into an Apple of the World’s Eye 

Controversial as it may look like, but the international communities have been anxious in accepting the commercial release of these magic mushroom chocolates. They are considering that these fungi can create psychedelic effects- a cerebral effect of altered state of consciousness which suddenly changes a man’s behavior within different periods. 

Because of this, the majority of the international countries have tried their best to suppress the cultivation of magic mushrooms within their territories, as well as the Marijuana plants and other organic compounds with powerful mental effects. 

Despite these reactions from the international community, there are places in the world where they prefer to make it legal and accessible for the people. In Portugal for instance, their government legalized possession of these controversial fungi, provided that they should only have enough supply which can last up to 10 days. While in Austria, consuming these mushrooms are considered legal and acceptable by the government but selling and buying in their country are illegal. 

In Brazil, Jamaica and Samoa, buying, selling, cultivating and owning Magic mushrooms are tolerated by the government regardless of its volume.

The legal status of these mushrooms is tricky as it varies from one country to another, this is why a wise user should do some researches on its legality before the actual usage of these controversial shrooms. 

Appreciate the Pairing of Magic Mushroom and Chocolate!

Your food may be one of the most controversial in the modern times, but believe me when I tell you that Magic Mushrooms are also one of the most helpful comfort foods for the people who have been through different emotional and psychological stresses. 

Magic Mushrooms Chocolates are not addictive on its nature. It never encourages someone to be hooked with it. However, its effects are so luring that an individual just simply can’t get enough of those. 

It is still one of the favorites by different thrill-seekers and curious individuals who want to experience the cerebral effects. You may notice that these mushrooms have the same effects with Marijuana plants. This is making them be much appreciated and loved by Cannabis users around the globe.

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