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Assorted Gummies Candy


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Our gummies are made with all the most popular strains, in a variety of flavors such as Alacabenzi peach, Penis Envy grape, Golden Teacher lemon tek, Mazatapec Cherry, Transkey raspberry, Ecuadoran strawberry, and Blue Meanie blueberry.

Ideal for mixing and matching, you can experiment in order to find your favorite strain, or to suit your mood, each strain offers a different and unique experience.

So if you want to “trip out”, mellow out , get spiritual, meditate, or ease your psychological state, these candies are for you.

Coming in convenient single and three packs, these can be used for micro, mini, or higher doses.

As always, we suggest inexperienced users start small, and work your way up in order to find your comfort zone.

As a “veteran” user, most people find very little of the aftertaste, one gets with raw shrooms.

Also, be sure to keep out of the reach of children and pets, and avoid use while pregnant.

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one (1) gummy, seven (7) gummies, three (3) gummies


Mazatapec Cherry, Penis Envy Grape, Alacabenzi Peach, Ecuador Lemon Strawberry, Transkei Raspberry, Golden Teacher Lemon, Blue Meanie Blueberry


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