Shrooms and Alcohol: What Happens if You Mix Them

Magic mushrooms or shrooms are hallucinogenic fungi found in different parts of the world. They are mostly eaten raw and others tend to consume they dried or cooked. They are very common in meadows and fields but are often grown in farms and gardens by their cultivators. There are different types of mushrooms with different types of effects on the human mind.

These shrooms are often taken alone however, others take shrooms and alcohol together. People would often think that drinking alcohol and taking shrooms altogether with enhance the hallucinogenic properties and make the trip even better. There are certain implications that we need to know before we combine these two substances.

The Effects of Shrooms

Shrooms have both short and long term effects depending on the dosage, variety, tolerance, frequency, and how long you’ve been known to indulge in such activity. The effects vary from person to person but the most common side effects include distortion of perceived color, sounds, objects, and other stimuli. It is also known to cause you to perceive time and movement to go slow.

Although some may think that these are bad side effects, shrooms are also known to increase creativity, help with enlightenment, introspection, relaxation, and often cause a spiritual experience. This is one of the many reasons why consuming shrooms become a very enjoyable activity.

At its peak, shrooms tend to lead you to a euphoric state with a different perception of reality. You begin to feel out of your body and your sensations act differently like smelling words or tasting colors. This can be perceived as synesthesia. Users begin to have poor coordination and in extreme cases, experience convulsions and seizures.

How Hallucinogens Work

Hallucinogens found in shrooms work by interacting with the serotonin in our bodies. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is important in emotional function and cognition. The effects of hallucinogens in the body have a profound effect on serotonin and would differ from one person to another. This is why you get to have different experiences with shrooms from the next person.

Generally, hallucinogens make you feel relaxed and enlightened altogether but these can also take a negative turn due to the interaction with serotonin. This would make you feel anxious, paranoid, and even suicidal at one point.

The Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol also impacts the body that is quite similar to shrooms. The effects start upon the first sip and continue to do so until you become drunk. The major effects of alcohol include coordination problems, blurred vision, slurred speech, vomiting, slowed heart rate, and impaired judgment. These few side effects are normally present when there is too much alcohol in the bloodstream however, the repercussions of drinking too much extend towards the days and weeks or even months after ingesting them.

An acute overdose of alcohol can lead to comatose and life-threatening respiratory depression which can later cause death.

The Combined Effects of Shrooms and Alcohol

The combined effects of shrooms and alcohol could only mean disaster for its user. Upon knowing the harmful effects of both substances, users should stay away from drinking when you are consuming shrooms. Some people might suggest that you take a sip of alcohol while using shrooms to take the edge off and help you relax.

However, hallucinogens will change your perception and impair your judgment. This can lead to risky behavior. The use of these hallucinogens impairs the perception of the side effects of drinking too much. This results in you thinking that you may not have enough alcohol yet but in reality, you are already drunk enough. Seeing as you have a distorted reality and an affinity towards risky behavior, users are bound to drink more until it becomes too much and overdose or alcohol poisoning happens.

Most hallucinogens also tend to cause tolerance and addiction. Drinking alcohol together with shrooms increases the likelihood of getting bad trips thus increasing your chances of experiencing the adverse effects of consuming shrooms. In severe cases, people who regularly consume shrooms and drink alcohol become addicted to both substances.

How To Know If You Are Addicted To Shrooms and Alcohol

Since shrooms are highly psychedelic, they are risky substances that may cause addiction especially when combined with alcohol. Most users tend to develop a destructive cycle which can lead to addiction however, certain experiences need to be confirmed first before you are diagnosed with such condition.

Experiencing flashbacks in between trips is a key sign of addiction. If you occasionally take shrooms for recreational purposes, it will not trigger any flashbacks. Those who overuse shrooms tend to develop or experience hallucinations to the time when they were under the influence even while sober. These flashbacks are red flags that you might become addicted to both substances.

Another key behavior to watch out for is when you feel the intense urge to use magic mushrooms and drink especially when you are feeling stressed, under pressure, or something unpleasant happens in your life. These shrooms cause you to escape from reality even for a few hours. It is quite tempting to use them to fully escape the pain and unpleasant experiences in life. When you begin to feel the urge to use shrooms at any unpleasant things that life has to bring, it might be the time that you think twice about using shrooms.

As the use of alcohol intensifies the experience of using shrooms, this might cause even more problems than it can solve them. You begin to feel dependent on these substances to evade the issues at hand. Alcohol takes away the fear, pain, and anxiety caused by your experiences in life, and with the combination of the hallucinogenic effects of shrooms, it can develop into a massive addiction problem.


While the abusive use of shrooms and alcohol can cause health problems for you, learning how to spot the effects of both can be a piece of significant information that could help save your life. There are a wide variety of ways to treat alcohol and shroom dependence. A rehabilitation program should be the way to go but understanding how shrooms and alcohol work when they are mix together is vital for your safety.

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