Shroom Tea vs Lemon Tek: Comprehensive Comparison

Shrooms are amazing. Once you make yourself familiar with the corresponding experiences, the next approach is determining the ideal method of consumption as there are several ways available.

You may be a fan of shrooms and have been using it for quite a while. And as you widen your knowledge and explore with the different methods of consumption of shrooms, you then learn that there are several options that you can use. Two common methods are shroom tea and lemon tek. But how should you know about shroom tea vs lemon tek?

Talking about Shrooms

So, what do you know about shrooms? When we talk about the “shrooms drug” or any other kind of mushroom in that respect – they are neither an animal nor a plant. However, they act like both. Shrooms flourish from the ground just like how the plant does but they also feed on plants just like an animal does. Shrooms are simply a part of fungus – particularly the reproductive part – and even more particularly fungi that have psilocybin or its acquired psilocin.

There are various kinds of fungus; saprophytes that consume non-living matter such as decaying plants. Saprodes are very fast-moving and intruding. Parasites are other fungus and they feed on living organisms and mycorrhizal fungi which create a synergetic connection with their host. Some shrooms, specifically those that cultivate outdoors on wood, create this relationship with nature.

Currently, experts are inspecting for their usability for managing depression associated with progressing cancer. 

What is Shroom Tea?

Shroom tea is a great way to consume the shroom. It is good-tasting, not harsh to the stomach, and penetrates faster. Come to think of it – there is nothing about it that you may dislike.

Tea can make it more manageable to put in honey or whatever sweetener you opt to use. However, it is not just about the taste – another reason why a lot of the veteran psychonauts preferred tea is that it lowers nausea. Shroom tea is the best solution as it immediately extracts what you like and tosses out the nasties.

What is Lemon Tek?

Lemon tek is a very simple recipe that acquires the best of the shrooms. Most essentially, it contains the earthly, harsh flavor that is an inherited taste. Contrasting to gnawing on shrooms, the lemon tek delivers a more powerful but shorter trip.

If you are searching for a quicker trip, or perhaps you do not like to trip for long hours, this method will make a good option.

Shroom Tea vs Lemon Tek – How Long Can a Trip Last

Generally, a shroom trip can last around 5 to 8 hours after consuming them. Surely, the dose will play an important role. The higher the dose, the longer the trip can last.

However, with lemon tek, the effects of the shrooms are felt in around 30 to 40 minutes. Lemon tek also typically diminishes a bit the extent of the experience. Employing this method can lead to a trip that only lasts for 3 to 4 hours. 

With shroom tea, shrooms can take effect in as quick as 5 to 10 minutes after the consumption. Trips will commonly last for 4 to 6 hours, although some users may feel the effects to more than 6 hours.

Comparing the Trips of Shroom Tea and Lemon Tek

The effects of shroom tea vs lemon tek can be astoundingly marvelous and life-changing. They can be both unpleasant and devastating, especially if you are not tolerant and prepare for them. With that being mentioned, it is very hard to anticipate the effects or strengths of the shrooms.

The effects of shrooms can differ based on several things. One thing that affects the effects of shrooms as the manner they are consumed. For instance, employing a lemon juice to smash down the shrooms in a cup before ingesting them can alter the period it requires for them to begin acting as well as their impacts. Shroom tea also creates an alteration to the effects of shrooms.

The overall consensus when it comes to lemon tek is that it focuses on the shroom journey. A lot of people experience this as a lot shorter come-down, come-up, and the overall trip. Hence, if shrooms commonly take around 30 to 90 minutes to take effect, with the apex coming at roughly 3 hours or so, lemon tek bangs in between 10 to 45 minutes, with the peak arriving a lot sooner.  When it comes to the total duration of the trip, it will rely on your dose. However, if shrooms commonly last 6 to 8 hours, you can expect a lemon tek experience to last around 4 to 6 hours.

Making of Shroom Tea

Shroom tea is a favorite of many people. That is because tea takes effect faster since our bodies penetrate the psychedelic matter directly to the lining of the stomach. Also, you can alter the taste if you are not a fan of the earthy aroma of shrooms. 

In making a shroom tea, you can either get a dried or fresh mushrooms. You should be particular about the dose before you proceed in brewing your tea. You should have plenty of fresh mushrooms to come up with a tea that is as compelling as the one brewed from dried mushrooms. Hence, to brew a tea that is 0.5 grams dose, you may want to use 10 grams of fresh shrooms or 1 gram of dried mushrooms. 

If you have dried shrooms for your tea, it will be ideal to crush them to turn into powder. You can use a spice or coffee grinder to help you with the grinding. Do not attempt to grind the fresh shrooms. If you have an available food processor, then use it. However, see to it that you thoroughly clean the processor afterward. 

Magic mushroom tea is easy to do. After sorting your shrooms, mix them on boiling water. Next, get something that will help prevent the shrooms from floating. You can use a colander, small plate, silverware – whatever is available as long as it is clean. Allow the shroom to soak for around 15 minutes.

Making of Lemon Tek

Lemon tek attributes to allowing the dosage of psilocybin shrooms sit on lime or lemon juice before usage – substantially cooking them while the citric acid begins to break down the material of the shroom. How lemon tek functions on a chemical standing is arguable, however, the overall agreement among psychonauts who have attempted it is that the method concentrates the trip, affecting it to become shorter and more compelling that gnawing on dried fungi.

A lot of people love the lemon tek because of the simplicity of the procedure involved, plus the fact that it takes effect quickly which means that it provides the high fabulously quickly. Aside from diminishing the length of commencement to at least half, it also happens to build up the effects and also reduces the trip.

Rather than transforming the psilocybin to psilocin in the body, one can still do this with a cup of lemon juice being the stomach acid. Aside from breaking down the shrooms, citric acid also transforms the psilocybin to psilocin. Basing on experience, it permits the body to latch on to the psilocin a lot faster and provide the high extremely fast. We are talking around 30 to 40 minutes rather than 60 to 90 minutes. 

Just like in making shroom tea, when making lemon tek you should get your herb. Use a coffee or spice grinder to crush the shrooms. The finer they are, the better. By doing so, there is more continuity between the mushroom and the lemon juice.

You will opt to juice a few limes or lemons. You do not like the artificial juice that is normally used by the bartenders – get the real thing. For some justification, it happens that orange juice simply does not possess sufficient acid to facilitate this transformation possible. You will simply want to get sufficient citrus juice to contain the mushrooms. 

Put the mushrooms into the citrus juice and not the opposite way. And stir. Allow the shrooms to soak for around 15 minutes. It was observed that soaking less than the ideal time will not provide you the potential advantages of the lemon tek – immediate onset, no stomach aches, or feeling dazed. 

However, soaking any longer will also lead you to diminish the gains of the lemon tek as well as the effects of the shrooms themselves. Letting the shrooms to settle in a lemon juice for over one hour and the trip will seem to be less compelling and exhilarating as expected.


Shroom tea vs lemon tek, there are several distinctions between them. They create unique impacts and duration of effects. There can also be a distinction in the manner of making them. 

Whether you choose you to take a shroom tea or lemon tek, make sure to familiarize their nature and properties. You have to be fully aware of what to expect once you consume your tea or lemon tek.

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