Must-Have Shroom Trip Calculator

A shroom trip calculator is something that you need to have as it is designed to determine the appropriate dosage for the different species of mushrooms that contain the substance psilocybin. This is very important since potency may widely vary depending on the mushroom species. Still, since the potency may also vary even on a particular species given the growing conditions, feeding material, moisture content, as well as other factors, this calculator can be considered to offer an approximation. 

The Advantages

When it comes to tripping on the shroom, it is very important to do your research first. After all, it could be quite risky to just consume any amount without considering very important factors. At the same time, researching before looking for magic mushrooms will also increase the possibility of finding them. 

Shrooms can easily introduce you to a world where you can experience new things. When dosed correctly, many users report feeling intense feelings of euphoria, being open to new ways of thinking, a better understanding of the inner self, and many more. Of course, this can only be achieved if the right dosage is taken. If you get it right, then victory is yours. Getting it wrong, on the other hand, will introduce you to a bad trip. 

A shroom trip calculator is the best aid that you can prepare in advance so that you can make sure that everything goes well without any hitch. This calculator can serve as an important tool in providing an estimate to the right quantity of shrooms that you can ingest. 

The Effect of Shrooms

One of the best ways for you to enjoy a hassle-free trip is completely understanding what you will expect to experience when ingesting shrooms. This includes experiencing amazing positive effects both physically and mentally. Still, you will be a responsible user if you also acknowledge the possibility of encountering negative effects. 

You can expect, however, that an informed understanding of the right dosage can easily keep these negative things away. Among the positive effects that you can experience include an enhanced mood, state of euphoria, spiritual awakening, increased creativity, being open to new ideas, and synesthesia. 

Why the Need to Dose?

The abovementioned positive effects surely mean music to the ears. However, understanding the dosage is very important to achieve them. The right dosage plays a vital role in experiencing tripping success. Too much of something can also be bad, as it also applies to trip on shrooms. A vital part of tripping is starting low in terms of dosage, gradually moving to medium dosage, most especially if you are a first-timer. 

Note that the reaction of people reacts differently while tripping, which is why understanding how it is possible to best enjoy this psychedelic activity may require at least a couple of experiences. One of the best ways to avoid a bad trip is understanding the possibility of negative effects occurring, and spotting them while you are tripping. 

Factors Which Affect Dosage

It is also important to note that the strength of your shroom trip is affected not just with the number of shrooms consumed. Provided that these magic mushrooms are growing organisms, it is best to acknowledge that various strains can also produce different levels of trips. 

Choosing either fresh or dried shrooms is also another factor to consider. Some users claim that their personal preferences make up the majority of the differences in effect when selecting whether to consume fresh or dried shrooms. If you are going to ingest dried ones, it is generally recommended to eat less since they only contain less water, which means that they are less diluted. 

Experienced shroom trippers often start with choosing a mild strain. Atlantis is one of them. A mild strain, taken in a small dosage, can allow you to test the waters first especially when it comes to experiencing the enjoyment brought about by using psychedelics. Be warned, however, that once is not enough after experiencing the basics. If you consider yourself as a seasoned tripper and are only looking towards experiencing a highly intense trip, more advanced strains such as Valhalla is a good option for you. 

Using the Shroom Trip Calculator

This tool is basic, simple, and straightforward. It is designed to offer an approximation of the appropriate dosage needed, concerning the length and strength of the trip that you want to achieve. First, work out your weight, particularly in kilograms. It is easy to find weight converters online. 

Then, you can select the form of shrooms that you want to ingest, whether they are fresh or dried. Afterward, choose the dosage that you need. If you are interested in a milder and shorter trip, then you can opt for a low dosage. On the other hand, you can go for a more intense and much longer intense experience with a high dosage. 


Now you have done your research, which includes knowing what to expect, and working on your ideal dosage. What you need to do is ingest the shrooms prepared to enjoy the ride. However, there is one thing that you need to factor in – how to ingest your selected shrooms. If you have already tried them before, you will realize that the taste may cause you nausea. To avoid this bad experience, some tested hacks are available. 

For example, they can be added to your smoothie, crushing them manually and adding them to your favorite smoothie. You may even just blend everything. You may also add shrooms to your favorite tea, which means that you can add the shrooms while the water is boiling, and add a sweetener at the end if you wish so. 

Make sure to avoid boiling water for long, not going over an hour because the heat will only destroy the substance makes shrooms worthy of your attention – psilocybin. Some even report cooking with shrooms. Regardless of the method, making sure that you have the right dosage will keep you safe. 

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