How to Make your Own Shroom Chocolate Bars

The art of Chocolate Confectionery has been unstoppably growing for the past few decades. From its traditional ingredients, the modern confectioners have added some controversial herbs to spice up the chocolate products being introduced in the global market today. They did not only add new flavors in the ages-long roster of chocolate flavors, but they also have successfully gained the public’s attention in trying their products and experience their power, especially to those who have eaten Shroom Chocolate Bars.

The Shroom

shroom chocolate bars

As we all know, Magic Mushrooms are variants from the Fungi Kingdom which gives off psychedelic effects after consumption. These fungi have been existing for generations and were first used by the Ancient Kingdoms of China, the Korean Peninsula, the Indian, even the Indochina Regions.

Under this general classification comes some of the most important types of shrooms- Reishi and Chaga shrooms. These two are the most commonly used for creating psychedelic edibles that include your much-awaited chocolates.

Tips in Making Shroom Chocolate Bars

shroom chocolate bars

  • Buy the shroom in accordance with your weight

You should not be silly in determining how much magic mushrooms (dried ones) should you need because it has to compliment your body weight. To avoid substance abuse, the mushroom experts have formulated a calculator which computes the ideal mushroom intake that a person may consume with direct relation to the person’s weight.

If you prefer to buy the dried products, it will be on a relatively small scale yet stronger effects. However, you can also buy fresh products but these must be dried up to gain better results upon consumption. Anyway, you don’t want to ruin the taste of your favored chocolate bars, right?

  • Choose your Favored Chocolate Product

After buying your dried or powdered mushrooms, you should choose your most favored chocolate. You can randomly pick a readily made chocolate bar in your local shops, but to find what fits in your soul is a bit difficult.

You cannot simply tell that this chocolate matches my character due to its size and texture. As a genuine chocolate connoisseur, you have to feel the whole sensation when eating your favorite chocolate. One must not go with chocolate’s quantitative measurements. It should be after its quality, authenticity, and the satisfaction it gives to your soul as you eat the chocolate with all your heart out.

  • Prepare to mix and match

It’s not over yet! You have to cut, slice and chop! Your magic mushrooms should not distract you in savoring your chocolate goodies, that’s why you have to cut them into pieces, slice them in lower portions and chop them until they almost turn into powders. Combine all of its residues as those will be included in the mixture.

For your chocolate bars, simply mix them with boiling waters of lesser volume. Let your chocolate melt after some few minutes. Completely melt your bars before cooling it down. Your melted Choco mixture should be a bit thick yet manageable to be stirred.

After cooling your mixture down after a few minutes, you can add your powdered or chopped mushrooms. Then, stir the mixture for another few minutes until completely mixed.

For beautiful effects, you can use your molding tray to give your chocolates new and cool looks.

  • Frozen

After the mixture have been cooled down, you can now store and refrigerate it overnight to develop its solid texture which encourages you to chew and taste more of your powerful chocolate mix before completely digesting all of its contents within your body.

The longer it will be stored in the freezer, the longer shelf life it will have, and keep its mushroom contents to be preserved longer as well.

  • Enjoy your new Chocolate Mushroom Bars

The last thing to do with this chocolate production is to enjoy what you have created! This is your reward for all of the hardships you have been while making these powerful and delightful confections. After all, we have to sow what we reap, and sowing sweetness will reap sweetness as well.

However, you should not share your chocolate shroom bars with the people around you who are not in legal age to experience the psychedelic effects of magic mushrooms!

Always remember that minors are not allowed to take those fungi products. Same goes for people who are unaware of how its side effects work, not unless they are in the legal age to try this product.

Due to its outrageous effects, Cannabis users have easily accepted the Magic Mushrooms. They continuously supported its products, as well as the Cannabis plants which are controversial herbs in the modern world.

Make your Chocolate

shroom chocolate bars

After having some insights on how easy these things can be for you and your curiosity, why hesitate to make some chocolate goodies for your own?

The only hardest part in this entire process is to look for a reliable source of that magic mushrooms. This can be partly tricky and dangerous. You have to consider that your country may simply have an on-going law that prohibits all of you to take magic mushrooms due to its powerful cerebral effects.

Some law enforcers are just playing in disguise as online shops. This is to apprehend those who keep on transacting with the unsecured market for the sake of their satisfaction and happiness in using these herbs. Other shops that managed to operate amid the decisive crackdowns by the governments against these fungi may have a questionable reputation due to their strength and doubtful connections with stronger organizations that can have access with the government.

Remember that before doing these wonderful things, your safety should always be your top concern. You have to enjoy magic mushrooms and its effects, but you have to keep yourself safe and free from any possible dangers as well.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to order your magic mushrooms. Hit your grocery stores for some chocolate bars and prepare for your unique and magical chocolate experience!

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