Shroom Tolerance 101: Understanding Your Psychedelic Experience

There are many psychedelic substances in the world today and people cannot get enough of them when it comes to recreational purposes because of the unbelievable and out-of-this-world high that they get from such. When it comes to natural psychedelic substances, shrooms are some of the best. And if you understand shroom tolerance and how to properly use them, you would know how great of an experience it is to use such organic substances.

What are shrooms?

Psilocybin mushrooms are a class of mushroom or fungi that naturally grows in the wild or are cultivated by breeders and growers all over the world for their psychoactive effects. Widely known as “shrooms” or “magic mushrooms”, these fungi can induce a feeling that is similar to the “high” you get when you use other substances such as marijuana due to the psychoactive compound called psilocybin that can be found in these mushrooms.

Along with marijuana, magic mushrooms been in use by humans for as long as time can remember and are some of the most popular organic psychoactive substances known to man today. Research can trace as far as 9,000 years ago that our ancient ancestors were already using shrooms for different purposes.

One of the most popular uses of psilocybin mushrooms during the early days were for religious ceremonies because of how they were able to put people in a trance-like state that is similar to being in contact or to commuting with the gods. In other words, ancient people thought of these mushrooms as something spiritual. In some cases, they were also used as a source of medicine due to how their effects can also have therapeutic benefits.

Today, magic mushrooms are widely used for recreational purposes because studies show that they are not as addictive (or not even addictive at all) as some other psychedelic substances. There are even researches that suggest that shrooms have no risks of overdosing whatsoever and are not as dangerous as other substances due to the main fact that they are organic and all-natural.

What you need to know about taking of shrooms

If you are planning on taking shrooms, it is important for you to know the correct dosage when taking these psychedelic fungi or else you might end up with an experience that you will never forget but in a negative and unpleasant sort of way.

The one thing that you should know about magic mushrooms is that they can be very tricky when it comes to dosage. The reason for such is that shrooms tend to vary in terms of potency depending on a lot of factors. There are different strains of shrooms that all have their own psilocybin concentrations. Shroom potency also depends on the number of mushrooms you consume. But the problem is that not all shrooms have the same potency as their strength can vary in terms of the size and shape of the mushrooms. The different parts of the magic mushrooms also have their own levels of potency.

Proper dosage of shrooms for controlled shroom tolerance

That said, a lot of people tend to do all sorts of different things to their magic mushrooms to have more uniformity in the dosage. A popular way of making sure you get the same dosage is to crush the shrooms into a powdery form instead of eating them one by one. This allows you to be able to accurately measure your mushroom dosage and intake. Another good way is by turning your shrooms into tea. All you have to do is to boil some water and leave your mushrooms in it for about 20 minutes. The problem, however, is that the tea will not be as potent in terms of its psychoactive effects as the mushrooms themselves.

However, if you do prefer using mushrooms by eating them, you have to be really careful. It is not uncommon for different people to suddenly feel like they have taken too much after initially not feeling any sort of high from their first consumption of mushrooms. And when you tend to worry about how many mushrooms you have eaten or how high your dosage was, this usually leads to anxiety taking over your experience. As such, you will feel a bit more anxious than you usually are during the entire duration of the magic mushrooms’ high.

Effects of improper dosage on shroom tolerance

There was a study that was conducted that five or more grams of magic mushrooms can have very strong effects that can make you overly anxious and stressed. However, some users who were able to overcome those feelings said that they had the best kind of spiritual experience of their lives. While that might sound a bit enticing, it is still a big risk to take.

Meanwhile, those who consumed about three grams or less of shrooms were able to say that they had a really good experience. And those that went down the ladder and took lesser grams of magic mushrooms said that they did not have a lot of good psychoactive experiences but the bad effects were also minimized. That said, no more than three grams is said to be the magic number when it comes to shroom dosage although it might be better for you to start lower if you are still a beginner.

Shroom tolerance

A unique quality that shrooms have is that they tend to allow you to quickly adjust to their effects when it comes to your shroom tolerance. While it is not uncommon for any person to be able to be more tolerant to the effects of different psychoactive compounds as they use it more over time, shrooms tend to be different in the sense that you will quickly become more tolerant to them when you use them regularly on a short-term basis.

What that means is that your body will be quick to adjust to their psychoactive effects after just one session of taking shrooms. For example, if you took shrooms today, you will most likely become a lot more tolerant of their effects tomorrow or a few days later. In that regard, you will not have the same kind of psychoactive experience that you had during your previous session if you took the same dosage. You may want to up the dosage if you want to feel consistent effects.

That said, the usual recommendation when it comes to enjoying the psychedelic experience that shrooms offer is to take some time off after using them. You do not have to use them on a daily basis or even a few days apart if you want to make sure that your body will not quickly adjust in terms of your shroom tolerance. In that case, you may want to take at least a week or so before using shrooms again if you want to make sure that your body will not increase its shroom tolerance of their effects.

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