Pure Shrooms: How to Identify Them

Pure shrooms have been known for the health benefits they provide to human beings. Their use is dated back thousands of years ago. Both the nutrition and functional medicine are going on a mainstream. Many more are interested in this marvelous superfood. 

A mushroom that is 100-percent pure is more beneficial on your part. This will enable you to reap off the benefits of the fantastic fungi. This is touted for this medicinal value. This is helpful as backed by scientific research. 

Plus, it has been studied for its special ability to enhance the immune system, supporting the health of the brain, and improving the antioxidant activity. It also best regulates blood sugar levels. It further improves exercise performance. 

It is always good to know how to identify pure shrooms. Be guided more as you read on further. 

Scientific Definition

Pure shroom is scientifically defined as a macro fungus having a unique fruiting body. This can either be hypogeous or exiguous. It may also be large enough as seen with the naked eye. It is then to be picked by your bare hand. 

Shroom is also more about the fungus and its entirety. It is the fruiting body, mycelium, metabolite, and spore as produced by an organism. 

Wild-Crafted and Organically Grown

One could tell that shrooms are pure if they are wild-crafted and organically grown. They are also processed with just minimal intervention. This is true to the methodology that is used. Then, it is packaged as a single specie. 

Pure shrooms should follow fully-disclosed information. This is regarding its medicinal composition and value. This is needed in the clients purchasing the product. 

Free of Additives

Shrooms are pure if they are free from any additives. And they should be one-hundred percent medicinal type. There also should be no blending and extra ingredients included. 

Instead, pure shrooms should include fruiting bodies, spores, mycelium, and secondary metabolites outside. 

Grown in Liquid Fermentation or Natural Substrate

The pure shrooms should then be cultivated and grown in liquid fermentation or natural substrate. The mycelia that are cultivated on the foreign and solid substrate should never be used. This is since they are not approved to be used.

 Uses Only Mushroom Extracts

The medicinal shroom industry is facing an ongoing problem. That also includes the supplement industry in general. Most consumers must be fully aware of what they are getting.

Pure mushrooms also only use mushroom extracts. This is to highlight the fruiting body in itself. This also does not include any filler or substrate matter considering its formulation. The product is also labeled showing the exact ingredients used. Even the Beta-glucans in its percentage is listed in every serving. 

Be extra careful of the ingredients on the label. Choose a product with the fruiting body or mushroom as the main content. Choose organic suppliers enlisting the medicinal compound percentage in each serving. Improve the likelihood of buying quality and pure shrooms. They should also have effective concentrations in medicine. 

Specifies Beta-Glucan

Get the high-value and most potent medicinal pure shrooms. Search for those extracts made from the fruiting body or shrooms. They should specify the beta-glucan content. Avoid buying shrooms like with the supplements that do not emphasize the fungi used. Ingredients label should also say it all. This is also whether you will get the mycelium, mushroom, or a combination of both. 

Since there are no fillers and myceliated grain, pure shrooms can bring about a higher potency in dosage. This is regarding the beta-glucans. This is an essential compound found in mycelium and mushrooms. 

Require Extraction

A pure shroom demands some sort of extraction. This will make the bioactive compounds even more available to the bodies. So far, real and pure mushrooms are sourced out from one-hundred percent mushrooms. 

Buying Guide to Pure Shrooms

Understand more about buying pure shrooms. Make a wise choice of shroom. Know what you will get. Reap all the complete benefits from the fungal wonders. Shop following these guidelines. 

  • Read more about the facts of pure shrooms. Distinguish the contents of the shrooms. 
  • Select the products containing pure mushroom. This should include the fruiting body. This should not just be the myceliated grain, mycelium, and myceliated biomass. 
  • Avoid products lacking specific information concerning the fungi. 
  • Search for an extract. The extraction is breaking down the cell wall of the fungi. It also further improves the bio-availability.
  • Search for brands enlisting the content of the beta-glucans in the supplement facts. It must fall at this panel and must not only be in the marketing materials.
  • Ignore the polysaccharide numbers. This is since polysaccharides measure the starches
  • Ensure organically-grown ingredients. 
  • Choose pure shrooms from a reliable source.

Offer These Bountiful Benefits

Pure shrooms are touted for bringing these benefits that are as follow:

  • Full of Antioxidants
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Immune support
  • Management of blood sugar
  • Support of the brain cognition and health
  • Support of the nervous system
  • Increase of stamina and energy
  • Combating Insomnia
  • Alleviating inflammation & allergies
  • Promoting relaxation
  • Promoting cardiovascular support
  • Promoting neuro-protection
  • Fighting adrenal fatigue
  • Promoting kidney support
  • Assisting the body for managing stress
  • Aids in the healing of any form. This is true to skin irritations or wounds

It is further encouraged that you be selective in identifying and searching pure shrooms. Shroom products should be certified and lab-tested. Support your body and relax more. Go to trusted and reliable businesses. Medicinal and pure shrooms can give you the results you’re after. 

Pure shrooms are effective as they are potentially explored in so many ways. They are improved and maintained. They bring about the beneficial content of mushrooms. Science also has supported the beneficial claims. The remarkable health benefits cited only encourage you to take more of pure shrooms. 


Keep the information as cited on how to identify pure shrooms. This is beneficial in promoting more of good health. And that way, you will reap off more of the benefits from the pure shrooms making them more useful and effective.

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