What’s in a Shroom Grow Kit?

Would you like to grow your magic mushroom? Of course, you do. The only problem is that possession and selling of magic mushrooms are illegal in many places. Magic mushroom us becoming very popular lately just like cannabis. It has long been discovered but shroom users have discovered its benefits, it has gotten more popular.

Magic mushrooms are not just grown anywhere. They are most of the time grown in shroom grow kit which can be purchased online or in local stores. Magic mushrooms are becoming a trend and very popular.

Growing magic mushroom may seem to be an easy task because these types of shrooms can be grown in the wild and they are easy to cultivate. Before you go about growing magic mushrooms, here are some important details that you need to know.

What are magic mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are the type of mushrooms that contain a compound called psilocybin. This compound is hallucinogenic and psychedelic thus it can bring about psychedelic effects, similar to that of cannabis. Psilocybin is a Schedule I drug which means it is prone to abuse and misuse.

Magic mushrooms are not new. They have been around for many years and they have been used for medicinal purposes and part of spiritual practices. They are called “magic” mushrooms because o their hallucinogenic effects. They were made into ointments and medicines.

Magic mushrooms are also known by many names. It is also called as mushies, shrooms, golden tops, blue meanies, liberties, agaric, and Amani.

Magic mushrooms can bring about euphoric feeling, happiness, enjoyment, a feeling of positivity and it can make you more sociable. It can boost energy as well as creativity. Magic mushrooms can bring about a positive vibe that is why it is being enjoyed by many.

Unfortunately, also has its downsides. The side effects of magic mushrooms are nausea, drowsiness, paranoia, anxiety panic attacks, and psychosis. You must also remember that there are a hundred strains of magic mushroom and they come in different potencies.

What is a magic shroom kit?

Magic mushrooms grow kits are used to grow or cultivate magic mushrooms at home. They are available to make it possible to study and grow mushroom at home. Shroom grow kits consist mostly of plastic containers that have a rye substance in it which has been injected with fungi called mycelium and also with other things that you need in growing magic mushrooms.

Choosing the right kind of shroom to grow kit?

As mentioned earlier, their different magic mushrooms and that means that shroom grows kits are not one-size-fits-all. It is sad to know that growing and possession of magic mushroom is not legal in many places but you can grow your magic mushroom by the aid of a magic mushroom grow kit.

In choosing the best type of shroom kit, you need to:

  • Know the best type of mushroom that you want to grow. These magic mushrooms come from different places. By knowing the origin of each strain, you will be able to know the type of environment that it prefers. Thus, you will need to recreate the type of environment of your shroom grow kit. In knowing the origin of your magic mushroom, you would know which materials should you include for your mushrooms to grow.
  • What type of shroom grower are you? There are many types of magic mushroom grow kits that you can choose from. In doing so, you will be able to know if you want to go and grow easy strain or go on the challenge of growing more advanced magic mushrooms. The easy kits are mostly suggested for beginners while the more advanced kits are those for experienced magic mushrooms growers. You can also experiment with the growing process especially if you have been growing magic mushroom for quite some time already. If you are an impatient grower and you want to grow magic mushroom quickly, there are also ready to grow kits.
  • What kind of magic mushroom trip do you expect? As mentioned earlier, magic mushroom comes in many varieties and they come also in different potency. You can start your trip with magic mushrooms that have mellow effects so that you won’t get overwhelmed with the effects of the shroom in your body. There are light effects and for some, the effects can be overwhelming.

Why it is important to use s shroom grow kit?

It is very important to use a shroom grow kit because it is a good introduction in magic mushroom cultivation and also a great when you do not have the resources to sterilize your materials.

You can also monitor the right humidity for your magic mushrooms if you are using a magic mushroom grow kit. Magic mushrooms are like greenhouses where you grow your plants. This is where you feed your plant and take care of them. You can monitor your magic mushroom in the best humidity and temperature possible. The best temperature in the growing magic mushroom is 24-25 degrees Celsius. The grow kits should be kept out form the direct heat of the sun.

More importantly, you can keenly observe if your magic mushrooms are ready for harvest. Magic mushrooms can be harvested from the shroom grow kit. This is depending on the type of mushroom that you have cultivated. Within a few days, you can start and pick magic mushrooms from your kit.

Finally, it is best to use a shroom grow kit because you can give your magic mushroom the attention they need as they grow. It is also easy for you to monitor the progress of their growth. They stay discreet and this is the best way to introduce you to growing magic mushrooms.

If you find it difficult to use, try to ask yourself. If you are a beginner, start with mellow strains that you will enjoy the most as it will be able to give you a pleasant trip. Do the same if you want to choose a shroom to grow kit. Try to find something easy to grow especially since you are a beginner.

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