Shroom Tea Dosage for Safe Afternoon Tripping

Psilocybin shrooms do not have a taste that is similar to the mushrooms you normally purchase at the grocery stores. They are characterized by a heavy, sometimes sunflower-seedy aroma imbued with dirt. Some would say that they do not taste that good. While some determined users can eat raw shrooms directly, many psychonauts opt to expressly fix their fungi to adjust the taste.

Shrooms may follow the path of marijuana toward decriminalization. But if you happen to live in a place where shrooms are permitted, you can explore with them and try different ideas. With proper shroom tea dosage, you can try making a shroom tea. Surely, you will want to get the right dose for your shroom tea if you want to achieve a safe afternoon tripping.

Why Drink a Shroom Tea?

Shrooms are psychedelic mushrooms that were used for many generations already for various purposes. A lot of cultures throughout time have consumed these for ritualistic or spiritual purposes, and while some consumers nowadays utilize them for a psychoactive trip, they can also provide an array of therapeutic aids when taken.

Some people eat shrooms as a whole. Well, there is nothing immoral with eating shrooms and it is still efficient. Nevertheless, brewing shrooms into a shroom tea is a lot better. Eating shrooms leaves a sharp taste in the mouth and dried shrooms may also be difficult to digest.

Shroom tea is a great choice for any person who likes to try the impacts of psilocybin, not to mention that it is very easy and quick to make. The procedure is nothing different from creating a regular tea, although you will need to check several things first.

Typically, you should secure shrooms. Although shrooms are available in the wild, collecting them by yourself is harmful as they impart properties with certain vicious breeds of fungi. Luckily, it is easier than ever to purchase shrooms online discreetly and safely. You do not have to use a big quantity. A quantity of 3.5 grams of shrooms is quite a lot to provide you a powerful cup of shroom tea.

Drinking shroom tea makes the entire experience a lot better. No matter the type of tea you choose, you may imbue it with the impacts of psilocybin and results with a rejuvenating psychedelic beverage. You may even put some ingredients to hasten the prompting of the effects. Also, anyone can easily make a shroom tea because of the easy process involved.

Proper Shroom Tea Dosage

Starting with a little dose and gradually increasing it over time, preferably at 1-month intervals, will generally create greater enduring positive effects. 

One is more likely to enjoy the psychoactive effects in clinical scenes when initiating first with low doses. Based on a study, people who get a lower amount of psilocybin before getting higher doses are more likely to get long-lasting positive improvements in behavior, attitude, and recalled mystical-type encounters than those who get the highest dose at first. 

With shroom tea, begin first with approximately 0.8 grams. You can then increase the doses to a maximum of 1.6 grams, then getting to a maximum dose of 3.2 grams, and then a maximum of 4.8 grams.

If you are specifically anxious, you may miss the smallest dose and proceed to 1.6 grams on your first try. But why consider to begin slowly? Clinical study shows that you are more likely to encounter lasting aids if you begin low, rather than beginning high.

  • At a dose of 4.8 grams of shrooms, one is likely to experience extreme fear which could last for 11 minutes of intense anxiety. 
  • At a dose of 3.2 grams of shrooms, one is likely to experience extreme fear which could last for 2 minutes of intense anxiety. 
  • At a dose of 1.6 grams of shrooms, one is likely to experience extreme fear which could last for 1 minute of intense anxiety. 

Begin with a dose that is around 50 percent lower than what you will commonly consume if you are using a new strain which potency you are not aware of.

Significance of Dosing

All of the known positive effects of shrooms could sound enticing. Well, this is where the significance of shroom tea dosage comes in, portraying an essential part in the victory of your trip. There is a saying that you can never get too much of a great thing, but sadly this quotation cannot be applied here.

An essential part of tripping is to start with a low dose then gradually increase to medium dose, specifically if it is just your first time. Every person may react uniquely when tripping, hence, comprehending how you can take pleasure in your psychoactive tripping may take a few experiences. The most effective manner to reverse a bad trip is to comprehend what adverse effects can occur, and discern them while you are tripping.

Factors that Impact Dosage

It is not just the quantity of shrooms that you take that can affect the intensity of your trip. Granting that shrooms are naturally flourishing organisms, various strains persuade various trips too. 

Choosing either fresh or dried is also another thing to consider. A lot of users say that preference is the only distinction when selecting fresh over dried or vice versa. If you are going to use dried shrooms, you are likely to consume less since they have less water, and are less weakened as an output.

Combining the strain with a small dose, users may test the waters when it comes to relishing psychedelics. However, just be cautious, once is never sufficient after surfing the universe. If you are a veteran user and only engrossed in the most intensive trip possible, then get an appropriate strain such as Valhalla.

What to Expect?

The effects of shrooms can be very compelling, hence, it is necessary to be cautious when drinking a shroom tea. A dose of 1 to 2 grams is commonly sufficient to provide you powerful therapeutic effects, although certain users consume up to 3.5 grams to achieve a higher psychedelic dose. However, if it is your first time, it will be best to drink with a small amount.

When you drink a shroom tea, you will notice the effects to strike you immediately. The psilocybin should be ingested into the system and transformed into psilocin. This may take anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours. Nevertheless, once the effects take place, they can stay for several hours.

In small doses, you will feel a heightening in your senses, mental focus, and creativity. You may experience more emotions and more mentally aroused. In greater doses, shrooms may deteriorate your understanding and can even trigger hallucinations. See to it that you use shrooms in a safe environment and you should only take a dose that is enough to provide you highly positive effects.

The best means to get a hassle-free trip is to comprehend what you will experience when using shrooms. It provides some marvelous effects affecting both the body and the mind. Nevertheless, it can be careless to miss the reality that there can also be adverse effects. But the good thing is that proper dosage and a versed comprehension can keep these adverse effects cornered. 

Positive effects of shrooms may include the following: enhanced mood, synesthesia, euphoric state, openness to new ideas, spiritual awakening, and improved creativity.

Benefits of Shroom Tea

After you learn how to make a shroom tea, you may wish to try it immediately. But together with its better taste, some other benefits make the making of shroom tea more worthwhile. Primarily, the side effects are felt faster when drinking the shroom tea compared to eating shrooms themselves. You may even begin to sense the effects by the time you fully consumed the first cup.

However, if you are a neophyte, you may opt to drink one cup of tea first, until you learn to manage the effects. At the very least, make sure that you are in a comfortable venue with people you are confident that they can take care of you if you begin to freak out a little. 

Another good thing about drinking a shroom tea is that a lot of people do not feel the same impact of stomach upset as they would normally experience if they consume the dried shrooms. This is because it is a milder form of psilocybin, also the liquid form will not stay in the stomach as extensive as the mushroom does.


Making magic mushroom tea is one of the best alternatives to take the pleasure of shrooms. It is easy, quick, and offers you astounding effects. Although it is easy to come up with a cup of shroom tea, proper shroom tea dosage has to be used if you want to achieve your desired effects.

But then again, other than the fun that you want to achieve from the psychedelic experience, you should never forget to consider the safety of your consumption. Drink shroom tea with the appropriate dosage and make sure that you are in an environment where you are confident that you can be easily rescued in case you do something awful.


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